Monday, April 14, 2014

Texas Fun

My first part of my trip was posted in here .
After the race I had another place on my agenda before I met up with the shower to rinse the salt and sweat away. Gas Monkey Garage wasn't too far from where the race was being held and I figured why not.
Maybe I could get a picture with my medal and the hosts. If not I would still get cool points from my husband.

Richard and Aaron.

But, alas I didn't run fast enough. Richard had just gotten there and they were already into filming. Darn it. 
I still picked up some cool things for the hubby and of course a hoodie for me. If you don't know me I am a huge hoodie girl. I always have one on me. :)

So with that we went back home so I could rinse off my race dirt and got ready to head to the Stockyards!!!
I guess a must when visiting Texas. We stopped off at a Mexican place for some dinner and drinks.
Sangria Margarita. Yum!!!

I had to change my shoes because the cobblestone + drinking would = a twisted ankle.

I needed this book so I wouldn't get strange looks when I talked.

I need to go back and see a rodeo

Texas Two-step is a must!

Fun fact: The Wisconsin Badgers were playing in the final four while I was down there. Unfortunately for me my team lost by 1 point. Booo!!!

After much drinking and dancing we headed home after a quick stop at Whataburger for Fe. I headed right for bed since I was exhausted.

Sunday was absolutely cruddy weather. Rain, cold and overcast. A perfect lazy day which was awesome because my thighs were burning from all my dancing the night before. We did some cleaning....yes, I help my friend clean cause I'm nice. Then we kicked back and watched a movie and the ACMA. It was a nice relaxing evening.

The next morning we got up and headed to the Grassy Knoll. It's humbling to take in a little history.
If you're not familiar the X in the rode is where President Kennedy was shot. It was kind of erie being there.

After that it was off to Sprinkles cupcakes to get some food in my belly...

Never afraid to dig right in.

We headed off to Ikea after that and then homeward bound. It was my last night in Texas and we just chilled out. Dinner and dessert.

I will miss hanging out with my girl Fe and her family. She is like a sista from another mister. We finished each others sentences and even strangers thought we were related. LOL. I love her just like she's one of my sisters. 
Obligatory Duck faces

This being my first time I was there I really just wanted to enjoy it and not feel like I had to go see all the sights. Next time though I will be running a race with my girl and maybe we'll see some more sights. I'm certain no matter what we do we'll have a blast.

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