Monday, September 30, 2013

26.2......Part 3

You can read part 1 here and part two here
Sorry I didn't post this sooner. I was having issues. But here it is.

So I had hit the dreaded wall. The wall that every runner hates and if you have big balls you get through it, and if you don't you give up and sit like a toddler crying because you can't do it.
So I gather all I can muster and push through this wall and it's at that moment that I look up and see someone walking towards me. Now mind you there is nobody on this road. There is my tag partner behind me, and I can see someone in the far distance but nobody else except for this lady and child. I then notice it's my friend Re'.

Re' had called me on Friday to wish me good luck, and to find out the route of the race. I told her thank you so much but she didn't need to make the journey. It was a hike and her support from afar was good enough. So when I saw her I just burst into tears. Here is this friend that isn't even running the race and she came down to support me! I even told my husband to stay behind because I didn't want him to drag our kids in the cold. I was so excited. He did send me this though.
Good Job Mommy!!
She said she had been told that mile 18 is the hardest. So she wanted to be there for me for that mile. She had been tracking me via the marathon text system. Her son B, ran up to me and told me he could probably run the whole thing because he's super fast. So we set out and they were with me for that mile. I can say that is/was by far the hardest mile ever. My ankles hurt, my shins hurts, their was a throbbing pain in my middle back. I was hurting, and had Re' not showed up I might have quit. I would have like to think I wouldn't have but I just don't know.

Anyway, we were coming to mile 19 and I saw someone waving at me. Again scratch my head...who...the...oh no. It was my running peep BB, sitting on the ground at mile 19.
His calves were cramping up so bad it looked like an alien under the skin. Gross and painful.
He was ready to call it quits. I told him "NO WAY!. We got this far and we can do it. Run, crawl, drag we're doing this. At this time my phone buzzed and told me that Hide-a-key had just passed the 22 mile mark. I said get up let's go. Hide-a-key is kicking our ass. So being a true badass hence his name he got up and hobbled.

We walked for a bit and he was in agony the whole time. I felt horrible, but I knew he would be even more pissed if he didn't finish. At mile 22 BB said to me "Go finish this thing, finish strong. So I was off and running and guess what came on my playlist.....Fighter ~ Christina Aguleria, followed by Feel This Moment ~Pitbull. Oh I love these songs. It truly means so much to me. It moves me and makes me want to push farther, and that's exactly what I did.

I ran/walk the rest of the way thinking about igniting the fire in me and enjoying the moment. BB caught up to me and we finished together with crowds of people cheering us on! It was so inspiring, it was amazing. I wish I could bottle that feeling up and relive that moment anytime.
Cheeseeee!!! We did this and we're still smiling.

Cheesy picture is a must with this bling.
I'm not saying it was the best race ever, or even my best run. It was brutal at the end. But I did it.
I'm saying it was worth it. It was worth skipping the drinks, the crap food, the going to bed early, and getting up early. The sweat, tears, blood, blisters, missing toe nails, sore legs, sore ankles, injuries. It was worth the energy. It was worth pushing myself further than I thought I could ever go. I can say proudly at 191 lbs I am not in the best shape of my life, but I try hard everyday. I'm not where I want to be but one day I will and I know that I can do it. I've ran a marathon. I've accomplished what only 1% of  the worlds population has ever done. Only 1%.

Will I ever run another marathon? Well that was a big HELL NO on race day but as the days go by I just might, and next time I will be stronger. You never know what your body will do on race day. You can train, eat right, you can do everything you should do, but it all comes down to determination, support and heart. If you don't have those you don't have a chance. You need that to overcome any obstacle on that course.

I know this because I am a marathoner, and every marathoner knows when you can't run with your legs you run with your heart.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

26.2....Part 2

You can read Part 1 here

The gun sounded and we were off running side by side.
I looked up and saw the sun shinning in my face with only silhouettes of people in front of me. It was the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen. The fog of everyone's cold breath on that cold fall morning. It was such an amazing moment that I will never forget, and then this song came on my playlist.

I Can Only MercyMe

I just only added this song on Wednesday before the race. It's not my normal playlist music. I'm more the dance/rap/fast music kind of girl. But I knew I might need a little more motivation to get me through this. I'm not a very outspoken Christian. I am a Christian but I don't promote it or shout it from the mountain tops. Not that I'm embarrassed but I believe because everyone has their own way of doing things and this is mine.

Anyways, so this song came on as I was seeing this beautiful picture of silhouettes and the crisp fall air, to say I was overcome with emotion is an understatement. I had tears running down my face after mile 1 nobody knew since I had my sunglasses on. It was perfect. It was the perfect moment. It was my moment. It was the moment I've worked at for a year. You know that feeling of butterflies, excitement, and joy you get. I had that feeling while the song played. Overcoming obstacles and nay-sayers, becoming the person I was meant to be. Unveiling that fit, happy, giddy girl that has been hidden by the unhappy, fat girl for so long. I pushed through those walls and knew in that moment that I was meant for such great things. Great things that I'm doing, great things that have yet to come. I can only imagine where my life will lead and all these thoughts were rushing through my head like a tidal wave.

I really don't remember too much of anything from that moment to mile 3. I was just overcome and couldn't believe that I was doing this. I saw a woman struggling with her child at mile 3. The little guy was crying probably because he was cold. I mean it was almost freezing. I ran up behind the stroller and told her to run next to him while I pushed, thinking maybe if he saw his mommy he would calm down. I would like to say that rainbows and unicorns appeared and all went well but he continued to cry and just wanted to be held. She gave me a warm smiled and we parted ways. I wished her luck and ran up to my runner peeps. Mile 4 was coming into view and guess what I had to big surprise in tiny bladder land that I reside in. So I amped up my speed and ran ahead of the group so I could pee. I came out of the potty and my group passed me and were super far ahead of me. I tried my hardest to get up to them but I was having a hard time, so I decided "eff" it. I'm going to watch my pace and do this. I just kept the pace of 11:25 and was doing so well. I was so proud of myself. I took my head phones out for minute to readjust and heard someone yell.."Go Nicole, you're doing great!" "Great Job Nicole". Ok, cue the head scratch and who the hell was that. I had no idea who the people were, and then the lightbulb went on...oh yeah my name is on my bib. Yes, again dork moment. LOL So, for awhile I kept one ear bud out (which is what your suppose to do, but I'm a rebel) to hear the cheers from literally strangers.

At Mile 10 I was excited to see our support crew. If you ever run a race this long try to have a support person there. Someone to grab your layers, or hold your extras, give you whatever you need.
Reeva and M

So I saw our support crew. Stripped off my outer fleece layer, gave her my sunglasses, and gloves and I was off and running. I was doing great. Reeva was like "you look great, you're doing awesome"

And I was off and running at 13.1 I checked my watch, 2:40..woohoo. That was amazing. When I ran my half I did it in 3:05 & 3:01. So I was so pleased with the pace I was running.
We were coming up on a tunnel and then had to run up a hill. A lady I had been playing tag with (she would run and stop and walk, I would run and pass her and then walk, etc), started to walk a couple feet right after the tunnel and I yelled to her..."No Way, let's race to the gatoraide. Comn' you can't walk to the gatoraide. Walk after you get it". She laughed at me and so we raced up the hill, grabbed our gatoraide and high fived each other. I told her good luck and that she has this. We turned the corner and were on a rural road with a cornfield on one side and nobody in sight.
Then I popped in my earbuds in both ears and heard this song and it kept me moving...

Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can't tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start

They tell me I'm too young to understand
They say I'm caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes
Well that's fine by me

So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost

I tried carrying the weight of the world
But I only have two hands
Hope I get the chance to travel the world
But I don't have any plans

Wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone
And love is the prize

 So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost

Didn't know I was lost
I didn't know I was lost
I didn't know I was lost
I didn't know
If you're not familiar it's Wake Me Up by Avicii..It's awesome and has a great beat.
Anyways, seriously I should have taken a picture of how lonely this road I took a picture because I knew the magic 16.2 was almost here and that meant only 10 more miles.

Mile 16.2 only 10 more miles
I was doing great feeling great and then..................BAM...I hit the wall of death at mile 18.
And that is where I'll leave you hanging...the end and part 3 will be up tomorrow. Sorry about the 3 parter but really if I don't it would seriously be a small novel or novella if you're classy. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

26.2....Part 1

Race Day....September 22nd was the day I have waited for. I've worked hard for a year to do this.
It started out by popping wide awake at 4 am. I couldn't sleep I was so excited!. Today was the day I would join the club. Only 1% of the worlds population can say they have ever finished a marathon.

I ate my oatmeal my normal pre-race fuel. I was so excited. Really like bouncing around the house like a crazy person but trying to be quiet because everyone was sleeping.
I got dressed in my gear. Double checked to make sure I had everything, and was out the door to pick up my runner peeps. Hide-A-Key and BB. We got in and darn it didn't I forget my Garmin, grrr, swing back to my house to grab it and then Hide-a-key forgot something too. So swing back to her house to grab it. It's really good that we only live half a mile away from each other. We were on the road, we had to drive 20 min to get to the race. We arrived and by this time Hide-a-key and BB were ready to punch me because I was sooooo hyper. I was so excited. No nerves just pure excitement. This was what we had worked for. This is what we got up early for. What we sacrificed for, the blood, blister, lost toenails, going to bed early, tired legs, injuries...all that to for this day....

BB, Hide-a-Key, Me
We went into the building to warm up and pee. It was a whopping 38 degrees outside. Definitely not the 80 degrees it has been during training. Hide-a-key was nervous and BB was calm. Cue the bouncy, hyper Nicole that kept saying...We're running a marathon...We're running a marathon. I got many laughs from fellow runners and even some you're a badass from runners that were running just the half.

Trying to stay warm
After yet another bathroom trip...I get the nervous, excited pees, and I have a bladder of a 2 yr old. Tinkalina is my nickname, we said a prayer...Praying for strong legs, lots of energy, lots of heart. We then met up with the pacer. If you don't know what a pacer is the person that keeps pace. Self explanatory but before running I had no idea what it was. He kept our pace at 11:25 min mile so we would finish the race in 5 hrs. Now if you run a race you know how excited you get and you go full throttle out of the gates like a horse at a race. Yeah no bueno if you're running a long distance. You will burn yourself out for sure. Hide-a-key normally does a 9:50-10 min mile. She is fast but she knew she couldn't do that this race or she would be shot. So we went with the man of reason and stayed with the pacer. He was awesome.
Cue the tears.....Miss Hide-a-key started tearing up and then I did. I told her "No...No Ugly Oprah Cry till after we're done. We need the energy"
Off went the wheelchairs, and then my Team Triumph...A big shout out to them. I'll be doing a race for/with my Team Triumph in October. You can read about it here.
If you have a chapter in your area, I highly recommend checking them out. It is truly and amazing thing to be a part of. Sorry off topic again.....squirrellll.
So we waited till they started...the anticipation was killing me. Comn' let's get this party started.
The gun went off and we were off..........and come back for part 2 tomorrow...sorry but this would be one long post if I wrote out everything. Trust me it's worth the wait....


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Becoming An Angel


Yesterday I broke down and went to the Dr to make sure my lungs and airways were in good working order. If you follow this blog you know I have a touch of asthma that flares up when I run and when I'm sick. It all went well lungs and airways sound clear so I was given a Z-pac and off on my merry way.

After work me and the running amigo had a training run scheduled; my prep; for the race on Sunday. Normally I rest the week before a race. But A-I wanted to try out my knee brace to see how it would feel while running, B-I wanted to check to make sure my lungs weren't killing me C-dang it I needed a confidence booster. So we decided to check out a group that I've been wanting to get involved with since May.

So let's digress a bit to bring you up to speed.
When I did the Cellcom Half Marathon in May I had stopped at the potties and while waiting (which was killing me...(seriously people pee and leave), anyway I spoke with a group of women that were running the race with a woman that was disabled. The group is called my Team Triumph. They the angels run the race while pushing a stroller, biking, etc with their captain (the disabled person).
I was so beyond moved that these people would do this, because isn't it all about races, about PR's, about doing your best. That's not to say that you wouldn't do your best pushing, pulling, or supporting your captain but you certainly couldn't do it without a ton of effort or that's what I thought. Something about how this woman spoke about the experience moved me. Here is a person that wants to compete in a sport and although they are physically-impared they are still competing. I'm not sure if it was hormones or what but I just started a ugly Oprah cry bawling.  So that day when I got home I said I'm going to do that and I even made it facebook official. Hee hee

Last night we checked it out. We were greeted and given a shirt right away because we were told once you run you'll be hooked. They were so right. I've never felt like I belonged somewhere more.
The training group last night
Captain Jacob - Jeff (Jacobs dad), Me, Hide-a-key
Team Jacob-telling us we needed to run faster
We have signed up for our race and will be running the Africa Hope Run. It's a 10K and I'll find out who my Captain is soon. I'm sure this is only the beginning of being an angel. These captains have stolen my heart and I want to make it possible for them to do feel the way I do after a race.
If you want to find out more about my team triumph click here
They have chapters all over the country.
"Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Knees, Colds, & Nerves

Good Morning Playa's and Peeps.
If you've followed this blog you know that I've been working on a huge goal. A Full Marathon, 26.2 miles of pure awesomeness, badassness, etc. Well that day is fast approaching and let me tell you it hasn't be easy. I've been plagued by some nasty knee and hip issues along the way.
I've gone to the chiropractor, I've gotten new shoes, I've strength trained....all of which has helped but the pesty knee is still bugging me. Thank god I have some Aleve that will get me through running this thing.
My last long run was on Saturday. I pumped out 9.5 miles. My knee hurt but once the aleve kicked in I was ok. I could run and not very fast but I still could run. Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to with stand the pain for another 17 miles but I'm going to try. I am not a quitter. I do not say die. I keep trying and I've working so hard for this.'s cold out!
Sunday afternoon rolls around and guess what sore throat, stuffy nose..What the heck seriously when it rain it pours. So I'm sitting here writing this post sneezing away, nose running, with a full blown cold. AWESOME!!
To put the cherry of my ice cream dessert I'm dealing with I have a bad case of anxiety. I'm not sure why. I've never really had any anxiety race days. I've just had the mentality that I'll go and do my best and not worry about time, not worry about any of it, and to just treat it like it's another run just with 10,000 of my closest friends.
                                Marathon. Also, soon to be running tattoo!
I'm seriously just going to try and just go with it. If I still have a cold, I still have a cold. If my knee is stick jacked, I'll deal with it. I'm not going to stress, and I'm going to enjoy the moment.

I'll update you next week and let you know how it all pans out.
In other news: the room redo for Miss B is coming along well. She's finally back to sleeping in her own bed and now is the chore of decorating. Which seriously I love. I'll post pic's next week for the big reveal.
Have a great Monday Peeps!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish This Sentance!!!

My happy place ... is eating Queso...really what else is there. But in all seriousness it's with my family.
Whatever happened to ... looking in the mirror before you leave the house. a-if you're shirt does not cover your gut it should be bigger,  and  b-tights are not pants
So what if I ...think that chocolate is/should be a daily staple of everyone's diet. I would seriously go all Ike on you if I didn't have my daily fix.
E! needs a reality show about ...Honestly I have no idea...maybe crazy runners because I think there is enough reality shows out there, and I love them all!!
My go-to fast food meal is ...Sorry I don't eat fast food. But when I did it was quarter pounder meal with a large fry and large dr pepper....oh man now I'm craving it.
You might not know that I ... hate to organize things but love to be organized.
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is ... ummmmm...what's a quarterback. Totally just kidding. I'm not a huge football person but I will watch the game and I have to be loyal to my home team....GO PACK!
Aaron Rogers. 
If I could ... Be a self made billionare, so I wouldn't have to work for money but instead could do what I want with my time. Damn it...can someone buy me a ticket!
My personality is awesome because ... I'm not afraid to laugh at myself or my quirks. I'm the biggest dork and I don't care. I'm not a stylish fashion diva, or a perfect DIY'er, but I'm me and I live life to the fullest....
Twerking is ...awesome because finally there's a name for my go-to dance move. Seriously if you're hating it's because you don't got the moves...
I think it's super gross when ...sneeze on their hands and then go to shake yours....really sorry about I don't want your mucus on my hands.
Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus ...that she needs a new PR team and a personal trainer. Girl if you're going to show your ass you need to do some squats!!!! Tone that shit up.
See even Lady Gaga knows you gotta drop it like a squat!!
Until next time friends....I'm painting away and trying to run. I'll update you later in the week.
Peace out!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The lovely Darci at Strongly Feminine put together this challenge. You had to do 60 miles in 60 days. The top three milers won a free tank from ruffles with love.
Now a)- I love Darci and I'm really geeking out that I get to meet her in November. b)-I love reading her blog and watching her vlogs. c)- I was/am training for a full marathon anyways so why not add in a little competition.
And I love Ruffles with Love. Vanessa is the best! Seriously I love her tanks.
I could have run more but I'm still happy with my overall ranking. #6 not to shabby.
I'm so proud of all these ladies.
With that I didn't run last night. I usually run Mon/Wed/Sat, Strength on Tues/Thurs, but with my knee and hip being "eff'ed" up per my chrio I decided on another rest day. The reason is I don't want to go out and do more damage. I tried that route where I pushed my body to the breaking point and really it just made me frustrated and pissed off. So I'm resting and planning on a 13 miler on Saturday.
I would not normally advise that but with all the miles I've been putting in I think it's do-able.
With that my friends enjoy your Friday eve!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome Back!

It's Wednesday!!! I'm just coming back from a weekend full of fun or maybe not so much fun when I tell you what I did.

My hubs took Big T up to the races. I am not a fan of watching trucks go around in a circle and not getting a shower. I guess it's a boy thing. I stayed home with Miss B, and Lil C. My grand plan was to get Miss B's room all painted and ready for her to move her stuff in. Clearly the universe had other plans for me.
My dad took the two mini's overnight so I could get up early and get my 17 mile run in.
After a trip to the Home Depot to get some paint I dropped off the kiddos and was on my way home and got a text from my hubs that said "relax tonight, you always have tomorrow to paint".
Truth I do. I never ever have the whole house to myself. So I did just that. I parked my rear on the couch and started watching Mad Men.

I have not watched the series and since getting Netflix I went in and instant que'd a bunch of shows that I've been wanting to watch. It was so nice being able to sit and not having to get up 6 million times for "mom I need a drink, mom I need this, honey can you grab this"
Saturday I got up, but wasn't very motivated to run. I can tell you that this training is really taking the fun out of running for me, but being a good girl and knowing that training is important I met up with my runner friends and got to running. I can tell you that nobody out of our three-some wanted to run. I suggested just going out for breakfast and they just laughed at me. Let this be a lesson they should have listened and take my awesome advice instead.
Half-way into the run my right knee really started bothering me. Like painful, I think I puke pain. I would stop stretch it out and keep going. Mile 15 I get a text from my runner peeps saying their walking because H's leg is tore up, and B can barely move. I thought just maybe I could catch up to them but alas I couldn't. I even told them to come get me when they get home because my knee was hurting so bad. And then, something happened a little surge of guilt washed over me, I'm not a quiter and I texted them back and said forget it. I'm going to show this run whose the boss. I did it. I finished. I didn't quit, but it sucked horribly.
Nice man hands.
It didn't matter that I sucked. I still did it and I can only get better from there.
I was suppose to do some painting on B's room, but I was told I needed to come to the cottage and hang out. So I did. It was nice but honestly I just wanted to go home and sleep. B ended up having a sleep-over with her friend and me and Lil C went home. He went to bed and I watched some more Mad Men.
B is in the bucket
Sunday I was awoken by a mini person trying to poke my eyes out. Oh how I love when my older kids are home. I sometimes get to sleep past 7:00am. I got up made some breakfast and was determined to get some work done on the bedroom, but my little guy had other plans. He didn't take a nap, and was into everything as most 2 yr old are. So I chalked it up and just played and napped with him all day.

Those long lashes...
B came home and we all cuddled and they went to bed. I was finally able to start working on the room. I made an ok dent in it when all of sudden BAM!!! I was fast first on the ground. I stepped on the chair to get the ceiling and lost my balance. Instant bruise and swelling in my calf. Can you say my name isn't Grace. So I chalked it up to enough work and rested, and iced the injury.
Monday we all woke up early, ate breakfast and started painting again. I also had to get stuff ready for the first day of school. I worked all day and was pooped out by the time bed time rolled around.
Tuesday the kiddos got up and were so excited for their first day of school.
Big T, Miss B, Miss R, Lil C

Look at those smiles. My heart melts. I had the day off so I thought I would get more painting done, but my hubs took the day off so we did what is the funiest thing for a dresser for B. I hate, loathe furniture shopping. First off, most of the stuff out there is crap and they want way to much money for it, and secondly the sales people think they know what quality is when instead it's crap. We found a dresser that should last her till she has kids of her own. So no painting yesterday. I promise you when it's all done, which may be in a year I'll show you the before and afters.
The rest of the week looks like this:
Wednesday -Run
Thursday - Strength
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 13 miles
Sunday - rest.
I'm hoping if I post it, I'll stick to it. I'm also hoping after this marathon BS is done I'll get back on the losing weight train. Truth be told I've been stuck at a plateau all summer. I just can't get past it. I keep saying it's because my body is like WTF with the longer distances. We shall see.
Have a great day!! Redoing any rooms? Running any marathons?