Friday, April 18, 2014

3 years old

4/19/2011 - It was a very cold day. We headed to the hospital early enough so I could get induced.
We were getting ready to welcome the littlest B child. After some labor, an epidural and a nap we welcomed our little man into the world. Only weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, (a whole lb lighter than the first two).

It was a record snow storm on the day we welcomed little C into the world. One of the worst in WI history. It caused the lights to shut off and the generators to pop on. Picture laying in a hospital with the lights off...insert every creeper movie you've ever seen...Ekkkkk.. But the snowstorm passed through the night and we were left with a 9" blanket of snow. We all slept peacefully and welcomed visitors during our stay.

Our first days home were pleasant especially with these little ones to help out.
My loves

Lil C was and continues to be the easiest of the three mini's. He's laid back and I thank my lucky stars a good sleeper. He has potty trained in record time, and his baby fro has me with some serious hair envy. He is truly my mini me.

Even down to this cheesy smile.

We celebrated his birthday last weekend since a birthday party + Easter would just be crazy.
I did a Dr Suess theme since he loves books and we have to read 1 million every night before bed.

Thing 1,2,3, Truffala Trees, The Lorax, and a mish mash cake

We're doing a mini celebration tomorrow. Just lunch wherever he wants and presents from mom and dad.
After we're headed to Easter gathering #1 for dinner, then Easter #2 is Sunday night. It's crazy busy but I love it.

Don't forget to stop by my home girl Alicia from Brew Mama. Along with the giveaway that you can enter here if you haven't, she's debuting the blogger girls that have helped put the giveaway together. My little bio will be up there on Tuesday:)

What are you Easter plans? Did you ever give birth during a blizzard? Do you have some baby fro hair envy?

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  1. He looks JUST like you-- especially in the picture in front of the tree. So precious! :)


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