Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday

Hey Y'all so here's a little post of 5 on Friday.

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So I had a really different post written up but then guess what life happened and things changed.
So I ran my 6 miles on Wednesday and right at mile 5 I didn't see some ice and one minute I was up and running and the next I was flat on my back. The wind was knocked out of me, headlamp off. It took me a couple minutes to get my bearing and than the dreaded walk home. Gaaaa...painful.

Yesterday after work I headed to the chriopractor and he was amazed I was even walking. My t3 and hip are still out of sorts. He said I needed to come back Monday for a follow-up as for running well he said as long as I'm not in pain I could try. Well we'll see.
So here's my 5!

1. Going to get out for a long run on Saturday! Why? Um because I'm an over achiever and I need to get my run on and it hasn't happened since ummmm before Thanksgiving. We'll see how the pain goes.

2. Date night with the hubby on Saturday. Having three mini's it's good to have a date night. We try to do one once a month but it's been so crazy it kind of gets put on the back burner.

3. Girls Trip Scheduled. So excited to hang with some awesome people.

4. Little Bella's Room is almost done. Can I just say this has been a long time coming. I started re-doing it back in September but some things came up and put a wrench in my plans. I'm not a person that likes to have unfinished stuff laying around, so this has been bugging me, but I'm hopeful it will be done this weekend. Woohooo. I'll do a reveal post for y'all.

5. I'm officially signed up for the Irving Half in April. I'm so beyond excited to meet up with my girl Fe and hang out with her too!!!

That's all I got for you. Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby It's Cold Out

Hello peeps. How was your weekend? Well to say that we have been trying to stay warm up here in the north is an understatement. I don't remember it ever being this cold ever or maybe I just never cared because I stayed indoors. NO, I honestly don't remember it ever being this cold for such a long period of time.

I have been in the doom and gloom because I haven't been able to let off some steam running. Grrrr. I non-runny momma is an unhappy momma. I still have been doing my strength and actually did some extra cardio interval work to make up a little for the lack of running.

Last week recap-Monday got up early and did Burn 1 - No picture, but I promised I did it!


Wednesday night-no run =double strength with the mini's

Because I needed some spark in my life.
Thursday I rested!!
Friday I got up and did Cardio and Yoga...

Saturday came and I was ready to call it quits and head to the Y and put some miles in on the dreadmill. Everybody's favorite thing to do.....said no one. But I must have hit snooze in my comatose state and alas there was no dreadmill action.

Sunday we headed to church and the temperature wasn't too bad. So I headed out for a little jog.

Ok well let's just man that was cold and it sucked big balls. A-nobody shoveled so I was high stepping most of the time or slipping on my butt because the snow was iced over, and then I was stopped by a train for 10 min. Yo!  Moral of the story you will never regret your run no matter how much time it takes or how hard it is. You'll be happy you did it, and this is what I looked like when I got back home.
Oh lord I was chilled to the bone. Warm shower and hot tea helped.

So hello Monday!!! Back to it today. It's looking like no run again tonight be guess what the high right now is -7 and it feels like -32...wohooo that is cold. 

Here's my plan for the week:
Monday - Burn circuit 1 -Done
errrr...I would rather be in bed.

Tuesday - Cardio/abs
Wednesday - Burn 2&3/Run
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Cardio/yoga
Saturday - Run

What's up with your week? Are you staying warm in the polar vortex or the north pole weather as I'm calling it?

Make today great!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Really what else do you think when someone says that.

This isn't a post about Vanilla Ice or how things get better with age, except in this case because really he looks like a tool. Sorry you devoted Ice fans, I'm not a fan. Any way this is about slipping while running on ice. True story it sucks.

What is funny is I thought I could go out running when it was a skating rink outside. I made it around the corner only after falling on my butt 4 times. I called it a day and slid back home. That was my week two weeks ago. All ready to start running again and with new shoes, and nothing.

Last Monday I made a point of joining the 5 am club. I busted out my strength exercises with a little Chalene Extreme. Burn 1.  Bam!!! Then I went for a run with the lovely Hide-a-Key after work. 4.5 miles wasn't to shabby.

Bonus that it wasn't totally freezing, even bigger bonus new headlamp.

Wednesday brought another am workout with Chalene and another run. Except it was way colder, but I'm badass like that. I doubled up the layers and I was off and running.

Feels liks -3...What!?!?

Yes, holy balls it was super cold out. I must admit I got an extra strength workout from the snow. Damn you snow, I hate you.

So that brings me to this past weekend. Guess what super cold again. Negative temps before windchill. Yeah that wasn't happening so I went shopping instead. I know total snooze fest.

So I think we're back up to speed. Here's the workout forecast although I'm pretty sure that the stupid cold is going to get in my way. Guess what that polar vortex or polarbear vortex as my kids call it, is making it's way back up to me again. Grrrr....

Monday -       CE Burn 1 (chalene extremem), Run 4-5 miles
Tuesday -      CE Burn 2
Wednesday -  Burn Intervals/Abs, Run 4-5 miles
Thursday -      Burn 3
Friday -          Burn It Off & Recharge
Sat -              Run 7 miles

It's a big feat but I need to get my head back in the game. My first half of the year is in 10-1/2 weeks. Oh I'm not counting hee hee, and I want to be in better shape. Plus I have lots of stuff coming up that I'll have to have my picture taken and really who wants to look back and think oh hello triple chin. Not me. 

So that's my fitness for the week. Check out my girl Carolyn over at Fitnasty for Life.
She has a link up to set up your weekly goals. Who doesn't need another way to be accountable.

What are you doing this week? Ever run on ice?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thank You Antibotics!!

Horrah for feeling so much better and not sounding like a 90 yr old lady with a smokers hack.
It's really the little things in life that make me happy. Like this.
oh yeah. there's also a tattoo...

What...What was I saying..Oh yeah. Things that make me happy. Sorry let me wipe the drool from my face. Oh my god...ha!

I ordered some new workout gear. I'm going to give the whole running tights a try. I'm not a fan of my booty being on display for the world but maybe just maybe I need to start getting comfortable with it. I usually wear longer shirts to hide the moelly (mom-belly) anyway.

I'm excited to try them out and who doesn't like new workout clothes.
I'm also getting new running shoes. After the marathon I had issues with ankle swelling and foot pain. A nice trip to the foot dr and she said I should get orthotics...So trip to the PT and I have new orthotics, but now I need new shoes because my current shoes are for slight pronation, so I need neutral ones now. Life as a runner has you going through shoes like crazy.

I'm hopeful that being proactive with this will keep me running for a long time pain free.

Onto more things that make me happy.....besides the obvious children, family, friends...
*Girls trips. In November I met some amazing women and had a blast. I really bonded with some and I'm so excited to meet up with them again.
*Texas!!! Watch out this girl is coming in April and I'm so beyond excited to meet-up with my gal pal Fe! She has been such a huge supporter in my life that I can't wait to support her for her first half!!
*Positivity~ Well I know this is relative I think this is a big part of my happiness. I try very hard to focus on the positive even when things look bad.

So that's all I got for this wonderful Thursday.

What makes you Happy?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

Sorry this is a day late. I am one sick girl. I went to the dr and I guess I'm battling the flu and pneumonia. Wohoo.. Not really. What's a mom of three to do. I'm bed riddin and won't be starting my goals till I get better but here's the list of what's up for the year.

Hello New Year's Day!
Where in the heck did 2013 go? Seriously I feel like the year flew by.
So here are my goals from last year
2013 Goals
  1.  No fast food (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Hardees, etc) except for subs.
I actually am not a fan of fast food. The idea sounds great no cooking yummy fried french fries, but..I always feel like crap and it's not satisfying to I'm going to give it a try..

Well I did really well with this one until July after our trip. I had a run in with a bad salad and it was over.
 2.  Have a better time for my half marathon. My last half marathon I weighed 28lbs less than I do now, but my heart wasn't into it. I dreaded running every single time that I did it. The difference this time even though I weigh more I'm training more and I'm loving every minute of it!
Well we know what happened with that one. Forget your inhaler and everything goes down the tubes. Oh well what are you going to do. You can check that story out here But I did run a marathon so I think that's a big accomplish check mark
 3. Stay on top of the cleaning.
Our house is busy like crazy busy and if I ever lost my smart phone I would be SOL because it has all our schedules on it. I do have a backup on the family calender but it's my bible when it comes to scheduleing. Anyways I need to schedule my cleaning to make sure it gets done and this year it will happen. Should be the simplest one to do
Well I rocked this one. Winning!

 4. Reach my goal weight. Now this one I'm sure is going to be a difficult thing because...I have to lose 73 lbs but I'm down almost 40 so I've come along way. I will be happy if I'm down an additional 50 by this time next year, but I think with running and eating right I can accomplish my goal
Well hot dog I didn't reach my goal weight but I did lose an additional 20lbs. So total lost is 60lbs. Not to shabby if you ask me.

My goals for 2014 are a little different than 2013
1. Strength train. I started and quit Chalene Extreme many times since October but once I'm better it's on. I love Chalene extreme because it's lift heavy but with structure. Bring it!
2. Run 1000 miles over the course of the year.
3. Run more races. I already have my eye on the Chicago Marathon, 2 halfs, a 15k, 2 10k's
4. No more fast food. Let's try this again.
5. Give more. In all aspects of my life. I have been doing really well focusing on the positive in my life but I need to find time to give more back. Everyone can always use a helping hand.

That's all I got. I'm off to get some more rest.