Monday, October 21, 2013

10K For Team Triumph

I'm so sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately. Fall is the busiest time of year for me.
I've been doing 3-4 photo shoots on the weekends and with birthday parties to organize it's been chaos. I was going to post last week but hello the good ole internet was down for a week. Thank you hornets that decided making a home in the phone box would be a great idea. Can you tell how awesome I thought that was? Grrrr. I have patience but not so much when things are running slow or not working. Alright so here's the recap of the last two weeks. This maybe my only post as again it's busy busy here at mi casa.

Let's take it back to October 5th. I ran a 5k that would complete my 2013 goal of running a 5K, 10K, 15k, half marathon and full marathon. It was the Pink Pumpkin Race and I met up with my other runner girl Miss J.
It was cold and wet and super hilly. Please tell me what spawn of the devil puts a ginormous hill at the end of a race. Jerks. LOL Oh well I was stoked because I PR'ed. Hey I know I'm the captain of team Turtle and I'm fine with that.
Sunday I had pictures to take..
Flash forward to the following Saturday and I got in another wet run.
What is up with the pucker face. ekk.
You can't see it to well but the second picture on the left is a rainbow that peeked out before it down poured. Fun fact. I hate running in the rain and never would do it. I guess I'm not so much a fair weather runner anymore. After my run was more pictures, followed by a family function on Sunday.
Mini C with my bro...yes we're a family of dorks.

Again flash forward to this past Saturday (because that's what my life is like can someone push the slow down button)
This past Saturday I ran in the 10K Africa Hope Run.
I ran the race as part of a team for my Team Triumph.  I've talked about my team triumph before.
You can check it out here .
Now I'm not a big preacher in things. I'll comment on something I like but I don't throw it your face. BUT this group of people is amazing. I have never ever felt so uplifted and inspired. They just light this fire in your soul that makes you want to do whatever you can.
To be an angel you are suppose to raise $100, this money covers your registration and the rest of the money goes towards the equipment, captain registrations, etc. This is an 100% non-profit organization, unlike some non-profits that keep a cut for "expenses and fees". This organization gives everything back and everyone is a volunteer, nobody gets paid with money to be a part of this group.  Anyway, my personal goal was to raise $300 for them. I sent out my email to my family, and posted on facebook. Within the first 5 min I was at $200. When I checked last Thursday I was past my goal. I had raised $305 for my Team Triumph. I am not usually at a loss for words but I was truly humbled by those that donated and supported me and my goals.
Now onto the good stuff....race day.
We (Hide-a-key, BB, & me) got up and had to be there for 7, race was at 7:50). It was super cold, and the forecast was predicting snow. ekkk already I like 50's, thank you very much.
It ended up being really sunny and no wind at all.
We helped set up, sign Johnny shirt and took some pic's.
Jacob and Me
Jacob, Me, Hide-a-Key
Each captain is given a shirt and the angels sign it for them, so they always have a reminder of their angels for that race. Jacob was our training captain. He was a volunteer helper for the day.
So we got our Captains in their strollers and started off to the finish line.
It was a beautiful morning. Chilly, yes but the sun was super bright. All our captains were very excited to doing the race. We got to start 10 min before everyone else so we could spread out a bit.  We started off faster than what I'm used to and I tried my best to keep up but by mile 3 I was exhausted and having issues with my breathing, but being the great team mates that they are BB, and HAK slowed down the pace so I was able to keep going. Our captain  made sure we were hooked up with some tunes while running, as well as gum and tissues.  I thought it was really great that once the other runners caught up with us that most of them ran past and said "Great job", You're looking great", etc., to Johnny. This was Johnny's race. That's the thing about most runners. They are always encouraging others.
We were coming up to mile 5 and kept asking Johnny if he wanted to run. He was very hesitant and kept saying in a little bit. When we reached mile marker 6 we all said, "Ok bud you can do this we'll be there helping you." Reluctantly, Johnny got up out of the stroller to run the last .2 miles of the race.
I'm yelling go please excuse the akward picture.
Poor little guy had to stop twice. Looking at Johnny you would think he's a normal kid. He can walk, talk and function, but he has CP in his hips which makes it very difficult to run. He's a trooper. He finished the race and we were all so proud and had tears in our eyes.
Post race Photo
What a great race!!! I'm so proud of our team. I'm sad that we're done with our group till March. Darn you WI snow. Ha!
So that's my little re-cap. Sorry I've been MIA, and this week looks like it's not slowing down, but I'll be back next week with a re-cap on the mini's birthday party.



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