Monday, January 7, 2013

Did I Just Seriously Do That...

Horrah the weekends done..wait that's not right.
It should be horrah the weeks done. Well not here.
I'm a routine girl and when I get off the routine I fall off the wagon, so I actually like the week!
Except having to work and clean and well you get it.
Last week I made it out on Wednesday for an awesome run.
4 miles and I loved every second of joke.
I felt like I could run and run and run and run and....

Yep just like forest...

Maybe it's because it was an awesome 12 degrees or that I had been couped up in the house for what felt like an eternity. Seriously running is my therapy. It's how I deal with all my issues in my life that I can't change. Like crabby kids, cranky husbands, annoying relatives.
Don't get me wrong I love them all but momma needs some alone time for reals!!

So I felt great. Thursday and Friday flew by and I had been eating great! I had a 6 or 7 miler scheduled for Saturday but knew I needed to get through a kids birthday party at none other than chuckie cheese first. If you don't have a Chuckie Cheese or any idea what this place is let me do some splanning...
It's a pizza place that is full of games, and tunnel maze, a mascot mouse dressed in shorts walking around. It's a crazy madhouse and you could not pay me to go there BUT it was at 9:30am so it was dead and actually not bad. The craziness started to begin as we were walking out the door. Thank you have fun goood-bye. So got the kiddos home and down for naps with the hubs and met up with my girl Hineken or Hide-a-Key. This is her nickname I don't really meet up with a beer or an actual hide-a-key contrary to what others have believed I was doing. Really who runs with a hide-a-key. Seriously people listen to what I mean not what I say. HA!

And we were off....It was brutal. Like I wanted to cry my eyes ugly cry

Sorry KK but that is just not cute...

But I pushed on and I did it. 7.12 miles later I was done and in a bath to soak my sore muscles!!!

Sunday we woke up and I had a photo shoot to do and then off on a sledding adventure.
It was a fun weekend and I'm excited to get my A out there tonight and pound out 4 miles.

Tomorrow...Goals for 2013 because I don't make resolutions that I know I'll break.

Till then Peace out!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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