Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buck Up Buttercup

Lately I've been on a good run (pun totally intended). I've been eating well and running well.
Not to say my runs are tough or hard but I've been able to somewhat stick to a schedule.
I love knowing that on Mon/Wed/Sat it will be me and the road. Pounding out the day/weeks frustrations and getting recharged.
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Dressed and ready to take on ole man winter.
I've called bull shit on the time it takes me to run miles, I've called bull shit on having a crappy run or having a great run. Why you say well let's see.
#1. I run outside. I get to deal with all kinds of things that lead me to not run as fast as I like. For example stop lights, snow, ice, sleet, cold temps, hills, random people walking in the middle of the sidewalk that I have to dodge, crazy statue of liberty costume clad people (yes that is true no joke)
#2. After a long run the next run will be your recovery run and it will suck. It will be hard and it will not be fun but get through that and you'll be golden.
#3. need to make sure you're fueld up right or your run will suck.

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Since I've let go of the "I want to run so many minutes per mile" attitude I've become a better runner. I leave it all out there. If I'm tired I walk which is not the norm anymore....but it used to be.
When I first started running it use to be more walking than running but I got better over time.
I've been running since June 2012. It takes time. It will not happen overnight. As you lose weight you become faster but you also have to kill that bitch in your head that says "you can't do this", "it's to hard", "you're not a runner", "you'll never lose the weight you want", "you have asthma", "really you think you can run a half marathon", yes she's a talker and she tells me everyday how crappy I am......NEWSFLASH...that bitch in my head is getting quieter and quieter every step I take and every mile I log. She didn't even say a word on my last run. She whispered in my ear the run before when my music shut off and told me maybe I should just go home, but I shut her down and ran 5 miles sans music anyways..

WHY!!! Because I can! I can run like a beast. I can run in snow, ice, sleet, hills, cold temps, stranger danger, dark, light, almost anything. I can I've proven it. I can run with this fluffiness that I carry. No I'm not fast but you know what I'm faster than I was a month ago. I'm stronger than I was a month ago. I don't need to stop. I can run 8 miles without stopping. When I first started I was only able to do 1 mile before I needed to stop and it may even have been less than that.

I see so many people obsessed with the mileage, obsessed with the damn number on the scale...OBSESSED with the damn numbers.. Challenge let it go. For one week do not look at the number on the scale or the running app. Focus on how you feel. Focus on your outlook. Focus on your energy levels.
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This may really piss some people off but you know what it's true. While everyone must have drive and dedication to be better I think we get stuck and then we set ourselves up for failure. Like I'm going to lose 50 lbs in 5 mths. Well for me that's crazy talk because honestly it's not how my body works. For some people it will work but will that 50lbs still be off in a year or will they eat there way back there. For me it better stay off because once I reach my magic number I will stay in the magic number. I will not waste all those miles all those sacrifices to do it all over again as long as my body is with me.

Who has gotten stuck in the numbers game? I know I've been guilty but once I've let it go I've been so much happier and my runs and my weight have reflected it.
You can do this! You can start today!

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