Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Out Of Breath!!


When you picture a moment...or if you're like me and you picture a moment, you want it to go down a certain way. What you don't realize is life isn't perfect and things will come up and screw up those pictures in your mind.
Friday I got up and was all excited. The day was going to be here in two sleeps as my kids say it.
I had to work and then I was spending some quality time with one of my besties!! Carb load and a movie, sounds like a perfect day especially after the stressful week I had. I rested my legs all week so I would have fresh legs for Sundays Half Marathon. Off to Noodles and Company to get our eat on and then to see The Great Gatsby.

I have a new found love of Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. I'm not sure if it's that he doesn't look like a 12 year old boy anymore or what, but shabang...yum yum.
I liked the movie. But I'm a sucker for a good soundtrack and since Jay-Z was the main man, well really do I have to spell it out for you. I'm a hip hap rapping girl at heart.
Saturday I had some photo shoots and then went to the race expo to pick up my packet and do a little shopping. I laid out all my gear so I was sure I was ready and set to go bright and early on Sunday morning.

It was suppose to be a balming 75 so I wasn't sure what to wear so I laid out two different options depending on what the temp was going to be at in the morning.
I woke up and was all excited. I decided to wear my running skirt, with my tank top. It was only 5am and it was already humid and I didn't want to pass out. I ate my normal oatmeal and got the rest of my stuff together. My ride showed up and kissed my kids and hubs good-bye and they wished me luck. They were going to be waiting at mile 6.5 to give me a boost of energy. Out the door I went. I was so excited. I live only 5 min from the race start so it was a short drive and my girl Miss Hide-a-Key was so excited as well. We met up with my girl Jen (this is Jen's first half-marathon ever) and waited at the potties while taking some pre-race pic's.
Hey look at our shoes...

Miss Hide-a-Key and me

Me and Jen

Three Runners

It was at this very moment that I realized "hey, I forgot my inhaler". Talk about a yikes moment. Really all I needed to truly remember was my shoes, my sports bra, and my inhaler....
So I texted my hubs and asked him to please bring it with him. I needed to run 6 miles and then I could get my lungs back. But I was so pumped that I didn't let it get me down.
We heard the 10 min alert and went to our pace setter zones.
The Boston Tragedy was a huge thing for all runners. The race organizers and medical staff volunteered at the marathon. They saw first hand what happened. The Cellcom marathon is an official qualifying race for the those hoping to get to Boston. To honor those that were touched by this tragedy each distance participant was given a bracelet to wear, and before the race started everyone hushed for 26 seconds of silence to honor Boston. We will never forget but we will stand united. It was super emotional! And with that it was time for the wheelchair division to get going and we were next.

The gun sounded and I started my apps and my music. I was listening to Anna Kendricks...When I'm Gone. My mind was focused and I was ready. I finally got to the start mat and I was off. I remembered keep breathing. Keep taking even breaths you can do this. You can overcome anything. Hey you lost 50 lbs. You've ran 14 miles (yeah with your inhaler), you can do this, keep moving. I kept going and I saw that first mile marker, and already I was happy, because my last half I had to stop at this point. I was good, and then all of a sudden sharp pains...What the heck. If it's what I think it is well that's not for a more week. Yes if you're a dude might want to skip the next paragraph.
I kept going even though I was cramping like a crazy person. I made it to mile 3 and I knew I better stop to use the bathroom. While waiting in the line I was hoping, praying that what I thought was happening wasn't. While in line team triumph came up to use the restroom. If you're not familiar with Team Triumph, they are a group of people that run with those that can't. They are teams of 4-5 people and their captain which is the person that's disabled. They are awesome. I was chatting up with them and becoming an emotional mess because really here I am worried about something stupid and here these wonderful people are running with those that can't. It amazes me. It is my goal to be one of those people that can give the dream to someone else. Oh I digress.....So made it to the bathroom and yes hello damn TOM...What the hell. All I can say is stress can really "eff" with your body. But I had to finish. So I kept going.
I felt good and made it to my babies at mile 6.5. I saw them and started tearing up. It was bad. I was so excited to see them and so excited to get my inhaler. At this point I couldn't get out anything more than a whisper. 3 puffs and I was off and running again. The next leg of the race was super hilly. Run up the hill and down and then guess what there's another hill, but I kept going. I stopped at every water/Gatorade station after mile 6. The temp was 75 and with 60% humidity it was super hot. I knew I needed to hydrate even if it meant stopping at every bathroom on the course. I kept going giving this all I had. Finally I turned the corner on mile 12. I got a text from my running girl asking if I had finished. See even she knew I usually ran faster. I said nope one more mile. I came up to Lambeau Field and ran the loop. I was losing steam and I came to the corner and the volunteer said go the finish line is right there... I turned the corner and I saw it "The Finish Line". I ran like I was being chased by zombies. I ran as fast as I possible could. I could hear the crowds yelling over my music and I just kept going. I made it I did it. Official Time was 3:03.
After I was done I found Heidi aka Hide-A-Key, and badass Brad. They knew something wasn't right since I'm usually tired after running but I couldn't even speak. I'd open my mouth and nothing would come out. I downed a bottle of water, and walked to the medical tent. Once in there I was given and inhaler and they took my temp, and BP. They iced me down, my BP, and temp were high, my heart rate was irregular. I had to sit and be monitored. At this point I was starting to freak out that maybe I was worse than I thought I was.  After 15 min, my breathing returned to normal, my temp came down and my heart beat became normal again. I was up and ready to get my chocolate milk and celebrate my victory!!!! 
All better and smiling!!
It wasn't my best run, but I still did it. I still ran. It's a lesson no matter how much you prepare, how much you train, the day you run you're race it may be a bad run. You may forget something. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you showed up, and you still ran.



  1. Totally teared up. Great job lady! Good run or bad you finished like a boss :)


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