Monday, May 12, 2014

Race Week

Helloo Monday! How come you can't be nice and not slap me in the face with reality.
Ugh...the only thing I love about Monday is getting back into routine, but it's always a pain trying to get up in the morning.

My weekend was so busy. Friday night I hung out with my gal-pal Marie. We walked up a local restaurant and had a nice dinner and then walked back and watched a movie.  Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn to go and get my run in.
Pay no attention to the morning luggage I'm sporting under my eyes. Soo tired. I was going to start out and do 9 miles but I got up later than I thought and after doing some hills in the local commentary I did a face plant. Ouch. No broken bones, just a bruised knee and ego. I'm pretty sure I gave a car full of old ladies the laugh of their life. As I fell flat on my face and then sprung up ninja style. What can I say I am a first place in the klutz department and first place in the ninja like reflexes. My Nike app didn't realize that there was no drinking till 5 and was drunk while logging my miles. It's a good thing I have my watch as well. I'm a tech nerd in that I don't know how to use it but I like lots of stats. LOL

After a quick shower I headed out with my mini for pedi/mani's
7 of us total...
We were out for my brother's girlfriends graduation from college/birthday party pre-festivities!!
It was fun, but am I the only one that feels like I need a translator or subtitles when I'm at the nail place. I'm pretty sure their talking about how much "skin" I have or that I have a blister that I earned on my early morning run and she wanted to try and shave it off. "Get away lady". Or that they wanted to wax my eyebrows that are pretty much non-existent!! 
After that I headed out grocery shopping and then packed up my kiddos and headed over to my brother's house to glam up the girl of the hour.
Then it was "party time"!
Hey look my hair is done and I have makeup on. 

Lori and Me

It was warm out!!! Lil C didn't want to keep his clothes on.

Margaritas followed by a very lovey Lori!
After tons of food we headed out for drinks. Lots of fun was had by all.

Sunday I got to sleep in. Wohoo....great since I didn't go to bed till 2:30am. That's late for this momma. I'm normally in bed at 9. We went and got some doughnuts for a Mother's Day treat. Then my mini's wanted to give me their gifts. Fuzzy sock slippers, chocolate, a gift card for a massage, flowers, and some beautiful homemade cards. I then took a nap, while the hubby took the kids to visit his mom. I usually go too, but the hubby said it was my day too and since I was falling asleep anyways. After a nap we had dinner and snuggled until bed time. What a great and perfect day!!!

So this week is race week! I'll be running in my second half marathon of the year on Sunday. That means I scale back on the heavy lifting because nobody likes to run with aching muscles. I hydrate, eat clean, and it also means a great big steak on Saturday!!!! 

The Workout Plan for the Week!
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Early am spin / afternoon leg strengthening
Wed - Nada
Thursday - Early am Spin
Friday - Yoga/Foam Roller
Saturday - Packet Pickup & Race dinner
Sunday - 13.1 Miles!!!

I hope you have a great week!!!
What are goals for the week? How was your Mother's Day?

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  1. Get it, Girl! You are a half-marathon running machine! Any update on the Chicago Maraton?!


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