Friday, March 22, 2013

New Design!

Hey all!!
I asked for some feedback about what to name this little therapy nook that I call my blog!
So I've switched it up and it feels more like me!
Grab my button and add to your blog!
Show me some love and tell me what you think.

Onto more important news what's been going on in my LIFE!!!
Last Friday I took the munchkins minus Lil C to see the spring show.
(L-R~S, Titus, Bella)
S is Bella's friend from school. The spring show contains a couple different mini shows of dance. Peter and the Wolf, Grand Central, Four Swans, Feet, Dying Swan, Cowtown Love. These dances range from classical ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary. The kids loved it.
This little man loved the show!! Thank god it will save me therapy down the road when he hates me for torturing him with art appreciation.
Saturday is usually my long run day but since it's been snowing like crazy here we decided to defer till Sunday afternoon. So Saturday I did the normal run around like a crazy person and then it was double date night with Miss Hide-A-Key, her hubs, my hubs, and me. We decided to go see Identity Thief and get some grub.

Date Night Selfie
Sunday I had to photo shoots to do and then I was able to pound out some pavement before the sun went down. It was rough. Holy crap drinking the night before not a great idea. No matter still pounded out some mileage! 
Since I ran on Sunday I skipped my Monday run which was ideal since it was again snowing...
Wisconsin Girl problems I tell ya! Ha
So onto Wednesday and kicking out a 6'er in freezing cold temps. Check out the feels like temp 5 degrees. Who the H does that. This girl and it's paying off. Slowly ever so slowly but with ever step I'm getting stronger and faster. BOOYAAAHH!!!

So what's on the agenda for this weekend....well my running girl has left me for sunny so Cal for the week so I'll be running hans solo on Saturday!
Sunday I have again photo shoots and Easter #1 of the wonderful family gatherings. Wish me luck that I don't die in a dip coma!! That's the fun theme of this Sunday's gathering all different kind of dips. Beer dip, Artichoke dip, dessert dip, veggie dip...Oh my dipness!!!
Have a great weekend!!

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