Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So What!!!

I love me some SO What Wednesday.
A day I can just tell the world to "eff it, I'm not perfect".

1. So What If.... I slipped up over the weekend. I blame it on lack of sleep from my mini-man waking up 5 million times. Thank goodness he finally got a good nights sleep. I woke up fresh this morning and ready to tackle the world.

2. So What If... I love primarily on caffeine, Claratin D, and carbs. I'm trying to be a good girl but it's so fun to be bad.

3. So What If... I am over all the fake-Ass (yeah I just said it, I'm that mad) people that photo shop, slim app, 360 app the crap out of their pictures on IG, etc. I really work hard for my progress and it really bums me out to see some people that use this stuff. Yes I get a blemish, yes I have pores, yes I have cellulite, yes my hair looks horrible, yes I don't often wear make-up, but it's me.
Be real people, because when people see you in real life it can be quite the shocker. Most of my pictures on IG are "sweat drenched I just got done with a workout and I don't care what I look like" pictures. I want people to be inspired by my hard work and not my make-up face while I work out.
I admit I did use filters last year when I first joined IG, but stopped right away. It's not who I am.
So back away from the apps people. When your make-up looks flawless because you used an app you're being a liar, when you look like you have teeny tiny legs in one picture and then "real legs" in the next, it's time to be real. I'm not calling anyone out just saying it.

4. So What If I'm dreaming of a vacation with booze, sun, and a personal attendant to fan and mist me.
A girl can dream right!?!?

5.  And So What IF.....I sometimes feel like a poser in this fitness world. I run a lot, but I'm not fast. I work-out a lot, but I haven't lost any weight. I meal prep a lot, but I really just want to eat my weight in carbs, chips, and candy.

That's all I got for the day
I hope you have a great day and what are you saying SO WHAT to?


  1. So what if I use a filter on IG--it's like a virtual spray tan without the orange hands and feet!!
    And yes, I'm dreaming of a Vacay too!!!!

  2. So what if I don't know you...I'm gonna booty clap anyways!

  3. You mean to tell me you're not inspired by a "thigh gap" on IG that is completely non-existent in real life pictures?! Color me shocked! ;)

  4. so love your list especially no.5. So carefree. :)

  5. #3...BOOM! # 4...take me with you! friend you are the real deal. The inspiring and motivating kind, of Fitness girl! xoxoxo


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