Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good News and a Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!! Half way through the week, which is good since I'm hosting Easter at mi casa on Sunday, and have another Easter to attend on Saturday. Can I get another vacation please?

I did get some good news on Tuesday!!
I totally forgot that Monday they would be sending emails out to those that made it into the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. Truth be told while I was running my last half, I was really thinking that I would just stick to halfs. Why? you ask. Well, I really enjoyed my half. It was just enough, and I wasn't dying through it. I didn't have to spend half my Saturdays training for it, or eating for it. It was just nice and perfect.
Marathon training is no joke. You have to eat like a lumberjack and spend many Saturdays getting up early so you're not running in the heat. If you've ever ran a full marathon you know what I'm talking about. Legs on fire, ankles swelled up, etc. Then I got to thinking...this is what it felt like when I first ran my halfs. If my halfs are becoming easier than I need to up my game. So I think doing a marathon once this year isn't out of the question. I still have 2-3 more halfs before the full. I also just registered for another my Team Triumph event.
So I guess that means come June I'll start full training, and you know what I'm going to rock the S**t out of this full. I'm going to give it my all, because I've already ran one and I know what to expect.

Anyway enough about that onto the giveaway:

So I've teamed up with these beautiful ladies.

Check them out. They are awesome, amazing and inspiring!!!!

All you have to do is click the good ole rafflecopter below and you're golden. Good Luck!!!!

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  1. Eeeppp, a full marathon... so friggin' awesome!! I can't wait to follow your journey through it. I need to get my ass up off the couch and start running again... a 5K would be an accomplishment for this girl!

  2. So amazing!!! Congrats on getting a spot in the full marathon and I'm sure you'll rock that training!

  3. You are such a badass and I can't wait to cheer you on in the marathon!!

    As for my fitness must-have? DEFINITELY a good sports bra to keep the girls in check :)


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