Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love, Birthdays, Goals, and SO WHAT!!!

This past Friday I celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss with my husband. Now to say it's been all rainbows, glitter, and unicorns I would be telling you a lie. It's been chalk full of ups and downs, but we've gotten through it. 3 kids, two businesses, and a little trip to crazy town and we're still standing together strong. I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else and to say he's my best friend is an understatement because he's so much more.
He hates pictures (Dec 2012)

We celebrated in style, at home, sans children for the whole weekend. Thanks mom! It was great to be like it was before we had all this responsibility in our lives. Here's to many more:)

Yesterday was the oldest of the mini's birthday. I still remember the long process of her entering this world. To say her birth was easy is a huge understatement. She took 19 hours of hell and is still as stubborn as hell. She takes her sweet time to do things but her heart makes up for it all.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl
Birthday Outfit
Alright it's October and since I'm late to the party here are my Goals for the month
Maybe if I put them out there I'll actually stick to them
Mondays-Chalene Extreme (am) / Run (pm)
Tuesdays- Chalene Extreme (am)
Wednedays-Chalene Extreme (am)/Run (pm)
Thursdays-Chalene Extreme (am)
Fridays-Yoga (am)
Saturday - Long Run (am)
So there it is for the workouts and my goal is to eat within my calories.
Since I'm done marathon training for now (did you catch that) it's time to work on getting this hot mess express toned and to my goal weight. I'm going to see how it goes this month and then re-evaluate in November.
Life After I Dew
Now on to SO WHAT WEDNESDAY........
SO WHAT IF: I posted this late. Birthday burger and cake called my name first.
I was suppose to get up early to start my routine and I didn't because my kids decided that being awake all night was way more fun. Insert lots of MIO energy this am to wake up.
I'm loving Miley Cyrus's new song Wrecking Ball. I makes me say "eff" you haters.
I'm counting down the days to see my fav's in Chi-town, along with fast forward to April when I get visit with another fav.
I'm already thinking about another marathon.....yes once you catch the bug you have it. I'm not sure what the husband thinks but maybe I'll have a year to convince him:)
I'm runner obsessed, can't help it. It's my drug.
And that's it my peeps. Make today a great one and if not just say: SO WHAT!!

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  1. I was with you until "runner obsessed" because we all know I can't get down with fitness right now.

    Congrats on 11 years together, that is amazing! I hope you both had a great time together :)

    Props to you for setting those goals and sticking to them!


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