Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish The Sentence...Part Dos

Hey all friends, family, stalkers...
I'm linking up with the fabulous Holly and Jake today.
If you didn't see the first linkup I did with them you can find it

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... Queso Queso Queso, margaritas, chocolate. Yep life would be complete then
2. On my Prom night.... Well I'm sure I got all dressed up (because I love to dress up), and danced my ass off but felt like a loser because I went sans a date. All good though because really guys don't know how to dance and I'm not the type that likes to have my personal dance space invaded.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy....bread, milk, eggs, bananas, MIO energy
4. Family functions typically... depends on the family. If it's my mom's than it's game night and trash talk, if it's my dad's movie and trash talk, my in-laws sleeping lots of sleeping. You can tell why I'm the life of the party and why my hubs is not.
5. I think my blog readers... I have people who actually read my randomness....ha ha..just kidding..I'm thankful that they take the time to read my randomness!
6. I'd much rather be.....  a self made millionare so I could spend my time with my kids and doing charity work, oh and maybe be able to workout oh and world peace.
7. I have an obsession with.... hair and mascara, and reality shows!. Although I do not do my hair on a daily basis I love it and like it to look nice (even if it is up in a "I dream of Genie Bun" 90% of time), I love trying new mascara to pump up these baby horse eyelashes I have, and really who doesn't like to watch train wrecks on TV. Love it! 
8. My work friends.... hmmmm I'm self employed therefor no work friends :( But that also means no work poltics :), which makes me a happy girl.
9. When I created my Facebook account.... I never realized how time consuming it could be but I'm thankful for it. The word of mouth and visuals have helped build my business oh and my need to stalk the assholes I went to high school with.
10. My least favorite word is... I have lots the "C" word that some people use instead of bitch. I just hate that word and panties...eeeshhhh. I cringe when I walk into VS and they ask this, it's called underwear.
11. I really don't remember.... anything much of importance. Now random shit well I'm all over that. Like the name of the bone for the knee, or celebrity gossip or what happened at so & so's house 5 years ago.
12. Justin Bieber.... Ok I will admit to liking a couple of his songs but I'm really over his over the top bow to me craziness. There's only one queen of craziness and that's Britney Bitch!!
That's it in a nutshell....Have a great day!!


  1. Hey lady I am visiting from the link-up, I would eat all of those things as well!! Yummy!! Makes me hungry just talking about it! I hear you on the millionaire thing and reality TV, I cannot get enough of it!!

  2. I want to be rich too...I like that you said "self-made" instead of lottery winner like I wish...I haven't much drive...haha. thanks for linking with us!


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