Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!!

I'm not sure I would call Christmas craziness fun but in my world it is!!!
I'm not sure where the time has gone. I promised I would post at least once a week and what can I say...I'm a bad girl...maybe even Christan Grey kind of bad. ha!!!
Anyways what have I been up to...hmmmnmn....crafting...crafting...once more time crafting..
I have some cool gifts that I made but can't show till later but I can show off what I made recently...please hold the applause...

Directions on the picture...loving my little tree.
I also made this..which of course is all the rage....

So that's what I can show you for now...I'm super excited to show you what I've been up to after Christmas...

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, November 26, 2012

It was a Holiday...

So it was a holiday weekend and I still worked out in all the ways possible..
Thursday I did a 5 mile Turkey Trot
Turkey Trot

My finish time 1:01...not to shabby for 5 miles and dodging dog poo...yes dog poo...
Comn people if you run with your dog pick up the damn crap. Bugger
It was super warm and I overdressed but live and learn I guess.

Then I came home and straighten the whole house because call me crazy but we had my husbands family over for dinner that night. Only 14 people...yes thats not even the whole crew and that's just immediate peeps. Yes a crapload of people.
Anyways, I got everything ready includeing the turkey and I even had minute to take a snooze...The turkey turned out funaminal!!! I rock I know you're jealous!

Friday was a semi-rest day here. I ran and got the Turkey from my dad's to make for Saturday and then cleaned around the house and worked on some crafty stuff I'll post those when I get done with them:)

Saturday I went for a 3 mile short run. Alittle chilly temps being 25 degrees but it felt like 17...brrrr....but 3 miles done in 37 min. Take that cold weather!!
Made the turkey got the house re-straighten.. I have 3 kids I straighten alot!

My dad and his girlfriend and the siblings and significant others. And ended the night with a viewing of

 Love that movie...

Sunday wrapped up Thanksgiving Celebration #3...holy hell I was sick of turkey and mashed potatoes but why not add alittle more to end the season with a bang.
Sunday it was at my mom's with my mom and step-dad and siblings and significant others.
We had lots of food and more pie and bars than we could stand.
I feel like the michilian man but I will work off the dreaded weight gain of only...drum roll please 1.5 lbs. Not to bad considering I ate my weight in mashed potatoes and those dang things wreck havioc on my body....NOW back to the grind...

Run scheduled tonight with my girl hide-a-key!!!

How was your turkey day?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012's freezing out!!!

I live in WI. So our winters are f'n cold! No joke. Now it's not winter yet but it still can get cold..
Exhibit A:
Yep..and it was only November...imagine..Jan-March...brrr...I get nip on's just thinkging about it. Ha!
So I look like this when I run..please excuse the acne prone and makeup less face. I work from home so I only wear make-up when I actually do something besides sweat:)
Is that glorious...and excuse the open toliet. I didn't notice that till just now..gaa.
Anyways so running in WI can be tricky..We have to deal with snow, ice, freezing temps but it makes our skin thicker..ha!!!

There's a saying here if you don't like the weather today than wait till tomorrow because the weather changes so dramatically...take notice of
Exibit B
So anyways..back to run drama.
I'm loving it and I'm going faster and not hurting so much when I'm done.
Last night was my best run time ever....12:15 min pile per Nike+, or 11:32 min mile per SmoothRun...Whateve...I'm still doing better and walking much less than before.

This Thursday I have a 5 miles Turkey Trot that I'm doing.

I'm super excited. Until then..
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving Link UP!!!

<p align="center">
<a href=""><img src="" alt="button" width="377" height="270" /></a></p>
Ok first ever link up.
I don't vlog yet as I I sound of my voice. Like I sound like a dude...
So here are the answers to the questions:

1. What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades?
Food...for sure!

2. What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish?
The creamy cucumbers my brother-in-law makes or the pinapple fluff

3. After dinner, is it football or a nap?
It depends on the place we're at. We have 3, yes I said 3 Thankgsivings that we celebrate..only 1 per day but if we're at our house I clean up, my mom's usually football and a nap..I'm a multi-tasker.

4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float?
Yup J do...I would the santa float

5. Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)?
Well, Thanksgiving day is at my home with my husbands siblings, nieces and nephews and parents, Saturday is at my dad's but this year I'm hosting with my siblings and dad and his girlfriend and this year Sunday at my mom's with my siblings and mom and step-dad

6. What is your favorite turkey day dessert?
Pumpkin Pie of course or soemtimes I make this to die for double chocolate cheesecake.

That's my speel. Come on back to hear about my 5 mile run I'll be doing on Turkey Day!!
Have a great Holiday!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yikes..I'm a slacker...

So it's been I'm not even sure where October went except that it went by fast.
I've been running like a mother and have signed up for the annual Turkey Trot. It's 5 miles ans I'm stoked. It's on Thanksgiving day. So I'll be up and getting my 5 miles in and then back home to cook for the whole family all 22 of us on my husbands side. Woohooo..doesn't that sound like a blast. Hee hee..Big Thumbs up..stellar!!!

I'm battling a lovely cold that has me hacking up like a smoker that's trying to quite. Awesome!!
But I'm back on the pavement stomping away and getting my miles in. I love it.

What I'm not loving is my plateau...grrr...I'm down 30 lbs but I just can't get passed it and it's seriously pissing me off. I run and run and run...oh well I'll get there eventually.
Well off to get some more things down. I promise to post more soon:0

Monday, September 24, 2012

Running is a drug...

I love to run!! I love it. It's my own little therapy session and I can tell you it's alot cheaper than therapy or so I've been told. So here's some truth into why I run and well just because

In March of 2007 I went on antiaxiety meds. My world felt like it was crashing down around me. I had family issues, job issues, money issues and a 2-1/2 year old. I was so stressed out that I would literaly hide out at home. While this was super easy for me since I worked at home, it was not me.
I am very much a people person I love to be with people but this axiety was holding me captive. I just didn't want to leave I just wanted to stay home.

So in pops the magic pill or what I thought was magic, and it did work for a bit. It took the edge off my life. I didn't freak out randomly anymore and it was easier to handle things for awhile, but I had no drive, no energy, no ambition, fast forward to Nov 2011 when I went off my meds.

It was rough at first and I actually had some awful panic attacks but I made it through all the time working out by doing step areobics, kickboxing. It wasn't until May 2012 that I found my love for running again, and I started off super slowwwwww.....I walk to warm up, go into the park and try to run the whole day I finally did it, and from there it's history.

I now run a 3 miler on Mondays, 4 on Wednesdays, and 6 on Saturdays. Running helps me sort out the BS in life, it helps me zone out and enjoy music, it helps my body's circulation issues, it helps me to have a self gratifing moment of I did it!! I'm really doing this. I'm running and I'm getting better, and faster, and fitter...and most of all it's do-able.

I'm losing weight and I don't get too freaked out when I plateau.I just know that I'm not eating as well or I need to step up my game and I'm doing it. Hopefully this time next year I'll be at my goal weight ...until then here are some pic's 25lbs lost already 75 more to go.

Yes I know I have a ton to go...Loving the sagging gut. Thanks to my beautiful 3 children. I have lovely stretch marks that yes once I lose my weight I will get a mom makeover.
I maybe vain but I would like to be comfortable in my own skin and if that's what it takes I'm going to do it. I'm still young and I want to enjoy wearing young clothes...

Friday, September 7, 2012

If You REALLY Knew Me.....

Stole this from ally and mama...Kind of fun...

If you really knew me ......
**you'd know that I'm totally obsessed with 50 shades of Grey right now!
**You'd know that I think Matt Bomer is so frinkn hot!!! as well as Channing Tatum, Vin Diesel, I could go on but I will spare you the drool.
**you'd know that I love to dance and actually can dance.
**you'd know that I struggle with my weight and always have.
**you'd know that I'm a loyal friend, one that would take a bitch down if need be.
**you'd know that I'm tough but I'm still very tender hearted.
**you'd know that I love my kids, husband, family and friends with my whole being.
**you'd know that I love music...rap...r& name it I listen to it.
**you'd know that I run, take step, and will try anything that can get my heart pumping.
**you'd know that I love makeup...seriously a makeup whore...
**you'd know that I love my hair, and it is the one thing that I can never make a decison on...highlights, no highlights, dark, I stick with the same style.
**you'd know that I struggle with trusting others.
**you'd know that I can't take compliments.
**you'd know that while I'm scared of spiders I will kill them for my kids.
**you'd know that I can unclogg the tub, fix the toilet, and will try to fix anything before calling in the professionals.
**you'd know that I love to take pictures.
**you'd know that my favorite thing to do is craft or be crafty
**you'd know that I absolutely hate blunt bangs on kids except if their of the asian decent.
**you'd know that I'm a sucker for someone that cries and will cry with them even if I don't know them.
**you'd know that I wish I looked like Sophia Varga...She is absolutely gorgeous...curvy and fit!
**you'd know that I have a love for halter and strapless tops/dresses but can't wear them because I have to wear a bra and I'm jealous of those that don't have too.
**you'd know that I can't stand dishes in my sink.
**you'd know that I want to help others and try too.
**you'd know that I love Halloween.

**you'd know I hate fake people.

**you'd know I hate liars.

**you'd know I love sweatshirts

**you'd know I want to wear a bikini one day but have too many strech marks and won't

**you'd know that when I reach my weight loss goal I will get a tummy tuck.

**you'd know that I love dance movies

**youd' know that I'm not an avid reader.

**you'd know that I hope to inspire others to be the best person possible..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ummm..Yeah I Just Did That

Saturday I got up fully intended to run my normal 5 mile route but I instead thought why not go alittle further....1 hr 18 min later and I had wogged....(run/walk/jogged) 6 miles...My inner goddess is dancing around...I'm so proud of myself...a-because really who goes and decides their going to wogg 6 miles unless their in crazy shape or just crazy and b-because I'm down 25lbs...Yeah finally a big milestone...Well I should say I get excited by losing weight every week but this week was big...Progresss.....which equals smaller pants needed asap...Ordered and on their way.

I'm hoping to do 6 again on Monday since it's Labor Day and I'm off anyways...we shall see.
In other news: I made a kick ass diaper cake for my cousin and I'm working on Christmas presents. Please don't grab me through the computer and shake me. Yes I know Christmas is a ways away BUT....I'm going to try and make a majority of my Christmas presents because I rock like that. Ha!!!
Pic's to come soon!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Gonna Rock Your Socks Off (that's what he said)

I am an animal....I did the Thursday/Friday weigh in today.
First let me state that yes I do weigh myself on Thursday and on Friday.
I've noticed that I weigh less on Thursday I'm not really sure why but I average the two. Werid I know but seriously I don't want to cheat but I want reginition where it is so uterly deserved.

While I don't workout 5 days a week, I still busy my big bootie to lose the pounds that I do.
Running with the amount of weight I have on me is hard work but I do it because I know one day I'll be at my goal weight and running my 10 min mile goal as well

So on with it...Horray...victory lap for me I'm down 22 lbs since May. That is huge since I haven't lost a single pound since the birth of my son way back in April 2012...Well that's not entirely true.
I lost the intal 20 but only to have it regained in a matter of weeks because of a underactive thyroid. Yep when it rains it pours. Oh and the breastfeeding will help you lose it scam...which I've posted about before well that didn't work for me either. I didn't lose any of that damn weight till I stopped nursing in Feb 2012 and then 3 mths after that I started to lose which brings us to May.

So what do I do...well I drink a protein shake with strawberries in the morning and for lunch if I'm hungry and then eat dinner. If it's super fatty dinner which I don't often make then I just take a smaller portion. I know I know that's no help but everyone's body is different. I find that if I eat a bunch of mini meals which I never eat because I'm not hungry. I can go along time without eating...the biggest thing is I drink a s-ton of water.

I was ready a column in Womans Weekly or some magazine that was staring at me in the grocery line perked my interest. Dr Oz's farmer or hunter eating....Well I guess I'm a hunter based on my wasit vs hip measurements. Makes sense. It basically says in a nutshell that I need more protein and eat less often as the protein will hold me over and eat when I'm hungry but stop when I'm full. Seems simple enough. So I've been trying it and when I stick to it well I lose weight. Imagine that....Hmmmm...

Anyways, I've been running my routine pretty well since I dropped off the bandwagen a bit ago.
A 5k (3.2 miles) on Monday and Wednesday and 5-6 miles on Saturday.
I'm hoping to run alittle faster but I know I have some weight that I'm carrying around that makes it difficult...think of Nicole Richie on your back when she was a shrinking violet...So 22 lbs down and 75 at least more to go....
And my mini's because I want to be a healthy hot momma!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh crap it's been awhile

Ok, where does the time go. I seriously have been neglecting my blog.
Anyways, I've been a bad girl and haven't hit the pavement for 2 weeks. Between going camping, pictures to take, and a funeral I've been burnt out like a piece of bad burnt toast. Just throw it away.
Yesterday I was back in action. I must say alittle tired but I pounded the pavement like a champ.

I was all geared up for my run. Totally not realizing that it was indeed 82 degrees out, which by normal standards of this summer was cool, but it was hot to me.
I left my stress roll off my back along with a mound of sweat and I rocked it! I even did mini myrtle again which I love!!! Well really I hate that damn hill but it gives me a sense of accomplishment to run up it!

Other than that I've lost another pound..whoot whoot!!! I'm super excited for that since I've been a slackaholic lately. My pants are falling off..literally..I walk and my pants are falling off my arse...yikes...Time to go shopping I guess.

What girl wouldn't like to shop!! So to you I say...If you struggle keep up the work because it will eventually pay off or fall off...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Running Like I'm Being Chased

I've been running alot lately!! Super stoked that when I ran two weeks ago I ran 5 miles in an hour, which is a huge accomplishment. I hope to be doing a solid 12 min mile, but it all depends on the heat we've been having here lately.  It's been an average of 90 for the past month. Crazy heat...yuck.
I think I did so well on that Saturday because it was a whopping 72 degrees. It's amazing on the heat just sucks the life out of you.  But it's like everything in life you have to roll with what's given to you.

I've been super stoked because I'm almost done 20 lbs since May. I've been watching what I eat but not going crazy. I love it! I may plateau but I don't sweat it, because really it's life. You sometimes have good days and sometimes have bad days. I keep pushing through because I want to focus on how I feel. I want to have that energy that runners high.  I want to let the skinny girl come out of the fat suit.

So for now I will continue to run like I'm being chased.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Climbing A Mountain...

When you think of climbing a mountain you realize it's going to be a struggle. It's not going to be easy. It's going to make you question yourself. It's going to push you to your max, but in the end it's worth it. You get to the top and you see the wonderful view.

I believe that's exactly how weight loss goes. You struggle and you have set backs. It's not easy and if you give in you never see the amazing view, but if you keep going you will see the results of all your hard work.

I've climbed the mountain before and enjoyed the view. I've seen the results and life has taken over and I've slipped back down, but I'm determinded and I have nothing standing in my way anymore.
I'm done having kids. I have 3 beautiful miracles that show me exactly what my body is capiable of.
I have reminders of what I used to look like and how I used to feel and I want that again.
I'm sick of being stuck inside a fat suit and trying to claw out...I will do this...I will climb the mountain and leave all the disappointments, and negativity below. I will enjoy the view and you can too. Just take one step at a time and get your stride.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Not The Best But...I WILL Do Better

I ran my 10th Bellin Run this year. It's an anuual 10K. I didn't do my best time what with the 86 degree heat...BUT I finished and vowed to do better next year. I've started amping up my runs and pushing myself harder. I've even ventured to think about doing another marathon but haven't committed to that completely because it totally bugs me out.
Why you say...Well lets see 13.1 miles...well that would bug anyone whom hasn't run that in awhile.  That is alot of dedication but I feel the bug catching on.
I love to run it totally destresses me and makes me want to do better. I push myself to my limits and when I think I can't go further well I do..
That's all you can do is to PUSH PUSH PUSH....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

WHAT....Did that just happen...

Ahh...So I had stated I started running again. I ran on that following Saturday and cut my time by 5 min and then ran this past Monday and cut 2 min off my time. Woohooo..This is huge for me. I'm so excited to get my stride back. This Saturday is the annual Bellin Run. It's a 10k. I've been running, walking, strolling this race for 10 years!!! Whether I was pregnant, just gave birth, getting back in shape, no excuses!!! I'm super excited. I haven't RAN the 10k for 2 years (I walked last year because my mini was 7 weeks old) and I haven't ran longer than 3.2 miles during my training but I'm STILL going to do it. It may not be my best time this year but I'm hauling around alot of extra weight. I plan to do the best I can armed with my Ruffles with Love Tank, my red nike's, and MP3 loaded with awesome inspiring music. I'm excited. I'm super excited that my kids are totally amped to be doing the kids run on Friday.

First Race...Not a great time but hey I'm wasn't a runner....but I ended up catching the bug..

6 mths pregnant with baby Bella

Best Time Ever 1 hr 8 min Oh and then I stood up in a wedding.

5 mths pregnant with baby Titus

Bella's 1st Kids Run
This is a family affair for us. This is the 10th year that I've participated. My kids have literally grown up participating or watching mom and dad do this race. I'm not competative with my peers but I am competative with myself. My best time was 1hr8min, with a bathroom stop, because to be honest even before having kids I had a bladder of 2 year old. I always gotta pee. Hee hee. I know I won't do that great this year but I'm still excited to participate and try to improve next year. That's my goal every year: TO IMPROVE!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little Dose Of Protein

I'm not sure if it is the protein that is giving me my results but here goes...

After I gave birth to my 3rd most recent child I had lost the intial 23lbs after he was born, but with a poor thyroid I gained it all back in a matter of months...OH can I say I was breastfeeding and working out as well. Just another slap in the face that my body was not working with me.
I've struggled but never gave up although I have had my days but who doesn't.
I've been doing alot of research as always and I starting adding alittle more protein to my diet. I would add some extra carbs when I would work out, and finally I'm losing the weight.

My other obstacle has been my running. I completed a 1/2 marathon 2 years ago. I didn't get a great time 3 hrs, but I was pleased none the less because at the time I was still 30-40lbs over what I wanted to be at which was 150-140 lbs. Once I was pregnant with my mini man I ran alittle but the little guy didn't like it. I still tried to do my step class but in February I just couldn't. I was having constant contractions and I didn't want my little guy to come to soon as he was do in April. So I stopped working out. When I went back to working out it was a shock to my system, but I kept going on.

Last week I told you about how I tried to run and my body was almost willing me to stop and I gave into it. This week I was determined!!! I started walking my route and said in my mind once I get to the park I'm going to run the park distance and if I was tired I would walk once I made it through the park. I did it I ran the whole park distance and then I walked a bit and decided I would run the endlessly long block that seems to go on forever...and guess what I DID IT!! After that I turned the corner and headed back to my start spot...3.2 miles...woohooo...It took me 45 min but it has been my best time since I started back to running. I'll take it!!!

So maybe just the little dose of protein has helped who knows. I just know I'm happy that the weight is leaving and that I'm getting my stride back...

Remember nothing is impossible, even if you're 100 lbs overweight you can do it!!!
I am..let me inspire you to push yourself more!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Step Forward.....Two Steps Back

I was having a rough day on Wednesday. I woke up and was ready to start my day and it all went down hill from there. From the moment I lifted my foot to the floor it was doomed.  I usually am not such a negative Nelly but Wednesday was different. I didn't want to eat healthy. I wanted to eat I did. Well you know what I felt how I ate crappy...I strayed we all do it.

BUT....and there's always a but I brushed myself off and read a couple of inspiring blogs and that did it.
I was determined to have a good workout, and you know what I didn't. It was horrible my legs tensed up like they were willing me to NOT workout, to just take a moment and realize that we all have set backs. I taught my Kettlebell class and those women I teach are inspiring. They do everything I tell them too. Sometimes they complain but they love the results. So I chalked up Wednesday to a bad day. I woke up Thursday and it was a new day and a new outlook. My smoke alarm went off at 5:45am....ahhh..I thought but it turns out it was just the steam coming from my husbands shower...really...and what did I do?  I just sat back and laughed. It's those little thinkgs that happen that make it come together. Maybe it's the smoke alarm that wakes you up in the morning, or the stranger that cuts you off while you're driving, maybe it's the little shit at the coffee shop that drives you nuts. Whatever it is Sometimes we just need a look at what we can be rather than who we are at the moment.
I want to be a fit, energetic, healthy mom. What about you? What do you want to be.

Have a great weekend!! Be inspired and take your life by the balls!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


I felt like Richard Simmons this weekend! I woke up on Saturday when I could have slept in. I chose to get up and to be with my children.
We (the whole family) were very productive. We moved 6 yards of dirt and 2-1/2 yards of mulch. I planted 13 hastas that I got from my wonderful mother. We did all this by 5 o'clock. It was a great day.
Mother's Day came and I did sleep in after all it was Mother's Day. I then let my husband take a nap and I planted 5 pots. I had so much energy.

It's amazing how eating well can lite a fire under your butt to continue the feeling!!!
I love my new found energy.

I feel like I can move mountains.
It is what is keeping me going.
When I feel like giving up I look to that energy and know that I can do IT!

I can lose this extra weight that adds up to the weights of my 3 children. Yes I said it! I want to be back down to fighting weight. I need to lose 100lbs. I'm already down 4 so that's only 96 to go. See the postitivity in my words. It seems like a mountain but it's better than carrying a mountain on my back!!!

Move mountains today and think and realize nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm IN Guns BLAZING...

I was posting on my Weight Watchers wall and people were wondering where I was. I was finding my AH HAAA....

I know we all get off track...we eat like crap one day...we're to tired to work out because our kids have kept us up all night...
But I want you to remember that feeling you get when your done with a workout, when you ate really healthy and good for a day...
I feel energetic like I can take on an army! I feel like a dancer that has given the best performance of her life. I feel like I'm in control of my life.

But....there are set backs is life.
We don't workout on a Biggest Loser Set. We don't have nannies, chef's, personal trainers...and if you do well you're so lucky and you can send them to my house.

My Ahh Haaa was when I was walking up the stairs and was short of breath.
I sometimes would have shortness of breath but mostly when I was pregnant or when the humidity level is high. But it was NOT Humid and I was definately not pregnant.

So I took it and went with it. I took that motivation and went with it..GUNS BLAZING...I was going to go hard...hardcore.

You only get one body and you might as well be comfortable in it!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Change Is Coming

I said it last week....A Change Is Coming...and then my back tweaked out on me. Monday I went into my trusted chiropractor and was scolded for not coming in sooner. Yep my back was definately outta whack!!! Finally on Wednesday everything was back to somewhat normal.

I took a walk with a friend and chatted it up. The best exercise for me is when I'm not thinking of exercising. I love group classes...step aerobics, kickboxing, zumba, group power to name a few.
I get really bored on the treadmill or cross trainer. I think it has to do with my need to be doing 5 million things at once. I love to wogg (walk/jog) outside but really hate doing it inside. That was one of the hardest things for me when I trained for the 1/2 marathon 2 years ago. If it was raining or we had just gotten a huge snow storm I had to train inside. Blahh....

Anyways, so I'm back at it. Saturday is right around the corner or as I call it SUPER Saturday because I get a huge workout in! I love it. I love the feeling I love the endorphines that rush through my body and make me want to keep doing more. I love the feeling when I'm done...So bring it on. Step, group power and a nice wogg....

I saw this quote and it's my new favorite saying when I get inside my head and try to talk myself out of working out.

What is your favorite exercise?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ok, so I'm not sure what I did and maybe it's my body fighting back and saying no way but I have back pain like nobody's business. I was down for the count last week because of an awesome allergy/cold thing going on. I took time to rest and recoup. I know I've been burning the candle on both ends lately so my immune system was just MAKING me rest.

I'm sure this is how it is for most moms. We go go go and don't stop and make sure we rest until we're forced maybe kicking and screaming but we finally have to give in and rest.

I always have something going on or to do, especially with 3 kids, 3 jobs and a husband, family and friends. I feel like it's never ending.

So when I signed up for our yearly 10k, otherwise known as The Bellin I knew this would be MY time. I would take time to train and get back in the game.....(buzzer sounds...eeeeerrrrttt) yeah no way my body had other things in mind. It said "Girl you need some down time" and of course I didn't listen. I do what I do all the time I ingnored it.

Isn't that what our life is when you get ignore your reflection because to be honest looking at myself in the mirror is painful.  I see this fit inshape girl clawing to get out and this heavy girl sitting on the fit girl and saying no damnit. I like being to eat what I want.  It's this inner tormoil that keeps me from giving it my all.  This is a huge turning point!

I want to be able to wear my skinny girl clothes and to wear my cute clothes that I love.  I love looking cute and dressing up. I think it's because I'm in yoga pants, a tee and a sweatshirt all day...that's my work attire.

So I say this to you......................................take a deep breath and really look at yourself in the mirror....
Now are you ready to make this journey with me or not.......................I'm waiting......

And I'm off...Monday it's back to the grind.....I can't say that I just had a baby anymore because my baby is 1 today...I have to take control and maybe be a little crazy at first to get back what I want.....

What is that?  To be comfortable in my own skin.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Super Saturday was in effect. I went to step class, group power and then did my interval wogging. Sunday we had a nice Easer gathering at our house so you know I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Yikess...20 people isn't such a little gathering..

Monday came and went. I taught a killer step class and then sat back and watched my munchkins in their swim class. As I was sitting there I was feeling a little guilty that I wasn't in kickboxing class instead.  When you're trying to lose weight it is very hard not to become a crazy exercise freak but you almost have to. I figure I'm there already I should be doing more, but I don't want to lose out on watching my kids either...The balance of being a mother and time for myself is hard. It tends to swing to my kids more. They are only little once. I don't know how mothers whom work out of the house do it. I would be a ball of guilt all the time if I had to leave my kids for the whole day and then drop them off at Y kid korner to work out too!

But you know they say a Happy Mom is  a Happy Family. Remember that!!! Your happiness as well as mine is just as important as spending time with your kids. It's hard to be happy if you're stressed out and working out helps. It's a proven happy pill minus the pill...

Friday, April 6, 2012

So let's start from the begining...I was brought up in a small town. I was never into exercise in fact, I walked the mile that you had to do in high school. I was a cheerleader but I hated exercise.

Me pre-baby..

I lost some weight by just going out and dancing. I love to dance! After I got pregnant with my first baby I gained a ton of weight...ummm like 80lbs. on top of being already 20 lbs over weight.  You really don't realize how much you gain until you have the baby and realize it's not ALL baby. Ha ha
Yeah I know kind of a chunk but I just had a baby.....oh denial is such a wonderful thing.
...Anyways, after trying to lose weight, watching what I ate, and doing what I thought was exercise there was no weight leaving me. Finally after I was done nursing baby was 6 mths, 2 mths later (when baby was 8 mths) I started losing weight. It was not easy...Getting up at 4:30 am 5 days a week doing 45 min of hard pain of choice at the time was the cross-trainer at the Y going at about 180-200 at a level 5 resisitance. I later added some random power yoga and body fit (a strength training class) to my routine. I say random because I didn't do a class all the time After 8 mths of working out my hardest and eating approx 1200-1500 caloris (following the old weight watchers plan back when they didn't realize that you need extra points if you work out) I was down 80 lbs the baby was now 18-19 mths old.

I ran my best time 10k time ever 1hr 8min, that's with stopping to use the potty because I have the bladder of a 2 year old very tiny tiny... I loved running and once I got past the first mile I became a machine and really enjoyed the high you get from running.

As time went by guess what baby #2 came along. I was very diligent about watching what I ate and exercising the whole time, but with medication changes I still managed to gain 60 lbs. WTF..but with a healthy baby it was all worth it. I started working out again and managed to lose 35 lbs but still had that extra 25-30 lbs lingering...Damn it...

I didn't go to the gym like a crazy person because honestly I was so tired. My 2nd little bundle of joy was a total night owl. He was always up and this mumma needed her sleep while she could get it.

Finally in 2009 I was able to sleep a whole night so I decided that I should run a 1/2 marathon. I'm not really sure what I was thinking since I had a 5 year old, a 2 year old, I worked full-time as a day care provider, taught part-time at the ymca and was doing photography on the side. can say it I'm a crazy person...So 4 times a week I would get up with my friend and we would go run in the fun Wisconsin cold weather...unless it was single digits, that is too cold for me. Hee hee
May of 2010 came I ran and I accomplished my goal. I didn't run very fast but I did it. I went from a walker of the mile in high school to a half marathon participant.

Along comes baby #3 in 2011. I still had that wonderful parting gift of extra weight from my previous baby and I made sure to watch it again but still gaining 50lbs...seriously my body has a pregnancy weight it wants to be at and there's no getting in the way of it. I have acknowledged it and realize that there's no fighting it..with that being said here is where my journey will start again.

I can now usually sleep through the night so their is no excuse. I have 80-100lbs that I want to lose to accomplish my goal of 150 lbs. I would like to push to 140 but I know my body shape and once I get below 150 I get alittle gaunt and scary looking, but we'll see what happens. The bar is set high!!!!

Me in the blue with my besties...