Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Take A Break!

Last week I took a little break from running. My little man was getting some molars in and he wasn't sleeping through the night, which makes it super hard for mommy to get the sleep I need.

See even this little guy was tired.
So I took a little break from running last week. I was also starting to lose the love for the run and sometimes you just got to let go and fall in love again.
So I did. I focused on my family and trying to get more sleep oh yeah and I was having the whole
in-law family over for dinner on Sunday so I needed to clean up my casa and get stuff ready for Easter dinner and for Easter Baskets from the bunny.

Yeah he found his basket
Found an egg!
Acting Goofy ~ wearing Grandma's glasses
Helping getting stuff ready for dinner.
I was washing the dishes before everyone showed up and the sun was calling my name. So while everyone else was taking a nap I went out and ran a quick 5 miles.
It felt amazing and I was sweating bullets. Nasty red face and gross but it was so great and even though I thought it was a crappy run it turned out to be one of my fastest runs to date. I've run 75 miles in the month of March. Just the month of March. That seems crazy to me but I'm so excited to be adding this kind of mileage and to be loving running.
Easter dinner went well and mini man slept through the night and I was geared up and fired up to run on Monday. And I did. I did another 5 miles and felt amazing!!
Here's a little Transformation Tuesday for you:
Left side April 2012/Right March 2013
50lbs gone forever!!
It's ok to take a break! Just make sure you get back on that wagon and ride it to your goals.
Take it step by step and you'll find your finish line!!

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  1. Loved reading this today, it's just what I needed! I'm craving a run today too and it'll be my first run (probably will be more like a walk!) in months! Need to get back out there though, I know I'll be a mess at first but I'm ready to tackle it!


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