Monday, January 14, 2013

Sometimes I Just Can't Help It

I wonder what people think sometimes of me.
My humor sometimes if you don't know know me can be hard to understand but than if you know me I'm F'n hilarious. Like I could have my own comedy central not really.
I was chatting up with one of my clients, and made a comment that I meant to be as a joke and she said nothing (crickets, crickets). It was bad and akward..and I felt like the Mary Catherine Gallagher from SNL that puts her hands in her armpits when she get nervous.

But alas I didn't resort to that. I just told her I was joking and we went on our marry way.
It got me thinking I must come across like a total ass hole sometimes. And than I realized who was I kidding or not kidding I'm not going to change my humor and once she knows me she'll realize that I am the bomb...ok so I'm joking about being the bomb because really my self-cofidence isn't that high. I mean I can make it through all my doors just fine my head doesn't really swell from compliments as I'm always second guessing myself.
Ok enough with all those ramblings of a crazy person and on to.....even more ramblings.

Last week I racked up some nice mileage during my runs...15.3..woohooo..
I didn't think it was to shabby. I only run 3 days a week. So kapow..
Monday was 4, Wed-4 and a whopping 7.3 on Saturday.
It was "warm" for Saturday. Probably still cold for any of you southners.

The lovely almost gone snow streets. And now it's below freezing again..Woohoo..not really. I forgot what 40 or should I say 30 degree fleels like. It's currently 12 degrees but feels like -2...awesome..My run tonight is going to be full of snot freezing to my face. I can't wait.

This past weekend we also had a birthday party full of screaming kids. I know your jealous and than our minis' had there friends over for a sleepover..So I had 5 kids (including my 3) at my house on Saturday after my run. So lots of running around and being loud as only kids can be. After they went to sleep we reveled and screamed at the TV as the Packers got there ass handed to them...Damn you 49'ers.
Oh well what can I say they played better and deserved it.
I should say I'm not a die hard football girl. I never even used to watch the game but as of lately I've gotten into it more. GO PACK GO!!!

Happy week y'all (because I wish I lived in TX to accomidate my love for big hair and warmer temps)

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  1. We all say y'all but we don't all have big hair!! Haha! ❤ Ya girl!


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