Monday, March 4, 2013

It Was A Whine/Wine Weekend

Hey y'all.
My week and weekend were a whirlwind.
Last week Monday I set a goal of running 20 miles in a week.
Now where I live the weather is all over the place. One day it will be 35 degrees and sunny the next day -12 it really sucks so I try to just live day by day but I knew I needed to kick it up a notch.
So 20 miles in week should be easy.
Monday was soso it;s my recovery run and it was super hard. I was cold, and tired and lack luster.
I did 6.38 miles which is incrediable werid for me because I would normally push out a couple more steps to get an even number.
Wednesday was el sucko!!! It was snowing and it felt like I had velcro strapped to my shoes. I was only able to pump out 3 miles. Which leaves how many miles do I have to do on Saturday......11. yep I can.
Saturday was going to have be an ealy run also....
So everything was set up to be horrible......BUT!!!!
It wasn't!
So alarm set..yep that's AM people.
4 Am run!!
I got ready got fueled and was out the door to meet my running partner at 4am.
I had brought along some shot blocks to fuel me through my run. I usually hit a wall at mile 8 so I knew I would need to refuel at mile 7. I started out slow knowing that I had a long time to go until I finish. I starting running and just at about mile 3 this happened to me...
Yes a drunk well I'm not sure if he was a bum but regardless a big drunk scary guy invaded my personal space. I'm not sure what he wanted but I was not stopping as he was at least 6 ft tall and
as round as he was tall. He scared the crap outta me that I ran like the
Peace out scary old dude invading my personal space.
And I was off.....the rest of my run was pretty uneventful. Lots of gawkers wondering why in the hell someone is up before the crack of dawn to run!! Whateve's peeps. I had to get in my miles. I set a goal and I was for sure going to try and make that goal.
I made it home and felt AMAZING!!! No soreness what so ever. Thank you OsteoBiflex.

So I did it I ran 20.4 miles.
And then I went out and had some Wine!!!

That's my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours? What are you goals?


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