Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh Goals You Know I Love Them

Last Wednesday I posted this on good ole IG:

As I try to be more the glass half full, than half empty kind of girl this is huge for me. I felt like a big pile of poo. I try my best to keep it real and not blow rainbows and unicorns out my behind. Truth is since coming home from Texas I have seriously been neglecting my training in all forms. I have goals people.
I have goals to rid myself of these bingo Nancy triceps. I have goals to get rid of the back fat. I have goals to do even better on my next half. I have goals to get close to my goal weight aka happy place.
In order to get to those goals I need to put in the work. Now I could give all the excuses in the world as to why I've been eating crappy, and not doing the work.

Exhibit A
My husband is a chronic snorer. He has a very mild sleep disorder but with gaining some weight over the winter it has gotten worse. So when he snores I don't sleep so well, and when I get up I'm exhuasted. So we either sleep apart (which I can't stand) or he needs to go in and get checked out again.
Exhibit B
My work day is starting an hour earlier (6 am) now which means I have to get up earlier to get my non-run workouts in. Because there is no time during nap time these days unless there's a miracle. And after school the kids just want to play outside or go for a walk.
Exhibit C
I've been hella busy since I got back. A 3 yr old birthday party, double Easters to plan/host, work and let's add in a couple photo shoots, hey maybe a wedding too since my sister decided to get engaged, and get married 5 months later. Hey no pressure.

All those added together makes me tired and when I'm tired I make really poor food choices. No bueno.

So let's get real. I know I can't get to these goals without working my ass off, although now that I actually have one (thank you squats, lunges, leg lifts) I really don't want it to disappear. But I have to be real and I have to be committed. That half isn't going to run itself and marathon training is up after that.

So today I'm re-stating the goals.  I'm going to work my butt off and change my habits. I know it's going to be hard and I'm not going to deny myself totally. I will still have a cheat meal. But a meal not a weekend.
I know I have to eat more calories while marathon training but they need to be healthy calories not fast food calories.

So here goes:
Sunday-REST days (just as important as workout days)
Monday - Early morning strength / After work run
Tuesday - Spin it up girl
Wednesday - Early morning strength / After work run
Thursday - Spin it up girl
Friday - Yoga/Pilates (Stretch it out)
Saturday - Long A run

I do really well with lists so hopefully this will keep me accountable.
I'll be meal planning on Fridays, so I can shop and meal prep on Saturday.

This will help keep me accountable, and hey if you're struggling and need someone to keep you accountable let me know. I'll help you out. We can do this together!!!

What are some goals you're working on? Do you have a snoring husband?


  1. Going to give running a real try. There is a 3 race summer nights series here that I want to do a 5k for the first two and a 10k for the one in August. If I am enjoying that, then I am thinking about a half in the Fall. In the meantime, I need to work on consistency! Wrapping up my course work for grad school in the next couple of weeks will free up some more time and alleviate some stress! Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lists always keep me on track too girl. I can't be without them. But holy crap your days are starting an hour earlier? Ugh I would hate that. I love fitness, duh, but I can't train like that in the morning's. You are a superstar!

  3. you've got this girlie!!! I have no doubt that you will get back on track and hit each and everyone of your goals! Love you!


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