Friday, May 30, 2014

Saying Good Bye To My Hero


On Wednesday the world lost a wonderful woman. Maya Angelou was a truly amazing woman. 
 Although I have never met her; she spoke volumes to me. Her quotes, her story, her grace, her words have helped me through my roughest times. Those quotes helped me forgive the past and move forward.  You will be missed sweet angel.

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou 1928-2014
I love so many of her quotes so I'm sharing a few of my favorites


And this last one. Because I am on a journey and I sometimes forget that I have a lot of changes to go through to get to my butterfly stage. 

Sorry it's a little deep today, but sometimes I think we need take a step back and really look at our life. Are we happy, I mean really happy? If we're not that what's stopping us from changing it?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mine is super busy which is no surprise but I will enjoy every minute of it!!!

Do you love Maya Angelou's quotes? 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So What!!!

I love me some SO What Wednesday.
A day I can just tell the world to "eff it, I'm not perfect".

1. So What If.... I slipped up over the weekend. I blame it on lack of sleep from my mini-man waking up 5 million times. Thank goodness he finally got a good nights sleep. I woke up fresh this morning and ready to tackle the world.

2. So What If... I love primarily on caffeine, Claratin D, and carbs. I'm trying to be a good girl but it's so fun to be bad.

3. So What If... I am over all the fake-Ass (yeah I just said it, I'm that mad) people that photo shop, slim app, 360 app the crap out of their pictures on IG, etc. I really work hard for my progress and it really bums me out to see some people that use this stuff. Yes I get a blemish, yes I have pores, yes I have cellulite, yes my hair looks horrible, yes I don't often wear make-up, but it's me.
Be real people, because when people see you in real life it can be quite the shocker. Most of my pictures on IG are "sweat drenched I just got done with a workout and I don't care what I look like" pictures. I want people to be inspired by my hard work and not my make-up face while I work out.
I admit I did use filters last year when I first joined IG, but stopped right away. It's not who I am.
So back away from the apps people. When your make-up looks flawless because you used an app you're being a liar, when you look like you have teeny tiny legs in one picture and then "real legs" in the next, it's time to be real. I'm not calling anyone out just saying it.

4. So What If I'm dreaming of a vacation with booze, sun, and a personal attendant to fan and mist me.
A girl can dream right!?!?

5.  And So What IF.....I sometimes feel like a poser in this fitness world. I run a lot, but I'm not fast. I work-out a lot, but I haven't lost any weight. I meal prep a lot, but I really just want to eat my weight in carbs, chips, and candy.

That's all I got for the day
I hope you have a great day and what are you saying SO WHAT to?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesdays

Hello beautiful people!!!
Since I didn't list out my goals yesterday for the week here they are:
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Weights am/ Run PM
Thursday - Spin it up
Friday - Yoga/stretch
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Rest

That's the plan. I took an extra rest day today since running my half. My body really needed it, and I didn't get home till super late since I was helping with my sisters wedding planning.
So back to the 5am club tomorrow!!!

Today is my hubby's birthday and I believe we're going out to dinner to celebrate. I have to find some time today to make his cake too. Hmmmm I wonder if I could just stop time so I could fit everything in.
On top of all that madness it's a little wet outside, since we had a monsoon last night (not a real one, but it was pouring from 4:00pm on), so my normal am walk with the munchkins will have to wait till the afternoon. Oh well such is life.

I'm also going to have to look into different ways to fuel before my long runs. Last time I trained for a full I ate oatmeal prior to running and used shot blocks which gave me icky belly bloat. I've been using Gatorade chews instead and they've worked but I really need to up my calories I think. I'm still researching. Last time I kind of researched but not really and I really want this full to be better and feel great too.
I'm also really looking into what I'm eating. I've been so tired and get headaches in the PM and feel like I could sleep all the time. This is so not the normal for me. I've been dealing with this fatigue since Cedric was born but it seemed to get better and then January came and I haven't felt better since. You all know that my hubby sleeps on the couch because of his snoring, but I'm still so tired when I wake up, and I'm sleeping a lot. I'm going to the DR in a week to get my levels checked since I haven't been myself since January and I have some girly issues too. Fingers crossed everything is ok. I hope they just don't pass off my fatigue and other symptoms as the normal "you are a busy mom" or "you're getting older". I really hate that when they say that. I know my body better and I know something is wrong.

In other news, school is gearing down for the kiddo, they have 3 weeks left, and soon they will be home for the summer. They are so excited, as am I, but that also means my days will be even busier than before. I have to make sure I really plan everything.

That's all I got for ya today.

Just because he's cute and I wish I could sleep.

Have you dealt with fatigue? What are your thoughts about going glutton free?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Third Times A Charm

Yep. That's I usually feel on Mondays, well minus the coffee. I'm a spark in my water type of girl.
This morning though I woke right snooze button at all. I was super impressed since I had a snoring husband in bed and a 3 yr old that wanted to snuggle. How could I say no. I love snuggle time and pretty soon he won't want to snuggle. Although don't get me wrong this isn't an every night thing. 

So if you're new here or have been here awhile I apologize in advance. I'm not an every day poster. I try to post two times a week. You will also find out that my life is pretty crazy and chaotic, but I love it and I try to balance everything the best I can. 

Yesterday was my 3rd Cellcom Half Marathon. I love this race and I hate it. I love that it's in my town and that I know so many people that run in it. I hate it because the course is full sun most of the way. The sun just zaps your energy. This race was my very first half marathon. Every year I try to be better. The first time I ran this race my goal was to just finish it, and I did in 3:02. I then walked away from running for a couple years, because that race took everything I had. I wasn't mentally prepared and I hated every minute of it. My attitude changed before I did it again. Last year I wanted to finish it in 2:45 but that didn't happen. You can read about it here.  This year I just wanted to do better than I had last year. This winter has been super hard for training. I've done the best I could with what I had. I ran outside in negative temps, snow, rain, ice. I always tried to go out and give it my all. I also cross trained and starting back to lifting heavy weights. My goal for 2014 was to run my races the best I could. To train and get better. 

Saturday I met up with my gal pal at the race expo. We picked up our packets and then had dinner. I've been experimenting with this whole pre-race dinner thing. I have in the past, always done the pasta dinner thing, but always felt blech after I ate it. I've been watching what I eat prior to having an amazing run and it always seems that a big old steak, potatoes and veggies do the trick. So that's what I did. A big ole steak, veggies, potatoes and of course lots and lots of water!!!

Sunday my alarm went off and I was up and getting ready. Nerves...what nerves. This isn't my first rodeo it's just a run like any other run, except I don't have to stop for stop lights and there will be people handing me water along the way. I really try not to put to much stress on myself when I'm running. I just try to enjoy it. Take each moment and really live in it.
The power of a #RunDisney meetup is in the inspiration - like meeting April Holmes at the #princesshalf meetup

After getting dressed and getting my hugs and good lucks from my hubby and minis I was out the door.
Spark and a Think Thin Protein bar.  I parked and waited for my home girl Jen.
Pre-race photos
The picture on the left is me, my aunt and cousin. The right is me and Jen. This was my aunt and cousins first half marathon and they rocked it!!! Jen is now a veteran. Her first race was last year. I wanted to wish my team mates at my Team Triumph a great race. If you're not familiar with mTT, you can check it out here.
The full marathoners started an hour before us so we just waited around and froze. Seriously it was a tad chilly waiting around. We headed to the bathrooms to get the nervous pee's out. I have the tiniest bladder and I have to pee literally 2 min before I run. Nobody likes running with a full bladder.

The gun went off and we are off. I felt so awesome the first 5 miles. I had to pee at mile 4 but held it till 5 and then saw the line and held it till 6. I wish I could have held it longer because even at mile 6 there was a huge line. I waited and waited and waited and waited. 8 min later and I was off and running again.
Jen had passed me and I caught up to her and made sure she was ok. She has been having knee issues during her training. We passed mile 7 and saw no lines at the bathroom...darn it... I should have waited but oh well. Jen needed to walk so I walked with her for half a mile and then I was off and running solo again. Up the hills and down the hills. The whole time I was running I was thinking "You got this girl. This is your 4th half marathon. It doesn't matter what time you get you are running a half marathon. You are stronger than ever. You can do this. Think about all those people who never get a chance to run this. Think about all those people that will never think they can. Show those people that they can. You don't have to be an elite runner, you just have to try. Every mile that you do is one mile closer to the finish line."

At about mile 10, I was starting to get tired and I was I needed food now!!! I looked up the hill I was running and at the top were my mini's. This was a huge surprise since I wasn't expecting them at all. I gave them all hugs and they told me good luck. 
Lil C's

I didn't get a picture of them at the top of the hill, but here are their signs they made for me:)
After I said my good-bye's I was off and running and feeling so much energy. 3 more miles. I had this. I was going finish this race strong. I came to mile 11 and saw yet another surprise cheerleader. My Aunt Kathy had walked down and was waiting for me to give me a hug and tell me how proud she was of me. I thanked her with tears in my eyes and kept going. Only 2 more miles to go. I don't remember much of mile 12 because I was so focused on finishing and finishing strong...I saw Lambeau and ran through it with crowds of people cheering everyone on. I ran out of the shoot and around the corner and the finish line was in sight. I took out my ear buds so I could really "be in the moment". I sped up and ran through that finish line strong!!!

As I walked up to get my medal I thanked the little volunteer girl handing it out. She told me great job and that I looked so strong. In reality I'm sure I looked like a tomato face, exhausted girl, but hey I'll take it. I walked back to the meeting spot to wait for Jen. We got our post-race snacks and took photo's of course.

I asked Jen "alright again next year?" She said "sure" hesitantly. I will probably run this race every year while I can still run. It pushes me every year and proves to me I am a fighter. I don't have to be the fastest, and I don't have to be the best. I just have to try my hardest and do the best I can do. 

 If you don't fight for your dreams who will.

Stop back tomorrow for weekly goals check in. Today I'll be resting:)

What is your dream? What are you waiting for?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Race Week

Helloo Monday! How come you can't be nice and not slap me in the face with reality.
Ugh...the only thing I love about Monday is getting back into routine, but it's always a pain trying to get up in the morning.

My weekend was so busy. Friday night I hung out with my gal-pal Marie. We walked up a local restaurant and had a nice dinner and then walked back and watched a movie.  Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn to go and get my run in.
Pay no attention to the morning luggage I'm sporting under my eyes. Soo tired. I was going to start out and do 9 miles but I got up later than I thought and after doing some hills in the local commentary I did a face plant. Ouch. No broken bones, just a bruised knee and ego. I'm pretty sure I gave a car full of old ladies the laugh of their life. As I fell flat on my face and then sprung up ninja style. What can I say I am a first place in the klutz department and first place in the ninja like reflexes. My Nike app didn't realize that there was no drinking till 5 and was drunk while logging my miles. It's a good thing I have my watch as well. I'm a tech nerd in that I don't know how to use it but I like lots of stats. LOL

After a quick shower I headed out with my mini for pedi/mani's
7 of us total...
We were out for my brother's girlfriends graduation from college/birthday party pre-festivities!!
It was fun, but am I the only one that feels like I need a translator or subtitles when I'm at the nail place. I'm pretty sure their talking about how much "skin" I have or that I have a blister that I earned on my early morning run and she wanted to try and shave it off. "Get away lady". Or that they wanted to wax my eyebrows that are pretty much non-existent!! 
After that I headed out grocery shopping and then packed up my kiddos and headed over to my brother's house to glam up the girl of the hour.
Then it was "party time"!
Hey look my hair is done and I have makeup on. 

Lori and Me

It was warm out!!! Lil C didn't want to keep his clothes on.

Margaritas followed by a very lovey Lori!
After tons of food we headed out for drinks. Lots of fun was had by all.

Sunday I got to sleep in. Wohoo....great since I didn't go to bed till 2:30am. That's late for this momma. I'm normally in bed at 9. We went and got some doughnuts for a Mother's Day treat. Then my mini's wanted to give me their gifts. Fuzzy sock slippers, chocolate, a gift card for a massage, flowers, and some beautiful homemade cards. I then took a nap, while the hubby took the kids to visit his mom. I usually go too, but the hubby said it was my day too and since I was falling asleep anyways. After a nap we had dinner and snuggled until bed time. What a great and perfect day!!!

So this week is race week! I'll be running in my second half marathon of the year on Sunday. That means I scale back on the heavy lifting because nobody likes to run with aching muscles. I hydrate, eat clean, and it also means a great big steak on Saturday!!!! 

The Workout Plan for the Week!
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Early am spin / afternoon leg strengthening
Wed - Nada
Thursday - Early am Spin
Friday - Yoga/Foam Roller
Saturday - Packet Pickup & Race dinner
Sunday - 13.1 Miles!!!

I hope you have a great week!!!
What are goals for the week? How was your Mother's Day?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Let's Do Another Round

Hey everyone linking up with Crystal Michelle and Darci

I know I hate the phrase but it's fun to link up and share some behind the scenes of my normal everyday life that consists of running, mothering, working, etc.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... one time after a night of drinking I woke up:
in my bed totally naked. I was suppose to be at work and jumped up and was like WTF...well I had been drugged. I had only two drinks the whole night. One bought by the crazy ex that was having a hard time letting go. I remember feeling funky and told my friend we had to go because something wasn't right. I dropped her off and stayed on the phone with her till I locked my apartment door. Turns out I decided I needed to pass out on my couch where I left my keys under a pillow and then had taken all my clothes off in a melted human pile by my bedroom door. I was suppose to head to my boyfriends (now husband) home, and he was freaking out. Yikes....

Sorry I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk one time I threw up:
I can count only three times that I've thrown up because of drinking and one of those times was my wedding day. Yeah, my husband still won't me let me live it down.
I had only had one glass of champagne at the beginning of the night, but at the end of the night right before we were about to go to our hotel room, I did  7 or 8 shots in a row with my boys from work. The last one was something seriously was dark and thick and I'm pretty sure they told the bartender to make the grossest thing ever.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... the first time I drank alcohol I was 
when I was all bad ass and thought I could out drink the boys when I was 18. It was in an old country bar and the bartender kept asking me if I was 21, and I'm like "hell yeah". LOL 

Sorry I'm not sorry but... the most fun I've ever had that involved drinking was 
Too many to count, but recently when I "outdrank myself" in Texas.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... my favorite thing to do when I'm drunk is
Dance, but let's be real I'll dance anywhere anytime and  if I'm sitting I will fall asleep

Sorry I'm not sorry but... when I am drunk you know because I totally
hmmmm.....people usually don't know. I guess i just get tipsy and not full blown wasted except for the above three times:)

Sorry I'm not sorry but... Vodka makes me
happy...and it's my go-to!

Sorry I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk once that I cried about:
being drunk...

Sorry I'm not sorry but... stressful situations makes me need a drink.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... if I could get drunk with anyone it would for sure be 
Celebrity: Hello Henry Cahill, Channing Tattum, Kristin Wigg, 
Friends: Felecia and 'Merica, Lori, Jenni, Holly, Mel K, 

What's up for your weekend?
Well busy again. Hanging out with a friend tonight, a longer run in the early am, nails with my favorite girl mini B, than a b-day/grad party. Sunday is Mother's day and I'm told I need to come up with a list. HMMMMM

Thursday, May 8, 2014

TMI Thursday...

Sorry there was no post on Monday. Sometimes my crazy life of mine takes me for a ride and I get so busy I have no time. Sorry if you missed me...and if not well Hello!!!

TMI Thursday

I saw this "TMI" survey at Miss Carolyn's Fitnasty For Life blogs, so I thought why not.

1. What are you wearing? (said in creepy phone-sex voice)
My go-to staple for work. Yoga pants, T-shirt, sweatshirt, no shoes

2. Ever been in love?

Yes, at least 4 times. 1-my husband of almost 12 years, and my 3 mini's.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

No, not really. I had an ex that turned into a stalker

4. How tall are you?


5. How much do you weigh?


6. Any tattoos?

2 as of now, but there are 2 more that should be making an appearance some time this year

7. Any piercings?

Yes, 3 in one ear, 4 or in the other, and 1 bellybutton piercing that will be erased when the future mommy makeover happens

8. Favorite song?

Really depends on the day. As of today: All of Me-John Legend, Animals - Martin Garrix
Bangarang -Skrillez, Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo, Automatic - Miranda Lambert, Hometown-Eric Church

9. Quality you look for in a partner?

Ummm...I have one but he won me over by just being himself.

10. Favorite quote?


Need A Little Motivation?Running Strong Print  5 x 7 custom color by JulieKimDesign on Etsy, $8.00

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sorry I'm Not Sorry....

Hey Everyone, I'm Linking up with my new love Crystal Michelle from Crystal Michelle's Mess
She is funny and I found her from my other love Alicia from Brew Mama
So link up for some fun....

Follow the Guest Blogger
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Grab a button & Have fun!

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, I really dislike the phrase Sorry I'm not sorry...maybe I'm not with the cool kids but I personally feel you say sorry if you are actually I don't know....SORRRY... (ok now that I've alienated myself from the cool kids, let me slink away back into my emo hole.)

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but,When I was a teen my mother had no idea that: 
Nothing...I seriously was a good girl. I never drank or smoke or did anything "recreational". I was too busy raising my younger siblings. Sorry I'm boring. I saved all my good stories for when I moved out.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, My best friend once: 
Drunk texted the ex-girlfriend of her then boyfriend. She got the phone number from his phone. The ex-girlfriend came down to the place we were drinking at to start a fight and get her man back. 
Can you say GHETTO!! This being hilarious because my friend at the time was not a fighter at all and I wasn't about to get in the middle of that drama. Said ex-girlfriend ended up throwing a punch into the air and falling on her face. Knocking some teeth out in the process. She was then carried away by her friends that agreed she was crazy.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, I once had this boyfriend that:
was a huge drinker. He would drink and forget where the bathroom was and pee everywhere.
In the closet, in the living room, the pantry, the garbage can. Ummmm yeah that relationship didn't last very long and thank god I never lived with him. ewwww

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but,If I had to name my last relationship after a movie I have seen it would for sure be:
The Hangover....did that shit really happen

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, After a long hard day the first thing I think about doing is:
Going for a run or sitting on my butt with a mindless gossip magazine.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, They just opened a new can of crazy when I saw them:
I'm kind of confused on this one.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, I secretly love:
Zac Efron...yeah I feel like a cougar even saying that out loud. At least my other man candy is closer to my age...

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, Yesterday I :
Pulled a Walmart shopper when I ran to the store. PJ pants, T-shirt with pain on it, hair in a messy bun, no makeup. It was just a quick in and out and I was in the middle of project. Come on...

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but,Every time I see this picture I seriously can not help but bust out laughing.( insert picture)
2013 When we ran the Seroogy's 15K and thought it would be cool to take fake senior pictures. Totally necessary to document the occasion. I do this a lot.  I hate getting picture taken. 

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, At the gym I sometimes:
Hmmm...I don't go to the gym anymore, but when I did I would secretly check out my form in the mirror like the crazy meat heads that grunt, groan and psych themselves up before they lift. 

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, On my playlist I sometimes jam to:
Brittney Spears. I don't care what you say she's got a killer beat and who cares if it's auto tuned. Everyone knows I love to dance.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, Sometimes I pretend that:
I'm a normal well adjusted person, and then I realize what fun is that and I let all the crazy out..

Come back on Monday to check out how I'm doing on the goals and check in on how you're doing with your goals!!!
Have a great weekend.