Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maid of Honor, Photographer, Wedding Planner

So I know it's been a hot minute since I wrote a post. My girl Fe asked if I quit blogging.
It may seem that way; but really I've been so busy I can barely breathe. My little sister just got married this past Friday. I was one of her maid of honors, one of the photographers, and basically the wedding planner.
Since we are a family of DIY'ers there was a lot of time, and planning that went into everything from the decorations, to the programs, to the gifts for the attendants.

My sister got engaged in February 2014 and wanted to be married in July. Yep, 5 mths later. So it was rush, rush, rush to get everything done. Along with marathon training, going to Texas, etc I've barely had enough time to get my laundry done. So no I'm not giving up on the blog but I'm just making sure it's not consuming all of my life.

But back to the title. The wedding...

Thursday after a nice run. I got washed up and ended to the nail salon to get my nails done.
Then off to the hall to decorate. After decorating I had to run and pick up the arch, columns, a birthday cookie cake, my veggies, and some lip gloss. We headed to rehearsal after the madness that is rehearsal we headed over to my mom's for a get together.

It was a lot of funny, being able to let loose and get silly. Team dork's right here.
Before we all left we were given our wedding party gifts.

There was a godmother mirror with a heart.

I was also given a special gift from my nephew.  My sister has taken in this little man as her own from day one as have the rest of my family. This gift was very special to me and you can best believe I cried my eyes out. 

After finally getting to sleep it was the big day.
My little sister picked me and Miss B up to head back to the reception hall to decorate the tent.
photobomber- Miss B

Then we were off to the salon to get our hair done, eat, and for me to play make-up artist.

Then it was back to my sister's house for all of us to get in our dresses and finishing touches.

My little guys..sent from my hubby.

I had no phone on me during this day. I was so busy making sure that everything was taken care of. So sorry for my lack of pictures. I did drag my big DSLR out for individuals of the lovely couple but they are still waiting to be edited. 
Over all, it was a beautiful day, the bride was beautiful and she never knew about the hic-ups that happened along the way. I'm thankful for that! I gave my matron of honor speech and cried my eyes out.
I got to dance with my babies and my family. 

And because we're dorks...family photo....

I'm so happy for my sister, and new brother. I'm happy for the friends of my sister that really kicked it into high gear to help out. What I'm thankful most of all is that my sister had her dream wedding and I got to be a part of it. 


  1. So sweet! Congrats to your sister!! My little sister is turning 21 next month, and I can't wait to be a part of her wedding!! (many years down the road of course:)

  2. What a good sister you are! So glad everything went well!


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