Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Fun

Who is ready for the weekend? Anyone? Well this girl is ready for the weekend!

This the first weekend since before Halloween that we don't have something going on. Seriously it's like busy city over here. I'm not complaining at all. We just have many family functions, birthday parties, holidays, work, work, work, but it will be nice to accomplish some of my own projects that have been sitting around here undone.

Case in point: The kids rooms, and downstairs bathroom
Back in August I wanted to paint the kids rooms before we moved Big T up with Lil C. Here's the fun part, my hubs hates painting so it's all on me. Which is fine because I love to paint as long as I can do it without 5 million kiddos running around. That room hasn't been painted since before B was born 9 years prior. It was time. It started off with a jungle theme.
I ended up just painting it the same color it was before. I really love the neutral green. I was originally going to go with a more juvenile car theme, but then I found some vintagey looking signs and such from Hobby Lobby. Perfect! Still cool enough for the boys now, and will grow with them as they grow.
But I still am waiting on some bigger signs and I have to put their curtain treatments back up. 

B's room: When her and Big T shared a room I changed the room from pink princess to a castle theme with a knight, a princess a dragon. I even painted a castle on the wall. It took forever but it looked great. Oh and this is wood paneling people. If you've ever have painted paneling you know it's a pain in the behind. Ick.
Fun Fact: I use to be a huge artist. I would paint pictures and murals all the time, then I had children and free time was minimal. Maybe one day. 
Ignore the mess. The fist time I painted her room
The finished castle. Second time it was painted.
Anyway back to the room, so B wanted a Paris themed room this time. Perfect again it's not too kiddish as she's growing up fast and yet not to mature. BUT here's the big problem she did not want her walls to be gray. Which with the motif and such they really should be, so we compromised on tan. Ehhh...I'm not over the moon with it but what are you going to do.
The stuff I need to finish in there is sew the tiered window treatment, hang the chandelier that finally arrived, put up the tie backs, hang up the necklace holder, and make the pushpin board.

Then onto the BLUE bathroom. When we moved into our home it was perfect for us. Yes it needed some updating but it was ready to move in. We had 1 pink bathroom with a lovely (sense the sarcasm) rose border, and a blue bathroom complete with a blue toilet. The pink bathroom we repainted a couple years ago. In August we decided to update the toilets and thank god get rid of the blue toilet. So I decided to paint the blue bathroom and get rid of the lovely blue flower border. We eventually will be doing an overhaul when we redo the downstairs but for now paint, new towel hooks, and a curtain to cover the YMCA tile shower we have going on, but you do what you can with what you have.
I still have to print and frame the artwork I chose, hang the shelves, hang the towel hook.

So that is part of what's on my agenda, along with get rid of the excess... Yes, it's the wonderful time of year that I go through my house like a mad woman and get rid of the stuff that is just collecting dust. Clothes, books, toys, etc. I don't mind having it if it's actually being used, but when it just takes up space I'm over it. So that is also on the agenda. Also, I'll have control of the remote on Saturday night!!! My hubs is having his garage night so it will be me Hans solo with the TV. This is huge for me. I rarely have control over it because I normally don't care. I'm usually doing something while it's on anyways.

Monday will be recommitting to my goals. Come back and check out what's going on there.
Have a great weekend!!!

What about you? What's on your weekend agenda? Are you a DIY'er or hell to the know I'll pay someone.

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  1. Sounds like you have lots to tackle this weekend! My to do list this weekend is much less. I'm going to clean out the camper and dye my hair! Yep, I'm ambitious :)


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