Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'Cause Sometimes It's Just Fun To Be Bad

So last week was a rough one. Living in the midwest we are suspetible to cold cold cold as hell temps. (I really never understand the phrase cold as hell because really isn't hell suppose to warm) I digress..so sorry.....squirel.
We had some wonderful -15 before windchill. That shit is cold and I'm not about to go out and run in that. Hells to the no. So just watched what I ate like a good girl all week.
The hubs and I had a date night planned for Saturday so I knew that could be my only cheat for the week. I even forgo'ed the Friday night McDonalds run that my hubby was craving. Yea!! Happy Dance over here. If you saw my New Years Goals one of those goals was to not eat Fast Food.
Holla!! This girl did not give in to temptaion!!

So Saturday comes and no run because hubs was working so I would have to wait till Sunday.
We go out for a nice dinner at Longhorns. Which by the way I used to really love and the meal was ehh...it was just ok. I did indulge in the texas tonins...yummy...and only ate half my steak. Good girl in da house.
Then we headed out for a night on the town for my bro's birthday.
Ok..So 1 drink...yummy...2 drinks...yummy...and the list goes on....until headed home..nope didn't drive..I am a firm believer in NO drunk driving..which I might not have felt till I sit down, but I obeyed the laws and didn't get behind the wheel.
Fast forward to me puking my guts out college girl style.. Oh ma god..not good at all.

No this is not me but you get the idea
So in true Nicole fashion I figured I would be fine on Sunday...nooo way...
I can say with all honestly I've never ever had a hangover in my life. Like solid truth.
I could hang with the boys, drink like nobodys business..Not to toot my own horn but so you get the picture. Shots, beer, hard liquor sure..I've been sick before and woke up and was totally fine. No hangover ever! I would sometimes even go to workout after a night of drinking. But can I say that ever since I've become healthier I choose not to drink. I just dont want my runs suffereing. Well hell hath no fury like a mom out on the town!! Balls. I sat around all day Sunday to ease the party that was going on in my head. Yuck...
Monday was a new day. I was feeling like gold and I was going to get that damn run in. I have a race on Saturday. My first 15K!!! Yeah...
These people are crazy..ha ha...and I'll be there with the crazy crazies!!!
So I pounded the pavement 6 miles in...booyah!!!
It was super cold but it was awesome!!! I'll be excited when the snow and ice melt so I can see how well my running has come along...


  1. Oh I learned this lesson the hard way too. a bottle of wine and the running the next morning. Terrible idea! Can't wait to hear all about that 15k!!!

  2. I just started following your blog! You had me cracking up!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog at http://mommycandis.blogspot.com/


  3. We can't hang like we used to! Ha!! :)


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