Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh crap it's been awhile

Ok, where does the time go. I seriously have been neglecting my blog.
Anyways, I've been a bad girl and haven't hit the pavement for 2 weeks. Between going camping, pictures to take, and a funeral I've been burnt out like a piece of bad burnt toast. Just throw it away.
Yesterday I was back in action. I must say alittle tired but I pounded the pavement like a champ.

I was all geared up for my run. Totally not realizing that it was indeed 82 degrees out, which by normal standards of this summer was cool, but it was hot to me.
I left my stress roll off my back along with a mound of sweat and I rocked it! I even did mini myrtle again which I love!!! Well really I hate that damn hill but it gives me a sense of accomplishment to run up it!

Other than that I've lost another pound..whoot whoot!!! I'm super excited for that since I've been a slackaholic lately. My pants are falling off..literally..I walk and my pants are falling off my arse...yikes...Time to go shopping I guess.

What girl wouldn't like to shop!! So to you I say...If you struggle keep up the work because it will eventually pay off or fall off...

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