Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So What It's Wednesday..

Hey everyone!!! Or me just babbling to myself. It's all good!
Sorry I didn't post on Monday. I think my usual weekly posting would really be Tuesday as my Mondays are hectic, but with the tsunami of rain we got yesterday nap times were all messed up, so that led to know post. I'm sorry.....

So let's take a look at those goals.
Last week:
This week here are the goals:
Monday -Run/arms Did 5
Tuesday - Spin/Legs Yes
Wed- Run/arms Did 5
Thursday - Spin/Legs Yes
Friday - Stretch or yoga Nope I slept in
Saturday - Long Run 13 miles 11 Miles instead..Time was an issue
Sunday - Rest

This getting up at 4:45am is getting a little easier. Although truth be told I'm ready for bed time by 8:30 but I push myself to stay up till 9pm.. I know living life on the edge..

Saturday night we celebrated my birthday. My birthday is/was actually on Sunday but we had a family party to attend. So we met up with friends and family and had a big steak dinner with free dessert. Then headed out to hear some live music. The music was good but super mellow and after a glass or bottle of wine (thanks Randy), I was ready for bed. I wouldn't say I'm old but I will say that getting up at 4:50am played into the equation of needing to leave by midnight. 

Over all it was a great day/night. Sunday I headed out to the family party with the kiddos (my hubby had to work). It was super chill and was nice since I was still very tired, but I put on my big girl panties and played some games and visited.

I've been doing super well with my eating except for the birthday dinner. The sugar meltdown happened Monday morning when my body was going through withdrawal. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. I'm going to keep up with this eating well and limiting sugar plan. I will eat it occasional because it's in many things, but I really honestly have so much more energy when I don't consume it in the form of cake, cookie, crap...

So here's the goals for this week.

Monday - Run - Did 6.50 miles
Tuesday - Spin/Legs - Did
Wednesday - Strength /Run I did the strength part already
Thursday - Spin
Friday - Rest or Yoga
Saturday - Long Run 13 miles
Sunday - Rest

I hope you have a great week and I'll leave you with this little picture gem that shows what a real dork I am.
I sent this out to some of my friends on Thursday to brighten their day.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Back to the Grind

Hello Monday Morning!!!
I can honestly say I did not have enough down time this weekend. Here's to hoping next weekend might be a little slower!!
Last week I had some heafty goals. What I did was marked in red.
Monday - Run Did 3 Miles
Tuesday - rest Rested
Wednesday - Run/Strength Spin/Leg Strength
Thursday - Spin Rest
Friday - Strength and stretch Stretch
Saturday - Bellin 10k Race Race Day!!
Sunday - Rest Rest

I went to the chiro on Tuesday and sure enough my ankle was jacked out of place a little. So being a good patient I decided to for go any running until the race. I still spinned and did some leg strength. I'm resuming the weights today. The cleanse is going great. I had one slip up of sugar Friday night and I paid for it Saturday. Yikes...Do not I repeat do not eat sugar while on the cleanse. Although, my hubby said it might have just been the subway. I think not!!!
It was also the kiddos last day of school on Thursday!!! I'm so excited to have them home for a little bit before school starts back up.
Left -First day of school / Right -last day of school

As for the race I felt I did pretty good at the race given that I had to stop and go potty a couple times and I felt like I may puke every minute, BUT I only stopped to go potty and that's it. I didn't PR, but I didn't think I would. My best time for this race has been 1:08 (with a potty break, teeny tiny bladder here). That time was when I was 50lbs lighter. I ended up finishing in 1:15. Now I know there are a ton of people out there that can run way faster and that's ok, I only try to do the best I can and I feel like I did that!!!

Saturday after the race we had a graduation party that lasted 9 hours. It was a ton of fun!!!!
Sunday was Father's day and we started the day off with brunch with my padre, and then we came home and I let my hubby take a nap while I weeded and planted flowers with kiddos!! A huge storm rolled in and after that was done we headed to the in-laws to hang for a bit. After a couple hours of an Eye Spy marathon, we went to leave only to find that our middle man locked the car doors with our keys in it. really I should know better. After running home and getting the spare we came home and enjoyed our family pizza night. It was an awesome weekend.

This week here are the goals:
Monday -Run/arms
Tuesday - Spin/Legs
Wed- Run/arms
Thursday - Spin/Legs
Friday - Stretch or yoga
Saturday - Long Run 13 miles
Sunday - Rest

Here we go!!! Marathon training is back in full swing. I'm hoping for 6-9 miles runs during the week and longer ones on the weekend. I'm going to keep up the strength training and the spin since they really helped me with time and endurance during the race in April!! 
I'm super excited because it's my birthday on Sunday and we're going out for a big juicey steak dinner on Saturday. I'll be done with my cleanse by then and onto the second part of the 24 day challenge. I'll be back to being a good girl after that dinner. I really like the way I'm feeling and I'm noticing little changes in my the good old girls are shrinking...ekkk....
That's all I got. I hope you are doing great and sticking to your goals.
Share them with me. If you want me to help you stay accountable let me know!!!

Have a great week!!!

What are goals? Are you eating clean?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey hey for Monday....errrr. Tuesday...

Hey everyone...sorry this is a day late. I was going to post yesterday but I had no time.
This past weekend we had the rummage sale. My sister-in-law loves rummage sales. My husband and I even told her she should just open a resale shop since she loves to rummage and have rummage sales.

I on the hand am not a fan. I mean I like going and seeing what I can find to refurbish, but having it at my house stresses me out. The clutter and the chaos are not my forte.  With that being said, my sister-in-law lives in an apartment SO being the nice girl that I am, I said she can have it at mi casa. Rummage sales are so much work. Maybe not for the average rummage sale, but our rummage sales actually have departments and we figure out the best way to merchandise, etc. The marking isn't bad since I do it all year long, but the moving it out of the garage and then back in at the end of the back is killing me.

With that being said we made out like bandits and I sold a ton of stuff. Thank you very much. Ha!
We won't be having one for two years thank the lord!!!!

So onto the normal Monday...errr Tuesday goals. My goals last week were a little jacked since I had this whole ankle thing going on. It was still swollen so I just chose to let it heal. It was really the perfect time since my bike was put away for the sale, and I had no time to or energy to exercise at all.

So here are the goals for this week
Monday - Run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Run/Strength
Thursday - Spin
Friday - Strength and stretch
Saturday - Bellin 10k Race
Sunday - Rest

This week is jam packed with alterations, concerts, grad parties, birthday parties, Father's Day and a race.

We have our annual 10K that I've participated in for 13 years. Yikes...that's a long time. I've only 1 time had a great time and I was 50 lbs lighter. I know I'm not going to PR but I'm hoping I'll still do OK:)
This is one of the only races that my hubs participates in as well. He's not so much a runner, which is funny because he got me to run it in the first place, but he doesn't train. He looks like he might just die every time he runs it and it scares the hell out of me.

Last year I stayed by him because I was worried. This year he told me to go ahead since he knows I've been running faster than him and I think he's ran maybe 3 times. So we'll pick a spot to meet and I'll be all rested and relaxed by the time he gets to me:)

So that is what we have planned for our week. What's on your agenda? Your goals? Do you rummage sale?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Short & Sweet

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super busy as is the norm in my life.
My hubby was out of town so my mom offered to watch my mini's so I could get my long run in on Saturday morning. 12 miles of heat and humidty did me in.
Nike is drunk. It was acutually 12 miles.

After my run I showered and was off to my moms for some wedding decor making. My sister's July wedding is fast approaching and there's a ton of stuff that needs to get done. After 8 hrs of working on that I came home and passed out, not before noticing my right ankle was swollen. Ekkk. 
Sunday I got up and had two photo shoots and then prepping for our rummage sale.  I think the first time I sat down was last night at 8 pm. So I'm taking today off from any sort of exercise and heading to the chrio.
My ankle doesn't hurt as much as it's swollen and feels like it needs a good crack.

My goals for the week are going to be slightly different. Since my garage is filled to the top with kids cloths, etc I won't be able to get my spinning in, and with my ankle I may have to improvise some ideas.
So here it is:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Strength
Wednesday - Early am run (if possible)
Thursday - Strength
Friday- Yoga
Saturday - Early Am run
Sunday - Rest

That's what I got. I'm hoping I will be able to knock this out, but with late nights in my future and my ankle situation I want to be smart about it too. I don't want an injury when marathon training is just begining.

I hope you have great week and I won't be posting till next Monday since I'll be busy with the sale.
Have a good one.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Saying Good Bye To My Hero


On Wednesday the world lost a wonderful woman. Maya Angelou was a truly amazing woman. 
 Although I have never met her; she spoke volumes to me. Her quotes, her story, her grace, her words have helped me through my roughest times. Those quotes helped me forgive the past and move forward.  You will be missed sweet angel.

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou 1928-2014
I love so many of her quotes so I'm sharing a few of my favorites


And this last one. Because I am on a journey and I sometimes forget that I have a lot of changes to go through to get to my butterfly stage. 

Sorry it's a little deep today, but sometimes I think we need take a step back and really look at our life. Are we happy, I mean really happy? If we're not that what's stopping us from changing it?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mine is super busy which is no surprise but I will enjoy every minute of it!!!

Do you love Maya Angelou's quotes? 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So What!!!

I love me some SO What Wednesday.
A day I can just tell the world to "eff it, I'm not perfect".

1. So What If.... I slipped up over the weekend. I blame it on lack of sleep from my mini-man waking up 5 million times. Thank goodness he finally got a good nights sleep. I woke up fresh this morning and ready to tackle the world.

2. So What If... I love primarily on caffeine, Claratin D, and carbs. I'm trying to be a good girl but it's so fun to be bad.

3. So What If... I am over all the fake-Ass (yeah I just said it, I'm that mad) people that photo shop, slim app, 360 app the crap out of their pictures on IG, etc. I really work hard for my progress and it really bums me out to see some people that use this stuff. Yes I get a blemish, yes I have pores, yes I have cellulite, yes my hair looks horrible, yes I don't often wear make-up, but it's me.
Be real people, because when people see you in real life it can be quite the shocker. Most of my pictures on IG are "sweat drenched I just got done with a workout and I don't care what I look like" pictures. I want people to be inspired by my hard work and not my make-up face while I work out.
I admit I did use filters last year when I first joined IG, but stopped right away. It's not who I am.
So back away from the apps people. When your make-up looks flawless because you used an app you're being a liar, when you look like you have teeny tiny legs in one picture and then "real legs" in the next, it's time to be real. I'm not calling anyone out just saying it.

4. So What If I'm dreaming of a vacation with booze, sun, and a personal attendant to fan and mist me.
A girl can dream right!?!?

5.  And So What IF.....I sometimes feel like a poser in this fitness world. I run a lot, but I'm not fast. I work-out a lot, but I haven't lost any weight. I meal prep a lot, but I really just want to eat my weight in carbs, chips, and candy.

That's all I got for the day
I hope you have a great day and what are you saying SO WHAT to?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesdays

Hello beautiful people!!!
Since I didn't list out my goals yesterday for the week here they are:
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Weights am/ Run PM
Thursday - Spin it up
Friday - Yoga/stretch
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Rest

That's the plan. I took an extra rest day today since running my half. My body really needed it, and I didn't get home till super late since I was helping with my sisters wedding planning.
So back to the 5am club tomorrow!!!

Today is my hubby's birthday and I believe we're going out to dinner to celebrate. I have to find some time today to make his cake too. Hmmmm I wonder if I could just stop time so I could fit everything in.
On top of all that madness it's a little wet outside, since we had a monsoon last night (not a real one, but it was pouring from 4:00pm on), so my normal am walk with the munchkins will have to wait till the afternoon. Oh well such is life.

I'm also going to have to look into different ways to fuel before my long runs. Last time I trained for a full I ate oatmeal prior to running and used shot blocks which gave me icky belly bloat. I've been using Gatorade chews instead and they've worked but I really need to up my calories I think. I'm still researching. Last time I kind of researched but not really and I really want this full to be better and feel great too.
I'm also really looking into what I'm eating. I've been so tired and get headaches in the PM and feel like I could sleep all the time. This is so not the normal for me. I've been dealing with this fatigue since Cedric was born but it seemed to get better and then January came and I haven't felt better since. You all know that my hubby sleeps on the couch because of his snoring, but I'm still so tired when I wake up, and I'm sleeping a lot. I'm going to the DR in a week to get my levels checked since I haven't been myself since January and I have some girly issues too. Fingers crossed everything is ok. I hope they just don't pass off my fatigue and other symptoms as the normal "you are a busy mom" or "you're getting older". I really hate that when they say that. I know my body better and I know something is wrong.

In other news, school is gearing down for the kiddo, they have 3 weeks left, and soon they will be home for the summer. They are so excited, as am I, but that also means my days will be even busier than before. I have to make sure I really plan everything.

That's all I got for ya today.

Just because he's cute and I wish I could sleep.

Have you dealt with fatigue? What are your thoughts about going glutton free?