Monday, January 28, 2013

Shocking..Really...Read All About It

So I was planning on a little 8 mile run this weekend and instead this happened......

Yes I did that..I ran 10 freaking miles!! Holla!
Now for some this isn't alot or anything to jump and shout about but for me this was a huge milestone. This sets the scene for my half marathon because honestly if felt great. I felt like I could keep going and going forever which is why I busted out two more miles.

As I was running through the snow. Yes snow thank you people who don't shovel there sidewalks. I love running through it and having it get stuck to my shoes and weigh me down even more. (yes I am being a sarcastic girl) It sucked big donkey balls. Like I wanted to walk up to these houses and aske them why the hell it was so hard to shovel 3 feet of sidewalk. Then to make it even better lets talk about the ice hiding underneath those snow covered sidewalks..D to the ANGEROUS!!! I may or may not have done a couple of cartooney slips and trips. I'm pretty sure someone had there video camera out the capture the comedic situation. Gaaa!!!

Oh well I mustered up my lady balls and kept going. It was awesome. And if you follow me on this little journey you know I've had my fair share of brutal I want to die runs. I had a little epathany last week as I stepped on the scale and saw how my weight kept going up and I said NO MORE. I was going to stick to my calorie intake and that was that, and that's what I did. Wednesday am I weighed in and said "F" this shit. I ate really well all day ran on Wednesday and it was awesome!! It was still cold so cold I couldn't bust out another quarter mile to get my nice even round number of 6 instead stuck at 5.76. Whomp whomp. But that's ok! I did it..bam!!!
I ate well the rest of the week and indulged in some mucho margaritas and queso on Friday night!!
When Saturday run time came I busted it out like it was my bitch. Hard core beast mode!

My 15k is 13 days away and I'm hoping to get my time down a bit, but really I don't care about the time. This is the best I felt in forever. I've trained before but this time I'm all in! I'm so stoked for my runs that my legs actually get that fidgety feeling like horses waiting at the starting gate of a race.
So what does this week hold?

Well a hans solo run tonight? My running buddy is ditching me to get her hair did! So a 5'er is on the schedule and tomorrow is Jillian Michaels torture, Wed-Turbo Jam and a run, Thursday-Jillians back.
rest on Fri, Long run on Saturday..Sweet so excited to do this!!

In another post I'll show you some more of my crafty side! Many things in the works but nothing finished to show you'll have to wait in suspense.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Idle Hands Lead To Cookies

The truth hurts..It's like a big bitch slap to the face.

I'm an emotional eater.
I wat when I'm bored, when I'm stressed, when I'm tired, etc. The list goes on.

That's the hardest thing about trying to lose weight. You want to get you're eating under control, but life gets in the way.
We are not all sequestered to a ranch and yelled at by personal trainers. We have lives, some of us have kids and some us have to do it all by ourselves.
I have all the excuses in the world. I have 3 kids, I work 12 hrs 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekends. I just don't have the time
if I let this way of thinking lead my life than I will not reach my goals.

Those goals are to reach my goal weight.
I can do it. I've done it before. If you're new to this blog then maybe you don't know but after I had my first child I lost 100 lbs. Why oh why did I let my weight creep back up.
Well there are a couple truths here #1-my body works against me when I'm a prego girl.
It literally thinks I need to be an obese woman when I'm nursing and while maybe it's TMI for y'all I did choose to nurse my children. I was always frustrated with those other moms that could nurse and go back to there pre-pregnancy weight. Y'all really you're just lucky and I am not.
After my second child I lost weight rapidly but never made it back down to where I wanted to be. I think I just gave up hope and when the third one came around I was content where I was at. But after he arrived my body went on strike yet again, until I stopped nursing. And since then I thought I was fighting with a vegence. It turns out however I was not.
I could have been getting my big butt up at the crack of dawn and working out then along with my runs at night, but I didn't. Why...well because I lost 35lbs without doing that. All I did was run 3x a week and I lost weight. But I've been stuck. Stuck like honey-boo-boo in the big mud pit.
And I needed a change.
So I called in the big guns.
Miss Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
I did it yesterday and I can honestly say I am sore. But not to sore that it hurts to walk up the stairs so maybe just maybe after 1 day I need to move it up to level 2. I'm only going to do this workout every other day because it's kind of boring. I like to change it up a bit.
Today I let this lady help me out.If you don't know her she's Chalene Johnson. She's done a ton of workout videos. I loved her Turbo Jam before and now I'm starting the Turbo Fire Series. It's no joke peeps.

So I'm hoping with this added workouts plus keeping up my running. I can get my goal weight alittle faster.

I hate hate being stuck at this weight. I wish it would fall off fast but it doesn't and I need to accept that.

Inspiration: Sometimes I feel like life has me going one step forward and two steps back, but then I think maybe I didn't learn something from my one step forward and I needed to relearn it! Don't get discouraged. Look around and see what you missed. Sometimes it's as simple as learning to accept life's set backs and handle them with grace rather than anger. Chin up buttercup!

What's holding you back from getting your goals?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sometimes I Just Can't Help It

I wonder what people think sometimes of me.
My humor sometimes if you don't know know me can be hard to understand but than if you know me I'm F'n hilarious. Like I could have my own comedy central not really.
I was chatting up with one of my clients, and made a comment that I meant to be as a joke and she said nothing (crickets, crickets). It was bad and akward..and I felt like the Mary Catherine Gallagher from SNL that puts her hands in her armpits when she get nervous.

But alas I didn't resort to that. I just told her I was joking and we went on our marry way.
It got me thinking I must come across like a total ass hole sometimes. And than I realized who was I kidding or not kidding I'm not going to change my humor and once she knows me she'll realize that I am the bomb...ok so I'm joking about being the bomb because really my self-cofidence isn't that high. I mean I can make it through all my doors just fine my head doesn't really swell from compliments as I'm always second guessing myself.
Ok enough with all those ramblings of a crazy person and on to.....even more ramblings.

Last week I racked up some nice mileage during my runs...15.3..woohooo..
I didn't think it was to shabby. I only run 3 days a week. So kapow..
Monday was 4, Wed-4 and a whopping 7.3 on Saturday.
It was "warm" for Saturday. Probably still cold for any of you southners.

The lovely almost gone snow streets. And now it's below freezing again..Woohoo..not really. I forgot what 40 or should I say 30 degree fleels like. It's currently 12 degrees but feels like -2...awesome..My run tonight is going to be full of snot freezing to my face. I can't wait.

This past weekend we also had a birthday party full of screaming kids. I know your jealous and than our minis' had there friends over for a sleepover..So I had 5 kids (including my 3) at my house on Saturday after my run. So lots of running around and being loud as only kids can be. After they went to sleep we reveled and screamed at the TV as the Packers got there ass handed to them...Damn you 49'ers.
Oh well what can I say they played better and deserved it.
I should say I'm not a die hard football girl. I never even used to watch the game but as of lately I've gotten into it more. GO PACK GO!!!

Happy week y'all (because I wish I lived in TX to accomidate my love for big hair and warmer temps)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goals...not resolutions

Hey peeps
So this year instead of not doing anything or making "resolutions" I'm making goals.
Things I want to accomplish or that I strive to be.
 1.  No fast food (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Hardees, etc) except for subs.
I actually am not a fan of fast food. The idea sounds great no cooking yummy fried french fries, but..I always feel like crap and it's not satisfying to I'm going to give it a try..

2.  Have a better time for my half marathon. My last half marathon I weighed 28lbs less than I do now, but my heart wasn't into it. I dreaded running every single time that I did it. The difference this time even though I weigh more I'm training more and I'm loving every minute of it!

3. Stay on top of the cleaning.
Our house is busy like crazy busy and if I ever lost my smart phone I would be SOL because it has all our schedules on it. I do have a backup on the family calender but it's my bible when it comes to scheduleing. Anyways I need to schedule my cleaning to make sure it gets done and this year it will happen. Should be the simplest one to do.

4. Reach my goal weight. Now this one I'm sure is going to be a difficult thing because...I have to lose 73 lbs but I'm down almost 40 so I've come along way. I will be happy if I'm down an additional 50 by this time next year, but I think with running and eating right I can accomplish my goal.

What's your goal?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Did I Just Seriously Do That...

Horrah the weekends done..wait that's not right.
It should be horrah the weeks done. Well not here.
I'm a routine girl and when I get off the routine I fall off the wagon, so I actually like the week!
Except having to work and clean and well you get it.
Last week I made it out on Wednesday for an awesome run.
4 miles and I loved every second of joke.
I felt like I could run and run and run and run and....

Yep just like forest...

Maybe it's because it was an awesome 12 degrees or that I had been couped up in the house for what felt like an eternity. Seriously running is my therapy. It's how I deal with all my issues in my life that I can't change. Like crabby kids, cranky husbands, annoying relatives.
Don't get me wrong I love them all but momma needs some alone time for reals!!

So I felt great. Thursday and Friday flew by and I had been eating great! I had a 6 or 7 miler scheduled for Saturday but knew I needed to get through a kids birthday party at none other than chuckie cheese first. If you don't have a Chuckie Cheese or any idea what this place is let me do some splanning...
It's a pizza place that is full of games, and tunnel maze, a mascot mouse dressed in shorts walking around. It's a crazy madhouse and you could not pay me to go there BUT it was at 9:30am so it was dead and actually not bad. The craziness started to begin as we were walking out the door. Thank you have fun goood-bye. So got the kiddos home and down for naps with the hubs and met up with my girl Hineken or Hide-a-Key. This is her nickname I don't really meet up with a beer or an actual hide-a-key contrary to what others have believed I was doing. Really who runs with a hide-a-key. Seriously people listen to what I mean not what I say. HA!

And we were off....It was brutal. Like I wanted to cry my eyes ugly cry

Sorry KK but that is just not cute...

But I pushed on and I did it. 7.12 miles later I was done and in a bath to soak my sore muscles!!!

Sunday we woke up and I had a photo shoot to do and then off on a sledding adventure.
It was a fun weekend and I'm excited to get my A out there tonight and pound out 4 miles.

Tomorrow...Goals for 2013 because I don't make resolutions that I know I'll break.

Till then Peace out!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Beeatches!!

Ok I know it...I'm a horrible blogger. I should have this down but I finally get time at 10am and then with Christmas all hell broke loose. Bugger...

But have no fear I am back and my goal is at least one post a week. :)
I know you've been dying for an crickets...hmmmm...well anyways

December was full of parties, presents and lots and lots of food...

I crafted a ton and I'm still learning these blogger ropes. So bear with me. I don't know all the cool ways to enter a shortcut or to pin a button or well the list goes on but I'm a fast learner and when I'm dedicated I'm a perfectionist (was that enough of a run on sentance.)

If you're new to the blog welcome and thank for staying tunned.

I've been running approx 3 times a week weather depending.I haven't had a long run since November and it's killing me. To make matter worse this happened on Dec 29th

Yuck right. A hard wood end table feel on top of my foot. The picture on the left is about 10 min after instant bruise and swollen and the picture on the right is from Jan 1 the brusing spread and still swollen. It doesn't hurt to walk but it's still a tad sensitive on the top of my foot.

This also happened

Notice the difference...

So lots of snow added and a little sprinkle of this
Isn't that awesome. Feels like -20..

There was no way I was running in -temps.
It's bad enough with the snow let alone that my snot would seriously freeze to my face..awesomenesss.
So my little weight game has gone up a bit but I'm back on track and hoping crossing fingers and toes...youch...
that I can get my run in tonight!!!
The temp is a whopping 8 degrees but I might suffer through it to get in some pavement pounding!!
Happy Monday!! Later this week my 2013 goals...