Friday, May 9, 2014

Let's Do Another Round

Hey everyone linking up with Crystal Michelle and Darci

I know I hate the phrase but it's fun to link up and share some behind the scenes of my normal everyday life that consists of running, mothering, working, etc.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... one time after a night of drinking I woke up:
in my bed totally naked. I was suppose to be at work and jumped up and was like WTF...well I had been drugged. I had only two drinks the whole night. One bought by the crazy ex that was having a hard time letting go. I remember feeling funky and told my friend we had to go because something wasn't right. I dropped her off and stayed on the phone with her till I locked my apartment door. Turns out I decided I needed to pass out on my couch where I left my keys under a pillow and then had taken all my clothes off in a melted human pile by my bedroom door. I was suppose to head to my boyfriends (now husband) home, and he was freaking out. Yikes....

Sorry I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk one time I threw up:
I can count only three times that I've thrown up because of drinking and one of those times was my wedding day. Yeah, my husband still won't me let me live it down.
I had only had one glass of champagne at the beginning of the night, but at the end of the night right before we were about to go to our hotel room, I did  7 or 8 shots in a row with my boys from work. The last one was something seriously was dark and thick and I'm pretty sure they told the bartender to make the grossest thing ever.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... the first time I drank alcohol I was 
when I was all bad ass and thought I could out drink the boys when I was 18. It was in an old country bar and the bartender kept asking me if I was 21, and I'm like "hell yeah". LOL 

Sorry I'm not sorry but... the most fun I've ever had that involved drinking was 
Too many to count, but recently when I "outdrank myself" in Texas.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... my favorite thing to do when I'm drunk is
Dance, but let's be real I'll dance anywhere anytime and  if I'm sitting I will fall asleep

Sorry I'm not sorry but... when I am drunk you know because I totally
hmmmm.....people usually don't know. I guess i just get tipsy and not full blown wasted except for the above three times:)

Sorry I'm not sorry but... Vodka makes me
happy...and it's my go-to!

Sorry I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk once that I cried about:
being drunk...

Sorry I'm not sorry but... stressful situations makes me need a drink.

Sorry I'm not sorry but... if I could get drunk with anyone it would for sure be 
Celebrity: Hello Henry Cahill, Channing Tattum, Kristin Wigg, 
Friends: Felecia and 'Merica, Lori, Jenni, Holly, Mel K, 

What's up for your weekend?
Well busy again. Hanging out with a friend tonight, a longer run in the early am, nails with my favorite girl mini B, than a b-day/grad party. Sunday is Mother's day and I'm told I need to come up with a list. HMMMMM


  1. Hahahaha I love how you out drank yourself in Texas :) Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Ha! Crying about being drunk! That's awesome!


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