Thursday, March 7, 2013

That Equals How Much!!

50lbs looks like this....

Hmmmmm or what about this.....
He's not quite 50 lbs but what's 5lbs....

50lbs is the amount I have lost so far in this journey. I woke up this morning and hopped on the scale and it made me smile. I'm officially in "onderland" as the cool kids call it.

Here are some progression pics- April 2012-250lbs...My baby just turned a year and I thought that sweatshirt was big on me. Pictures don't lie people....


So I guess that shirt was really working because again I thought that I didn't look that bad that was after 25lbs lost and now onto the current..


50lbs lost. The second pic I tighten the shirt so I could see the improvement better.

So now you know what 50lbs lost can look like. Like I previously stated I still have 50+ that I want to lose to get to my goal weight 140 lbs and then seek wealth and fame. LOL Not really but I think it would be cool to be on People's January edition that they put out on people that have lost a ton of weight but for now I'm happy inspiring others.

What's stopping you from reaching your goals. Because I can tell you it wasn't easy, I had to shut that doubt whisperer down. It was hard but I kept at it. I kept pushing through.
I started running/walking =wogging 9 miles a week. That's 3 miles 3x a week. Now I run the majority of my 20 miles a week. I stop when I get winded and I start again. I push through the pain that my body says I should feel. But I keep moving, step by step I keep moving forward to my goals.

And you know what once you grab for it its right there. You will have set-backs, you will not love it everytime you do it but remember that awesome feeling. Bottle it, capture it, whatever you need to do to remember it and when you feel like you don't want to and when you feel like you can't remember that feeling, and that alone will push you to contiue on.....

What are your goals? What's stopping you?

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