Monday, April 8, 2013

Balance..Breathe In and Out

Balancing life with 3 kiddos, a full-time job, a part-time job, keeping a home, spending time with friends and family is super hard. Now let's just add working out that pile of to do's. There will be times when it seems like is it really worth it. There will be times when you just want to throw in the towel and drop all the spinning plates that you are holding. You may want to quit. You may think is it really worth it......

Well yah it's worth it! It's worth the wonderful endorphins that take over after you've worked out. Now don't get me wrong I love to sit around and relax as the much person. Truth be told I don't get to relax until my kiddos are in bed at night. So after 7:30 -8 pm I can usually unwind, but I'm usually in bed at 9 so it's only about an hour. So what do you do...You budget. Just as you budget your money you budget your time. Now just like unexpected bills you'll have unexpected things that come up so you'll have to reorganize. You'll have to move this or that around so you can fit in your workout. But if you have a plan you'll succeed.  I plan my runs just like a part-time job. I run Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays. My husband knows that these days are off limits or he'll need to find someone to watch over the mini's. Except for Saturday when I get up at the crack of dawn to run before he heads into work. Is it hard? Well yes sometimes it really is but I remind myself that nothing worth while is ever easy. It will mean more to me that I worked my butt off.

Now with that here was my weekend. The hubs had a guys night with his buddies so I stayed home with our mini's and after bedtime I worked on work that had fallen by the wayside, oh and watched a couple movies.

Since it was raining and sleeting Friday night my normal Saturday am run was rescheduled to Sunday. Yeahhh...I could sleep in or sleep in as much as an 8, 5, and almost 2 year old would let me.
Then off to the weekly grocery shopping, and errands. Dropped T man off at a birthday party and home to bake cupcakes with Bean, while Lil C took a nap. Then clean and clean some more. I'm currently in the process of getting rid of the excess. Like the "too big" clothes that have accumulated and the clothes that really aren't my style anymore. I'm getting rid of the fat and the excess.

Big T got dropped off and then we had supper. The hubs came home and I was off to hang with my girl Miss Hide-A-Key at her casa for some girl time. She just went to CA and I needed to see the pictures, hear the wacky stories, and drink some wine. We watched some SNL which was super lackluster...what's the deal Melissa McCarthy (whom I adore) but the show was super whomp whomp...borring, except for the 2nd number by the band Phoneix. If you didn't see you you have to Click here to see it. Now I'm not a fan of Phoneix...they're a little to mellow for my liking but one of their guitar players was really getting into it and rockn' it while everyone else in the band seemed to be pretty mellow. I thought it was hilarious or maybe it's because I was super tired.

Anyway I got up Sunday and cooked some pancakes for the minis and than off to run. I had planned to just do 10 and I'm not sure why or where I pulled out the motivation but this is what I did
Holy cow batman....14 friggn miles!!
Maybe it was the new shoes, or that it was 40 degrees out or that it's suppose to be raining all week so who knows when I'll get my run in but I did it. I beat my previous 1/2 marathon time by 14 min. Can I just get a hell yeah!!!!  Anyway after that I came home and took a 2 mile walk with my mini's as promised and then off to run errands with the hubs. Came home for weekly pizza and AFV, kids in bed and then sleepy time for momma! This week is hopefully a run tonight, wed, and long run on Saturday. I have pic's on Sat night and on Sunday so the week is slow but the weekend will be busy!!
Have a great week and maybe you'll see/hear from me this week.
Peace, Love, and Water Chugs!!!


  1. i personally think that as long as you don't go crazy on vacation (ie. eat everything in sight), you'll do just fine. a week of sort of eating healthy won't do much in terms of stalling your progress. it's a *consistent* lack of healthy choices that really puts a doozy on your weight loss progress.

    that said, it's great that you ran a bit longer than before! i'm waiting for this crazy weather over here to calm down so i can start running outside again (we're under a winter storm watch <--WTF!) here in toronto (canada).

  2. I agree that it is about balance. I have a lot of kids too and I have to get up early and get the "me" stuff done before the kids need my attention. I'm so impressed with your running!


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