Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish This Sentance!!!

My happy place ... is eating Queso...really what else is there. But in all seriousness it's with my family.
Whatever happened to ... looking in the mirror before you leave the house. a-if you're shirt does not cover your gut it should be bigger,  and  b-tights are not pants
So what if I ...think that chocolate is/should be a daily staple of everyone's diet. I would seriously go all Ike on you if I didn't have my daily fix.
E! needs a reality show about ...Honestly I have no idea...maybe crazy runners because I think there is enough reality shows out there, and I love them all!!
My go-to fast food meal is ...Sorry I don't eat fast food. But when I did it was quarter pounder meal with a large fry and large dr pepper....oh man now I'm craving it.
You might not know that I ... hate to organize things but love to be organized.
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is ... ummmmm...what's a quarterback. Totally just kidding. I'm not a huge football person but I will watch the game and I have to be loyal to my home team....GO PACK!
Aaron Rogers. 
If I could ... Be a self made billionare, so I wouldn't have to work for money but instead could do what I want with my time. Damn it...can someone buy me a ticket!
My personality is awesome because ... I'm not afraid to laugh at myself or my quirks. I'm the biggest dork and I don't care. I'm not a stylish fashion diva, or a perfect DIY'er, but I'm me and I live life to the fullest....
Twerking is ...awesome because finally there's a name for my go-to dance move. Seriously if you're hating it's because you don't got the moves...
I think it's super gross when ...sneeze on their hands and then go to shake yours....really sorry about I don't want your mucus on my hands.
Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus ...that she needs a new PR team and a personal trainer. Girl if you're going to show your ass you need to do some squats!!!! Tone that shit up.
See even Lady Gaga knows you gotta drop it like a squat!!
Until next time friends....I'm painting away and trying to run. I'll update you later in the week.
Peace out!


  1. Lady Gaga was on point for sure!! Crystal Michelle -

  2. Queso Queso Queso. My second love. You are speaking to my heart right now!

  3. So we share a love of McDonald's! And now I want queso. Crap!

  4. Queso and Aaron Rodgers. Yes. This is why we are friends.

  5. Literally yesterday my kids and I passed a fluffy fella in a shirt that fit him 60 pounds ago and my 7 year old asked me if that guy knew his stomach was sticking out. Then my 9 year old chimed in to suggest he give that shirt to Goodwill because it didn't look good.


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