Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Princess, Ironman, and Frog

Ok so the title sounds like something from a bad joke but it's just what my mini's dressed up as.

Being that we have two fall birthdays for my oldest two, we chose to celebrate them together.
This year it worked out well because my kids also want a costume party every year for Halloween.
I love Halloween and themes so celebrating all three seemed like a great idea to me.
Oh and it gives me a great excuse to use my skeleton tongs.
The whole gang

Wednesday Addams and Thing on my shoulder

I'm so glad that even the adults dressed up. Please forgive my Wednesday Addams broodingness. I don't usually do the death stare at the camera but I had to stay in character.
And the lovely cake. Oh I love my kiddos and I usually do an elaborate cake but they wanted to help decorate so there you have it.
The kids all had a blast and they want to do it again next year. So this may be a reoccurring event.
Do d├ęcor your own birthday cakes? Dressing up for Halloween?

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