Friday, May 2, 2014

Sorry I'm Not Sorry....

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Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, I really dislike the phrase Sorry I'm not sorry...maybe I'm not with the cool kids but I personally feel you say sorry if you are actually I don't know....SORRRY... (ok now that I've alienated myself from the cool kids, let me slink away back into my emo hole.)

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but,When I was a teen my mother had no idea that: 
Nothing...I seriously was a good girl. I never drank or smoke or did anything "recreational". I was too busy raising my younger siblings. Sorry I'm boring. I saved all my good stories for when I moved out.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, My best friend once: 
Drunk texted the ex-girlfriend of her then boyfriend. She got the phone number from his phone. The ex-girlfriend came down to the place we were drinking at to start a fight and get her man back. 
Can you say GHETTO!! This being hilarious because my friend at the time was not a fighter at all and I wasn't about to get in the middle of that drama. Said ex-girlfriend ended up throwing a punch into the air and falling on her face. Knocking some teeth out in the process. She was then carried away by her friends that agreed she was crazy.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, I once had this boyfriend that:
was a huge drinker. He would drink and forget where the bathroom was and pee everywhere.
In the closet, in the living room, the pantry, the garbage can. Ummmm yeah that relationship didn't last very long and thank god I never lived with him. ewwww

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but,If I had to name my last relationship after a movie I have seen it would for sure be:
The Hangover....did that shit really happen

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, After a long hard day the first thing I think about doing is:
Going for a run or sitting on my butt with a mindless gossip magazine.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, They just opened a new can of crazy when I saw them:
I'm kind of confused on this one.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, I secretly love:
Zac Efron...yeah I feel like a cougar even saying that out loud. At least my other man candy is closer to my age...

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, Yesterday I :
Pulled a Walmart shopper when I ran to the store. PJ pants, T-shirt with pain on it, hair in a messy bun, no makeup. It was just a quick in and out and I was in the middle of project. Come on...

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but,Every time I see this picture I seriously can not help but bust out laughing.( insert picture)
2013 When we ran the Seroogy's 15K and thought it would be cool to take fake senior pictures. Totally necessary to document the occasion. I do this a lot.  I hate getting picture taken. 

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, At the gym I sometimes:
Hmmm...I don't go to the gym anymore, but when I did I would secretly check out my form in the mirror like the crazy meat heads that grunt, groan and psych themselves up before they lift. 

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, On my playlist I sometimes jam to:
Brittney Spears. I don't care what you say she's got a killer beat and who cares if it's auto tuned. Everyone knows I love to dance.

Sorry I'm not sorry..... but, Sometimes I pretend that:
I'm a normal well adjusted person, and then I realize what fun is that and I let all the crazy out..

Come back on Monday to check out how I'm doing on the goals and check in on how you're doing with your goals!!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Sorry I'm not sorry I made fun of that duck face.
    Sorry I'm not sorry I turned down for what?
    Sorry I'm not sorry I outdrank myself.
    Sorry I'm not sorry I don't know you.

    1. Hahahahaha sorry im not sorry that I totally loved these.
      Sorry im not sorry that we should be best friends... sorry im not sorry that may or may not have sounded shalkerish..

  2. I'm with you . . . I was pretty much a good girl growing up . . . I didn't want to get in trouble!!! I love jumping around and checking out these answers . . . they are all so funny! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Hahahahahahaha girl tried to be cool and knocked her own teeth out hahahahahaha karma.... kar... ma :) thanks for linking up!!!


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