Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bring it Back Yearbook Style

Good Morning y'all! No I'm not from the south I like to pretend I am. Ha! Get ready to laugh your booties off. I'm taking you back in the day with an awesome link-up from my girls
Kimmy, Holly, and Jennifer! If you don't stalk them daily you should.
Here, (The Thing About Destiny) and Here, (Where We All Can Live Like Jack & Sally )and
Here FatChick2Fit Chick. All three are super funny girls.
If you want to join in the fun or humiliation just grab the bottom and then head over to one of those fab lady's blogs
Alright big breath and here goes....a walk down memory lane...

Awe. Look at the John Travolta yellow jump shit.
Hey I'm finally getting some hair
The wonderful bob
Hey finally more hair and the Chrissy from 3's Company Dress
Awe. Laura Ingals called and wants her dress back
 My mom was super pissed that I wore that teddybear pin. I snuck it outta the house and thought I was so cool. To bad I forgot to comb my hair down.
Here's the beginning of super bad hair days. My mom liked the fringe and the mullets.
Yikes...seriously no words but it really gets worse. Fun fact my mom made all my clothes for this picture and the previous pic's. Now I think it's awesome, at the time I just wanted cool clothes from the store.

All right so my husband found this picture and seriously thinks it's the funniest thing ever. He even scanned it and emailed it to friends. Jerk...it's a good thing I'm a good sport. Hello permed mullet, definitely rockn' the chic Steve Urkel.

Finally clothes bought from the store. Totally rockn the stone washed look. Don't be jealous and those teeth thank the lord for braces..and waterfall bangs...

Omg grandma said this sweater was just for pictures. Too bad I really didn't want to wear it. Shoulder pads and all oh and more fountain bands. What the hell.

Ahh...senior year and I was so pissed this morning, my hair wasn't doing what I wanted it to do and it was short because my mom couldn't help herself when I asked for just a trim. She gave me a trim alright...5 inches. Thanks mom..I think it's the reason why my hair has never been shorter than shoulder length since.

My mom and me..
I look like an amazon next to her. She's all of 4'11" as I tower above her at 5'7"
Oh and I had to bust this bad boy out. Does anyone have
"These Are The Days Of Our Lives"
Running through their heads.
Eat your heart out Susan Lucci...
That's taking it way back for you! Not to say my pictures now days are any better but you can bet I'm not rockn' a mullet or water fountain bangs, and I only wear glasses for fun since my vision is 20/20 now! Good things do come with age!
Have a great day and laughing at my heartache of hair-do's.

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