Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesdays

Hello beautiful people!!!
Since I didn't list out my goals yesterday for the week here they are:
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Weights am/ Run PM
Thursday - Spin it up
Friday - Yoga/stretch
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Rest

That's the plan. I took an extra rest day today since running my half. My body really needed it, and I didn't get home till super late since I was helping with my sisters wedding planning.
So back to the 5am club tomorrow!!!

Today is my hubby's birthday and I believe we're going out to dinner to celebrate. I have to find some time today to make his cake too. Hmmmm I wonder if I could just stop time so I could fit everything in.
On top of all that madness it's a little wet outside, since we had a monsoon last night (not a real one, but it was pouring from 4:00pm on), so my normal am walk with the munchkins will have to wait till the afternoon. Oh well such is life.

I'm also going to have to look into different ways to fuel before my long runs. Last time I trained for a full I ate oatmeal prior to running and used shot blocks which gave me icky belly bloat. I've been using Gatorade chews instead and they've worked but I really need to up my calories I think. I'm still researching. Last time I kind of researched but not really and I really want this full to be better and feel great too.
I'm also really looking into what I'm eating. I've been so tired and get headaches in the PM and feel like I could sleep all the time. This is so not the normal for me. I've been dealing with this fatigue since Cedric was born but it seemed to get better and then January came and I haven't felt better since. You all know that my hubby sleeps on the couch because of his snoring, but I'm still so tired when I wake up, and I'm sleeping a lot. I'm going to the DR in a week to get my levels checked since I haven't been myself since January and I have some girly issues too. Fingers crossed everything is ok. I hope they just don't pass off my fatigue and other symptoms as the normal "you are a busy mom" or "you're getting older". I really hate that when they say that. I know my body better and I know something is wrong.

In other news, school is gearing down for the kiddo, they have 3 weeks left, and soon they will be home for the summer. They are so excited, as am I, but that also means my days will be even busier than before. I have to make sure I really plan everything.

That's all I got for ya today.

Just because he's cute and I wish I could sleep.

Have you dealt with fatigue? What are your thoughts about going glutton free?

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  1. I'm in high gear with summer planning! It's going to be crazy hectic around here with all 3 of them home :)


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