Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey Pimps and Playas...or playa's and pimps...
How was your weekend?
Mine was one big ball of go here and get this and I forgot this and I need this....
That's my life peeps. I'm a non-stop momma and it's caught up to me and I'm tired!!

Friday I can't even remember what I did if I did anything other than I watched a movie and my hubby fell asleep. I watched the movie Bachelorette
Ehhh..It pretty much sucked. I love me some Rebel Wilson and her character made me want to rip my eyes out. Annoying!!
Saturday I got my butt outta bed early and pushed out another 10 miles. Holla!!
Excuse the morning face...it was early!
I felt awesome after that and then off to the grocery store I went with my mini's.
I came home and worked on my decluttering that I've been working on, and didn't I totally forget that we were suppose to be at a birthday party at 2. Yep I did. I felt like a complete idiot but hey it happens.
Sunday I updated my do, since the grays were poking through. Well word to the wise I left it on to long and now my hair is closer to black vs dark brown. Oh well I'll rock that shit!
Look at this mini..He has some mad skills, because I couldn't do that.
After my photo shoots and hair dying fiasco we headed over to my mom's for Easter #1.
Once we got to my mom's we played cards and feasted on dips. That was the theme of the get-together. Make your favorite dip and this momma watched what she ate because I wasn't going to throw away that 10 miler.
My goofballs
Yesterday and today were catch up and trying to get some rest because I'm still so dang tired.
 I'm hoping to get a run in on Wednesday and Saturday, since we have Easter #2, 3, and 4 this weekend. And if there's a party there's lots and lots of food. Nobody ever goes or leaves hungry.
That's my weekend and week. Wishing you a great day!

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