Friday, March 15, 2013

Confused...well maybe

Alright peeps, so this good ole blog of mine is under construction. I'm trying to be blogtastic but it's really friggn hard. But I'm working on it. First things first I wish I could be as creative and cheekey as others with their blog title. I feel like "Looking into the mirror" was too....well stuffy. I'm a fun loving, scarcastic girl that is on a weight loss journey, as well as raising three kids...four if you count my hubs, I craft, I'm a photographer with a slice of help a sista out.
What do you think I should call this little piece of sanity...
Any suggestions are warmly welcome.
I've just changed it to my "My Crazy Life"
I've thought about some others:
Nicki B That's Me.
Mommy To Three.....
Fluffy To Fabulous
Running Like I'm Being Chased
If you have an idea help me out. If you like one of the above let me know!!

In other news last Saturday I busted out 13 miles like a beast.
Yeah I'm not the fastest but I don't care I still did it!

My half is 65 days away plenty of time for training but I was at 12 miles and not one mile more..I'm kind of stubborn like that. So holla I'm a to get that time done to my goal.
After my wonderful run and the greatness of grocery shopping and cleaning I was able to relax with my running girl Hide-a-key....
Man I look tired and need to fill in those brows. Thanks mom for making me pluck my catapillers.

Yum Yummmy....I love Margaritas...I should preface that I don't drink very much because of running but this was sinfully good...
We had dinner and then went and saw Silver Linings Playbook

Can I just say how yummy Bradley Cooper is and Jennifer Lawerence isn't so bad herself (no I am not a lesbian but I can appreciate a pretty girl and not be a caddy bitch about it.
I loved the movie, although the beginning had me feeling like I needed to be on some crazy meds...I couldn't sit still it was nuts but then the calm happened and I was good. (I should preface I'm not putting anyone down that is on said meds as I was on them at one time as well...don't hate)
I then had a wonderful Sunday with two babies to photograph and then some rest and relaxation...yeah right..I have three little ones remember.
My week has been unenventful. I've had a couple day care kiddos sick, editing pictures, cleaning the pig sty and only was able to run once in which I tweaked my hip..bugger cut me break..
But life is full of roller coasters so I will rest up the hip and hopefully pound out 13 miles on Sunday after more photo shoots.
Here is a little funny for those of you whom don't run and for those of you whom are runners but get flack for it like I do..

Ha ha...Have a great weekend...Share a little love and leave me a comment!!


  1. Let me think on this for a minute... I like something with your name mixed into the title... I'll come back to this. :)

  2. I agree with Holly. I like names in the title. Makes me remember it more. Even if it's a nickname. Makes it more personal too. People like to "get to know" you. They feel more connected to stories and whatnot. Good luck! :) If I think of anything I'll let you know.


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