Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Mash-up!!

Good Morning Peeps and Hipsters...
I have 5 min and I'm writing a recap to my weekend of craziness...
So we transitioned LiL C to a big boy bed. Cold Turkey with the nuk and naps..
Why would I do this well #1 He's 2 and I'm all about taking the nuk away at 2 but I wanted to wait till we came back from CO to do it because a screaming toddler for 17 hours is not fun for anyone.
The nap thing is because my little adorable children don't need a lot of sleep, so unless they are up past 8 no naps. If they do take a nap then their up till 10:30pm and momma needs her down time that and their still up at 6am...HELLO!


Friday night we had the MIL over for dinner. I made up some yummy Brusetta Chicken, salad, and raspberry pretzel dessert. It was amazing if I do say so my self:)

This is what happens when he doesn't get a nap. Fell asleep at the table at 7pm, but he went right to bed and was running and ready to go at 7 again!
Saturday morning I got up and got my run in. I need to build back up mileage that I've lost since doing my half in May. So bam 8 down...And really that shirt is amazing. Love it!

I came home after my run and did my normal Saturday routine, grocery shop, come home clean and then took a nap because it was my sisters birthday and I was DD so I knew it would be late night.

L-R My Sis T, My FSIL (future sister-in-law, but not ring) T, and me
It indeed was a late night. I didn't get home till 4am. My sis is no joke she parties till the cows come home and I think the cows were home and sleeping before I was, but it's ok because I'd rather her be safe and it's only one night a year. Normally it's not a huge deal but I had already told my aunt we would be at her house on Sunday. So needless to say I was one tired girl on Sunday. We drove to my aunts house (she lives an hour away) for my cousins b-day party and then came home and relaxed. Check please done and down for the count at 9pm.
And then because my sister can't enough birthday time I took her to dinner last night at Longhorns.
I swear they have the best margaritas....they are delish and when you order yours on the rocks you actually get two of those bad boys....muy bueno!!!

Now I'm usually a no drinks before a run girl but it was my sisters birthday and well who am I to be a party pooper....that being said I just can't hang with the big dogs, especially not when I have to run less than 12 hours later so my run was super slow and I may or may not have been burping up tequila (gross I'm sorry) but I'm keeping it real!
So as far as the marathon training goes I'm trying to get in those miles. I'm making sure to do my strength training too because really that has helped with leg fatigue and I don't want to have any more injuries because injuries suck big balls!!! So here's my training schedule as it is..
Tues (today) - Strength
Wed - 6-7 miles
Thurs - 3 miles/strength
Saturday 13 miles
I need to get that 13 miles in. I was hoping to do it last Saturday but I just couldn't. I have to get up to 20 before August 9th because I'm not sure when I'll get my long run in because we'll be out of town.
And with that a little inspiration for your day:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

LInking Up Again....Because It's Fun Darn It!

So I'm linking up with these two again...and I know I know...another link up but darn it...I like to see the answers to the questions and it's fun so get on the cool kids train and DO IT!!

If I had one extra hour in the day... Sleep...I love to sleep and I don't get nearly enough.

I wish my name... hmmmm...I used to say something exotic like Veronica, Anastasia, Bianca, Angelina...now I'm ok with Nicole.

I think anything chevron is... SkinnyMeg or PregMeg...I've honestly never heard Chevron anything until I read her blog.

My last nightmare... was a home invader breaking into my house and me judo chopping him in the nuts. While he was rolling around on the floor moaning in pain I called 9-1-1 and told them I had the situation under control, and then I woke up. What the hell was that....

Sometimes... I wish I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight and then I wake up and realize I'm just not that lucky....

My last meal on earth would be...Steak, mashed potatoes, nachos, margaritas, and lots of frozen custard, raspberries and hot fudge..

I would much rather... clean the whole house than deal with cleaning the bathroom. Um I don't have to aim my pee.. Please boys sit or shoot straight.

Mayonnaise... is gross to me

10 years ago, I didn't think... that I would love damn reality shows as much as I do.

Selfishly... I wish I had millions of dollars so I didn't have to work for money, and that I could go on vacations all the time.

My favorite show on TV right now...True Blood, and Real Housewives of anything...don't judge. Some people watch soaps I watch rich bitches yelling at each other and I call that entertainment.

And, George Zimmerman... who?.....no seriously who???

That's all she wrote peeps. Have a great Thursday!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cause I'm A Slacker....

Ok so normally I try to post once a week, but life takes over and I get busy...yadda yadda yadda.....

Seriously after my birthday weekend I was busy painting and getting ready for my vacation.

I'm redoing the boys room, the downstairs blue bathroom, and my sassy daughters room, so it's been cray cray around here lately. Oh and I still am working and doing my side gig can you say super women...oh and a sprinkle of marathon training....but on to the good stuff.

My birthday was fun.
My massage rocked, and dinner was amazing. Give me a steak and a margarita and I'm good.
We then made our way to a bar and then the night went down hill and I realized just how old I really am. Cue the weridos and many yawns from me....looking at my clock when can I go home and sleep. Yep I'm old and I'm not afraid to show it!!!! Sung to sexy and I know it!!

Next up vacation!!!
We (hubs, 3 kids and me) drove to Colorado to visit some family. I love Colorado and would live there if my family wouldn't kill me for moving their only grand-babies across the country. True story...

So we started our adventure 4th of July and made it there bright and early Friday morning...
The kids did great, with minimal crying and fussing. So here is our trip in pictures.
The Drive (TL-mini C excited about his new toy, TR-the hubs always serious. BL-Big T very serious about his music and annoyed by his sisters happiness)

(TL-Jack whom is annoyed by the three kids that have taken over his house, TR - cousin love. B holding her new cousin. BL-Lil C posing, BR - Big T very mad about having to walk and not run in the water.)

Ice Cream after River Time.
(TL- Lil C ready for bed after a long day at the river, TR - Lil C enjoying some much deserved ice cream, BL- Lil C and Lil T friends forever, BR - B and Big A cousins and ice cream)
We had a ton of fun in Colorado. What you didn't see was the awesome mountains and river fun. We visited the aquarium and had a girls night and a boys night for the adults. I also decided to do some running because with only 11 weeks left in my marathon training I couldn't slip even further back. I walked with the girls when I got there and did 3.5 miles and I thought I was going to die.
I tried again the next day and brought along a partner in crime but he was not so much a runner and would rather have chased bunnies and squirrels...more mileage but another fail.

 I tried another run and did better...super slow time but with 90 degree heat and altitude I still felt ok!
We left on Friday and got home on Satuday and when I woke up Sunday I felt I needed to redeem myself and keep my training going...unfortunately mother nature didn't get the memo. Although I felt like I ran better than I did in CO, it was hella warm. Balls hot..

So I'm still here and still training like a beast for this marathon. I will not be fast but at least I will have done it! Don't give up.
You're never to old too set another goal or to dream a new dream ~ C.S. Lewis