Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Really what else do you think when someone says that.

This isn't a post about Vanilla Ice or how things get better with age, except in this case because really he looks like a tool. Sorry you devoted Ice fans, I'm not a fan. Any way this is about slipping while running on ice. True story it sucks.

What is funny is I thought I could go out running when it was a skating rink outside. I made it around the corner only after falling on my butt 4 times. I called it a day and slid back home. That was my week two weeks ago. All ready to start running again and with new shoes, and nothing.

Last Monday I made a point of joining the 5 am club. I busted out my strength exercises with a little Chalene Extreme. Burn 1.  Bam!!! Then I went for a run with the lovely Hide-a-Key after work. 4.5 miles wasn't to shabby.

Bonus that it wasn't totally freezing, even bigger bonus new headlamp.

Wednesday brought another am workout with Chalene and another run. Except it was way colder, but I'm badass like that. I doubled up the layers and I was off and running.

Feels liks -3...What!?!?

Yes, holy balls it was super cold out. I must admit I got an extra strength workout from the snow. Damn you snow, I hate you.

So that brings me to this past weekend. Guess what super cold again. Negative temps before windchill. Yeah that wasn't happening so I went shopping instead. I know total snooze fest.

So I think we're back up to speed. Here's the workout forecast although I'm pretty sure that the stupid cold is going to get in my way. Guess what that polar vortex or polarbear vortex as my kids call it, is making it's way back up to me again. Grrrr....

Monday -       CE Burn 1 (chalene extremem), Run 4-5 miles
Tuesday -      CE Burn 2
Wednesday -  Burn Intervals/Abs, Run 4-5 miles
Thursday -      Burn 3
Friday -          Burn It Off & Recharge
Sat -              Run 7 miles

It's a big feat but I need to get my head back in the game. My first half of the year is in 10-1/2 weeks. Oh I'm not counting hee hee, and I want to be in better shape. Plus I have lots of stuff coming up that I'll have to have my picture taken and really who wants to look back and think oh hello triple chin. Not me. 

So that's my fitness for the week. Check out my girl Carolyn over at Fitnasty for Life.
She has a link up to set up your weekly goals. Who doesn't need another way to be accountable.

What are you doing this week? Ever run on ice?


  1. I'd be down in a heap in about two seconds if I tried running on ice! It's horrible up here too so this time of year is indoor exercise for me!

  2. My clumsy self can't even walk on the ice! I couldn't imagine running on it! You are a rock star!!

    How do you like the Chalene extreme? Is it worth buying?

  3. I'm am SO SCARED to run when it's icy/snowy here... but I really need to get over it because I have a half marathon in 3 months! Awesome goals for the week though-- I admire your ability to do two-a-days!!

  4. Coming over from Carolyn's link up. :) Running in the freezing cold is totally bad ass!! I can't even imagine it. What do you think of Chalene? I've done Insanity before and have contemplating getting another beach body workout. Good luck with your goals this week!

  5. You ARE badass! Way to get those runs in!!

  6. Girl! Good job for you being a part of the 5 AM club especially in this cold ass weather. Keep kicking butt!!!!


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