Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Idle Hands Lead To Cookies

The truth hurts..It's like a big bitch slap to the face.

I'm an emotional eater.
I wat when I'm bored, when I'm stressed, when I'm tired, etc. The list goes on.

That's the hardest thing about trying to lose weight. You want to get you're eating under control, but life gets in the way.
We are not all sequestered to a ranch and yelled at by personal trainers. We have lives, some of us have kids and some us have to do it all by ourselves.
I have all the excuses in the world. I have 3 kids, I work 12 hrs 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekends. I just don't have the time
if I let this way of thinking lead my life than I will not reach my goals.

Those goals are to reach my goal weight.
I can do it. I've done it before. If you're new to this blog then maybe you don't know but after I had my first child I lost 100 lbs. Why oh why did I let my weight creep back up.
Well there are a couple truths here #1-my body works against me when I'm a prego girl.
It literally thinks I need to be an obese woman when I'm nursing and while maybe it's TMI for y'all I did choose to nurse my children. I was always frustrated with those other moms that could nurse and go back to there pre-pregnancy weight. Y'all really you're just lucky and I am not.
After my second child I lost weight rapidly but never made it back down to where I wanted to be. I think I just gave up hope and when the third one came around I was content where I was at. But after he arrived my body went on strike yet again, until I stopped nursing. And since then I thought I was fighting with a vegence. It turns out however I was not.
I could have been getting my big butt up at the crack of dawn and working out then along with my runs at night, but I didn't. Why...well because I lost 35lbs without doing that. All I did was run 3x a week and I lost weight. But I've been stuck. Stuck like honey-boo-boo in the big mud pit.
And I needed a change.
So I called in the big guns.
Miss Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
I did it yesterday and I can honestly say I am sore. But not to sore that it hurts to walk up the stairs so maybe just maybe after 1 day I need to move it up to level 2. I'm only going to do this workout every other day because it's kind of boring. I like to change it up a bit.
Today I let this lady help me out.If you don't know her she's Chalene Johnson. She's done a ton of workout videos. I loved her Turbo Jam before and now I'm starting the Turbo Fire Series. It's no joke peeps.

So I'm hoping with this added workouts plus keeping up my running. I can get my goal weight alittle faster.

I hate hate being stuck at this weight. I wish it would fall off fast but it doesn't and I need to accept that.

Inspiration: Sometimes I feel like life has me going one step forward and two steps back, but then I think maybe I didn't learn something from my one step forward and I needed to relearn it! Don't get discouraged. Look around and see what you missed. Sometimes it's as simple as learning to accept life's set backs and handle them with grace rather than anger. Chin up buttercup!

What's holding you back from getting your goals?

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