Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh Goals You Know I Love Them

Last Wednesday I posted this on good ole IG:

As I try to be more the glass half full, than half empty kind of girl this is huge for me. I felt like a big pile of poo. I try my best to keep it real and not blow rainbows and unicorns out my behind. Truth is since coming home from Texas I have seriously been neglecting my training in all forms. I have goals people.
I have goals to rid myself of these bingo Nancy triceps. I have goals to get rid of the back fat. I have goals to do even better on my next half. I have goals to get close to my goal weight aka happy place.
In order to get to those goals I need to put in the work. Now I could give all the excuses in the world as to why I've been eating crappy, and not doing the work.

Exhibit A
My husband is a chronic snorer. He has a very mild sleep disorder but with gaining some weight over the winter it has gotten worse. So when he snores I don't sleep so well, and when I get up I'm exhuasted. So we either sleep apart (which I can't stand) or he needs to go in and get checked out again.
Exhibit B
My work day is starting an hour earlier (6 am) now which means I have to get up earlier to get my non-run workouts in. Because there is no time during nap time these days unless there's a miracle. And after school the kids just want to play outside or go for a walk.
Exhibit C
I've been hella busy since I got back. A 3 yr old birthday party, double Easters to plan/host, work and let's add in a couple photo shoots, hey maybe a wedding too since my sister decided to get engaged, and get married 5 months later. Hey no pressure.

All those added together makes me tired and when I'm tired I make really poor food choices. No bueno.

So let's get real. I know I can't get to these goals without working my ass off, although now that I actually have one (thank you squats, lunges, leg lifts) I really don't want it to disappear. But I have to be real and I have to be committed. That half isn't going to run itself and marathon training is up after that.

So today I'm re-stating the goals.  I'm going to work my butt off and change my habits. I know it's going to be hard and I'm not going to deny myself totally. I will still have a cheat meal. But a meal not a weekend.
I know I have to eat more calories while marathon training but they need to be healthy calories not fast food calories.

So here goes:
Sunday-REST days (just as important as workout days)
Monday - Early morning strength / After work run
Tuesday - Spin it up girl
Wednesday - Early morning strength / After work run
Thursday - Spin it up girl
Friday - Yoga/Pilates (Stretch it out)
Saturday - Long A run

I do really well with lists so hopefully this will keep me accountable.
I'll be meal planning on Fridays, so I can shop and meal prep on Saturday.

This will help keep me accountable, and hey if you're struggling and need someone to keep you accountable let me know. I'll help you out. We can do this together!!!

What are some goals you're working on? Do you have a snoring husband?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Fun

Who is ready for the weekend? Anyone? Well this girl is ready for the weekend!

This the first weekend since before Halloween that we don't have something going on. Seriously it's like busy city over here. I'm not complaining at all. We just have many family functions, birthday parties, holidays, work, work, work, but it will be nice to accomplish some of my own projects that have been sitting around here undone.

Case in point: The kids rooms, and downstairs bathroom
Back in August I wanted to paint the kids rooms before we moved Big T up with Lil C. Here's the fun part, my hubs hates painting so it's all on me. Which is fine because I love to paint as long as I can do it without 5 million kiddos running around. That room hasn't been painted since before B was born 9 years prior. It was time. It started off with a jungle theme.
I ended up just painting it the same color it was before. I really love the neutral green. I was originally going to go with a more juvenile car theme, but then I found some vintagey looking signs and such from Hobby Lobby. Perfect! Still cool enough for the boys now, and will grow with them as they grow.
But I still am waiting on some bigger signs and I have to put their curtain treatments back up. 

B's room: When her and Big T shared a room I changed the room from pink princess to a castle theme with a knight, a princess a dragon. I even painted a castle on the wall. It took forever but it looked great. Oh and this is wood paneling people. If you've ever have painted paneling you know it's a pain in the behind. Ick.
Fun Fact: I use to be a huge artist. I would paint pictures and murals all the time, then I had children and free time was minimal. Maybe one day. 
Ignore the mess. The fist time I painted her room
The finished castle. Second time it was painted.
Anyway back to the room, so B wanted a Paris themed room this time. Perfect again it's not too kiddish as she's growing up fast and yet not to mature. BUT here's the big problem she did not want her walls to be gray. Which with the motif and such they really should be, so we compromised on tan. Ehhh...I'm not over the moon with it but what are you going to do.
The stuff I need to finish in there is sew the tiered window treatment, hang the chandelier that finally arrived, put up the tie backs, hang up the necklace holder, and make the pushpin board.

Then onto the BLUE bathroom. When we moved into our home it was perfect for us. Yes it needed some updating but it was ready to move in. We had 1 pink bathroom with a lovely (sense the sarcasm) rose border, and a blue bathroom complete with a blue toilet. The pink bathroom we repainted a couple years ago. In August we decided to update the toilets and thank god get rid of the blue toilet. So I decided to paint the blue bathroom and get rid of the lovely blue flower border. We eventually will be doing an overhaul when we redo the downstairs but for now paint, new towel hooks, and a curtain to cover the YMCA tile shower we have going on, but you do what you can with what you have.
I still have to print and frame the artwork I chose, hang the shelves, hang the towel hook.

So that is part of what's on my agenda, along with get rid of the excess... Yes, it's the wonderful time of year that I go through my house like a mad woman and get rid of the stuff that is just collecting dust. Clothes, books, toys, etc. I don't mind having it if it's actually being used, but when it just takes up space I'm over it. So that is also on the agenda. Also, I'll have control of the remote on Saturday night!!! My hubs is having his garage night so it will be me Hans solo with the TV. This is huge for me. I rarely have control over it because I normally don't care. I'm usually doing something while it's on anyways.

Monday will be recommitting to my goals. Come back and check out what's going on there.
Have a great weekend!!!

What about you? What's on your weekend agenda? Are you a DIY'er or hell to the know I'll pay someone.

Monday, April 21, 2014

One Year Ago

... bombing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston. (AP
Boston bombing victim 3 lu lingzi

One year ago our hearts were ripped from our chest. A day that is suppose to ignite the fire in our hearts, was instead taken away from us. The hours of training, the sacrifice all of it over in an instance. All that hard work taken away, without the sense of accomplishment.  

In the midst of the pain and heartache, we as runners did not falter. We ran to the nearest hospitals to give blood, and help others. We as runners, all over the world ran for those that had their dream of a Boston Marathon Finish taken away. We as runners ran untied. We wore our blue and yellow to support our fellow runners and we took it to the streets to Run for Boston!

Friday, April 18, 2014

3 years old

4/19/2011 - It was a very cold day. We headed to the hospital early enough so I could get induced.
We were getting ready to welcome the littlest B child. After some labor, an epidural and a nap we welcomed our little man into the world. Only weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, (a whole lb lighter than the first two).

It was a record snow storm on the day we welcomed little C into the world. One of the worst in WI history. It caused the lights to shut off and the generators to pop on. Picture laying in a hospital with the lights off...insert every creeper movie you've ever seen...Ekkkkk.. But the snowstorm passed through the night and we were left with a 9" blanket of snow. We all slept peacefully and welcomed visitors during our stay.

Our first days home were pleasant especially with these little ones to help out.
My loves

Lil C was and continues to be the easiest of the three mini's. He's laid back and I thank my lucky stars a good sleeper. He has potty trained in record time, and his baby fro has me with some serious hair envy. He is truly my mini me.

Even down to this cheesy smile.

We celebrated his birthday last weekend since a birthday party + Easter would just be crazy.
I did a Dr Suess theme since he loves books and we have to read 1 million every night before bed.

Thing 1,2,3, Truffala Trees, The Lorax, and a mish mash cake

We're doing a mini celebration tomorrow. Just lunch wherever he wants and presents from mom and dad.
After we're headed to Easter gathering #1 for dinner, then Easter #2 is Sunday night. It's crazy busy but I love it.

Don't forget to stop by my home girl Alicia from Brew Mama. Along with the giveaway that you can enter here if you haven't, she's debuting the blogger girls that have helped put the giveaway together. My little bio will be up there on Tuesday:)

What are you Easter plans? Did you ever give birth during a blizzard? Do you have some baby fro hair envy?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good News and a Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!! Half way through the week, which is good since I'm hosting Easter at mi casa on Sunday, and have another Easter to attend on Saturday. Can I get another vacation please?

I did get some good news on Tuesday!!
I totally forgot that Monday they would be sending emails out to those that made it into the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. Truth be told while I was running my last half, I was really thinking that I would just stick to halfs. Why? you ask. Well, I really enjoyed my half. It was just enough, and I wasn't dying through it. I didn't have to spend half my Saturdays training for it, or eating for it. It was just nice and perfect.
Marathon training is no joke. You have to eat like a lumberjack and spend many Saturdays getting up early so you're not running in the heat. If you've ever ran a full marathon you know what I'm talking about. Legs on fire, ankles swelled up, etc. Then I got to thinking...this is what it felt like when I first ran my halfs. If my halfs are becoming easier than I need to up my game. So I think doing a marathon once this year isn't out of the question. I still have 2-3 more halfs before the full. I also just registered for another my Team Triumph event.
So I guess that means come June I'll start full training, and you know what I'm going to rock the S**t out of this full. I'm going to give it my all, because I've already ran one and I know what to expect.

Anyway enough about that onto the giveaway:

So I've teamed up with these beautiful ladies.

Check them out. They are awesome, amazing and inspiring!!!!

All you have to do is click the good ole rafflecopter below and you're golden. Good Luck!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, April 14, 2014

Texas Fun

My first part of my trip was posted in here .
After the race I had another place on my agenda before I met up with the shower to rinse the salt and sweat away. Gas Monkey Garage wasn't too far from where the race was being held and I figured why not.
Maybe I could get a picture with my medal and the hosts. If not I would still get cool points from my husband.

Richard and Aaron.

But, alas I didn't run fast enough. Richard had just gotten there and they were already into filming. Darn it. 
I still picked up some cool things for the hubby and of course a hoodie for me. If you don't know me I am a huge hoodie girl. I always have one on me. :)

So with that we went back home so I could rinse off my race dirt and got ready to head to the Stockyards!!!
I guess a must when visiting Texas. We stopped off at a Mexican place for some dinner and drinks.
Sangria Margarita. Yum!!!

I had to change my shoes because the cobblestone + drinking would = a twisted ankle.

I needed this book so I wouldn't get strange looks when I talked.

I need to go back and see a rodeo

Texas Two-step is a must!

Fun fact: The Wisconsin Badgers were playing in the final four while I was down there. Unfortunately for me my team lost by 1 point. Booo!!!

After much drinking and dancing we headed home after a quick stop at Whataburger for Fe. I headed right for bed since I was exhausted.

Sunday was absolutely cruddy weather. Rain, cold and overcast. A perfect lazy day which was awesome because my thighs were burning from all my dancing the night before. We did some cleaning....yes, I help my friend clean cause I'm nice. Then we kicked back and watched a movie and the ACMA. It was a nice relaxing evening.

The next morning we got up and headed to the Grassy Knoll. It's humbling to take in a little history.
If you're not familiar the X in the rode is where President Kennedy was shot. It was kind of erie being there.

After that it was off to Sprinkles cupcakes to get some food in my belly...

Never afraid to dig right in.

We headed off to Ikea after that and then homeward bound. It was my last night in Texas and we just chilled out. Dinner and dessert.

I will miss hanging out with my girl Fe and her family. She is like a sista from another mister. We finished each others sentences and even strangers thought we were related. LOL. I love her just like she's one of my sisters. 
Obligatory Duck faces

This being my first time I was there I really just wanted to enjoy it and not feel like I had to go see all the sights. Next time though I will be running a race with my girl and maybe we'll see some more sights. I'm certain no matter what we do we'll have a blast.

Friday, April 11, 2014

19 Minutes....

Welcome back to reality is what I thought Wednesday morning. While on vacation I missed my mini's so much, what I didn't miss was the attitude and whining. Such is the life of a mom.

Things have been a little hectic coming back to reality but hey I'll take it. I have mini man's birthday party this weekend. I still can't believe he's going to be 3 next week. We had to do his birthday a week earlier since Easter is the same weekend as his birthday. If you've read this blog you know we host Thanksgiving and Easter so add a birthday party in there too and it would seriously drive me to crazy town.

Speaking of crazy town (do you like that little segway), I've been out of sorts the last couple days. I think it's partially due to not running. I give myself a little break after a big race. This race was awesome but like after my marathon I've felt nauseous, head achy, and fatigued. I wasn't sure on the cause and thought it was maybe due to dehydration...nope actually I've done such a great job drinking my water that I was actually over-hydrated. Who would have thought? Not me. So I've been taking it easy and now know that I need to up the salt intake a couple days prior to a bigger race. Check and check.

Now onto the good stuff: Wisconsin does Texas

The flight down there was ok. My first flight was a breeze, the second was filled with turbulence. I'm glad I was able to sleep a little on that one. Thank you so much anxiety that had be up all night prior to my departure.

Once I landed and after I found my way out of the airport I slowly ran to my host Miss Fe. Well not slow run like in the movies, although I did suggest it. We hugged and it was so great to finally meet my biggest supporter from Texas. Yes, it's weird to meet up with someone you've never actually met before, but over the past almost 2 years we've emailed and texted everyday. We shared our struggles, our accomplishments, our frustrations, the list goes on. Sometimes in life you're given a gift and you need to acknowledge that gift and not take it for granted. This girls is my gift. She's never given up on me and has always been there when I needed her. To meet her in real life was the best. 

Anyways, so after the grabbing the bags (baaagggs, as they say in TX) we headed out to pick up my race gear. This was suppose to be a trip that I supported her. She was going to run her first half marathon and I was so excited to be able to be there to support her, but sometimes things don't work out like their planned. She had hurt her foot and know was in an air cast. Insert sad face here, but that just means we need to meet up again so I can support her. After a quick shopping experience we were at her house and I met the family!
Everyone was super nice!!!

We just chilled out Wednesday after some Big Red Ritas at the local Mexican spot, and a quick trip to Home Depot. I would insert the picture of her hubby hugging a plastic owl but he may come up here and kill me. LOL 
Thursday she had to work in the am so I just chilled out and read. quiet time is not something I get very often. We headed to the local flea markets to check out the cool vintage stuff and some scary stuff as well. 
No lie that three amigo doll creeped me out.

Thursday night we bowled a bit and I kicked some butt, not by much but I still won! LOL And I got some much needed nachos. Oh lord I love vacations.
Be still my heart...cheeeseeee

Friday we kicked it. Fe had to work again and I took full advantage of just chilln.. 'Merica (Fe's Hubby) grilled up some delicious steak and veggies. Oh yumm....It's my must pre-race food.

Saturday we got up early. Yawwnnn for my half.
See even the sun wasn't up yet. My sweet friend Fe
after our pre-race shoulder massages

I really wasn't nervous at all for this race. I was just going to do what I do and do the best I could:)
Early into the race there was a girl that was stumbling all over the place like a new baby dear. She finally stopped and I asked if she needed help. She declined but promptly plopped on the ground. I called a medic because I was seriously worried about this girl. Once the "medic" arrived (I use this term loosely because there was literally no medical personal around) the girl deemed herself fine and stumbled away. I told the medic to call ahead because I was sure she would collapse along the way. At mile 5 I had to pee. Yikes. So I stopped at the port-a-potties and saw "deer stumbler" stumbling towards me. Her eyes were glassy and she had some #2 running down her leg. Ick. I again asked her if she was ok and she said "I just really have to go to the bathroom." I was like yeah...good luck girl and I was off.

I never saw her the rest of the race. As a runner I think it's important to not get caught up in the race and help your fellow runner out, but if they decline than you have to know you tried and move along.
The next couple miles breezed by. I was thinking to myself "this is the furthest I've ever ran without stopping to walk". My eyes started to well up with tears. I was so proud. I finally did stop and walk at mile 9. I was talking to a girl that was interveling her way through a marathon. She was the most positive person. She had hurt her IT band but wasn't giving up. I loved talking to her and then it was the split and we went our separate ways, but her words were racing through my head. "I'm thankful to be able to be running, even if it's for a mile. There are so many people that can't or won't take a chance." I'd like to think she finished her race strong! 

Anyways after that I noticed I got passed by the 2:30 pace setters. Darn it. Oh well, I was still going to finish this race strong. I saw the 2:45 pace crew coming and finished the race with them!

Do you love that "superstar" pose. Dork status approved!

My official time was 2:46:22. Bam bitches. That's 19 minutes better than my half a year ago!!! And I know I could have done better if I didn't stop and help a sister out, but it's ok! As I crossed the finish line into the arms of my dear friend I had tears in my eyes. Tears of joy because two years ago I decided that I needed to change something in my life. I needed something that would be my go-to. My go-to in helping lose weight, controlling my anxiety, and eventually helping someone else. Running has done that for me and it continues to help me. Running has connected me with the most awesome people and I hope that I can give back more than I've been given. 

Well I'm going to stop there with my shanegins. I'll be back with Part Dos on Monday:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early to hop on a plane and fly down to Texas!

I'm really excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I get to see my friend Felecia! I'm nervous because well flying solo gives me hives. I mean I'm not going to freak out and tell everyone there's a woman churning butter on the wing.

But, to say that I'm stoked to fly in a plane especially with planes that are going missing...well that's like drinking beer after you got sick off of drinking beer (are you following me here). It's just not pleasant.

I will do my best and put on my big girl panties, and pretend that I'm a pro. When, really I'll be quivering like a lost puppy. Ekkk.... but once I land safe and sound on Texas soil I'll be ready to:

Seriously best movie ever. LOL, and if you don't thing so we can't be friends. Seriously...

I have my first half of the year on Saturday, Irving Half Marathon. I'm not nervous about the half at all. I'm more nervous about the plane ride. hee hee

Onto the whole goals business.
Last weeks goals
Monday - Run Did it 6 miles!
Tuesday - Strength and Spin Did It
Wednesday - Run Skipped it
Thursday - Strength and Spin Did It
Friday - Yoga Did it
Saturday - Run 4 miles, Bowling for 2 hours
Sunday - Rest Of course I did

This week's goals
Monday - Ran 5 miles
Tuesday - Strength and Spin
Wednesday - Fly out
Thursday - Legs
Friday- Reset
Saturday - 13.1 Race
Sunday - Rest

So that's the plan for the week:) 

See you on the flip slide. I'm thinking because of traveling and not getting back till Tuesday and then getting ready for little mans 3rd birthday probably no post till the following week.

What are your goals for the week?