Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Beeatches!!

Ok I know it...I'm a horrible blogger. I should have this down but I finally get time at 10am and then with Christmas all hell broke loose. Bugger...

But have no fear I am back and my goal is at least one post a week. :)
I know you've been dying for an crickets...hmmmm...well anyways

December was full of parties, presents and lots and lots of food...

I crafted a ton and I'm still learning these blogger ropes. So bear with me. I don't know all the cool ways to enter a shortcut or to pin a button or well the list goes on but I'm a fast learner and when I'm dedicated I'm a perfectionist (was that enough of a run on sentance.)

If you're new to the blog welcome and thank for staying tunned.

I've been running approx 3 times a week weather depending.I haven't had a long run since November and it's killing me. To make matter worse this happened on Dec 29th

Yuck right. A hard wood end table feel on top of my foot. The picture on the left is about 10 min after instant bruise and swollen and the picture on the right is from Jan 1 the brusing spread and still swollen. It doesn't hurt to walk but it's still a tad sensitive on the top of my foot.

This also happened

Notice the difference...

So lots of snow added and a little sprinkle of this
Isn't that awesome. Feels like -20..

There was no way I was running in -temps.
It's bad enough with the snow let alone that my snot would seriously freeze to my face..awesomenesss.
So my little weight game has gone up a bit but I'm back on track and hoping crossing fingers and toes...youch...
that I can get my run in tonight!!!
The temp is a whopping 8 degrees but I might suffer through it to get in some pavement pounding!!
Happy Monday!! Later this week my 2013 goals...

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