Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Gonna Rock Your Socks Off (that's what he said)

I am an animal....I did the Thursday/Friday weigh in today.
First let me state that yes I do weigh myself on Thursday and on Friday.
I've noticed that I weigh less on Thursday I'm not really sure why but I average the two. Werid I know but seriously I don't want to cheat but I want reginition where it is so uterly deserved.

While I don't workout 5 days a week, I still busy my big bootie to lose the pounds that I do.
Running with the amount of weight I have on me is hard work but I do it because I know one day I'll be at my goal weight and running my 10 min mile goal as well

So on with it...Horray...victory lap for me I'm down 22 lbs since May. That is huge since I haven't lost a single pound since the birth of my son way back in April 2012...Well that's not entirely true.
I lost the intal 20 but only to have it regained in a matter of weeks because of a underactive thyroid. Yep when it rains it pours. Oh and the breastfeeding will help you lose it scam...which I've posted about before well that didn't work for me either. I didn't lose any of that damn weight till I stopped nursing in Feb 2012 and then 3 mths after that I started to lose which brings us to May.

So what do I do...well I drink a protein shake with strawberries in the morning and for lunch if I'm hungry and then eat dinner. If it's super fatty dinner which I don't often make then I just take a smaller portion. I know I know that's no help but everyone's body is different. I find that if I eat a bunch of mini meals which I never eat because I'm not hungry. I can go along time without eating...the biggest thing is I drink a s-ton of water.

I was ready a column in Womans Weekly or some magazine that was staring at me in the grocery line perked my interest. Dr Oz's farmer or hunter eating....Well I guess I'm a hunter based on my wasit vs hip measurements. Makes sense. It basically says in a nutshell that I need more protein and eat less often as the protein will hold me over and eat when I'm hungry but stop when I'm full. Seems simple enough. So I've been trying it and when I stick to it well I lose weight. Imagine that....Hmmmm...

Anyways, I've been running my routine pretty well since I dropped off the bandwagen a bit ago.
A 5k (3.2 miles) on Monday and Wednesday and 5-6 miles on Saturday.
I'm hoping to run alittle faster but I know I have some weight that I'm carrying around that makes it difficult...think of Nicole Richie on your back when she was a shrinking violet...So 22 lbs down and 75 at least more to go....
And my mini's because I want to be a healthy hot momma!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh crap it's been awhile

Ok, where does the time go. I seriously have been neglecting my blog.
Anyways, I've been a bad girl and haven't hit the pavement for 2 weeks. Between going camping, pictures to take, and a funeral I've been burnt out like a piece of bad burnt toast. Just throw it away.
Yesterday I was back in action. I must say alittle tired but I pounded the pavement like a champ.

I was all geared up for my run. Totally not realizing that it was indeed 82 degrees out, which by normal standards of this summer was cool, but it was hot to me.
I left my stress roll off my back along with a mound of sweat and I rocked it! I even did mini myrtle again which I love!!! Well really I hate that damn hill but it gives me a sense of accomplishment to run up it!

Other than that I've lost another pound..whoot whoot!!! I'm super excited for that since I've been a slackaholic lately. My pants are falling off..literally..I walk and my pants are falling off my arse...yikes...Time to go shopping I guess.

What girl wouldn't like to shop!! So to you I say...If you struggle keep up the work because it will eventually pay off or fall off...