Monday, January 28, 2013

Shocking..Really...Read All About It

So I was planning on a little 8 mile run this weekend and instead this happened......

Yes I did that..I ran 10 freaking miles!! Holla!
Now for some this isn't alot or anything to jump and shout about but for me this was a huge milestone. This sets the scene for my half marathon because honestly if felt great. I felt like I could keep going and going forever which is why I busted out two more miles.

As I was running through the snow. Yes snow thank you people who don't shovel there sidewalks. I love running through it and having it get stuck to my shoes and weigh me down even more. (yes I am being a sarcastic girl) It sucked big donkey balls. Like I wanted to walk up to these houses and aske them why the hell it was so hard to shovel 3 feet of sidewalk. Then to make it even better lets talk about the ice hiding underneath those snow covered sidewalks..D to the ANGEROUS!!! I may or may not have done a couple of cartooney slips and trips. I'm pretty sure someone had there video camera out the capture the comedic situation. Gaaa!!!

Oh well I mustered up my lady balls and kept going. It was awesome. And if you follow me on this little journey you know I've had my fair share of brutal I want to die runs. I had a little epathany last week as I stepped on the scale and saw how my weight kept going up and I said NO MORE. I was going to stick to my calorie intake and that was that, and that's what I did. Wednesday am I weighed in and said "F" this shit. I ate really well all day ran on Wednesday and it was awesome!! It was still cold so cold I couldn't bust out another quarter mile to get my nice even round number of 6 instead stuck at 5.76. Whomp whomp. But that's ok! I did it..bam!!!
I ate well the rest of the week and indulged in some mucho margaritas and queso on Friday night!!
When Saturday run time came I busted it out like it was my bitch. Hard core beast mode!

My 15k is 13 days away and I'm hoping to get my time down a bit, but really I don't care about the time. This is the best I felt in forever. I've trained before but this time I'm all in! I'm so stoked for my runs that my legs actually get that fidgety feeling like horses waiting at the starting gate of a race.
So what does this week hold?

Well a hans solo run tonight? My running buddy is ditching me to get her hair did! So a 5'er is on the schedule and tomorrow is Jillian Michaels torture, Wed-Turbo Jam and a run, Thursday-Jillians back.
rest on Fri, Long run on Saturday..Sweet so excited to do this!!

In another post I'll show you some more of my crafty side! Many things in the works but nothing finished to show you'll have to wait in suspense.

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  1. Holy Connoli, Batman! 10 miles is freaking awesome... I need to get on your level!!


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