Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So YOU wanna be a runner...

Anytime I write or read something that starts with So you wanna be a....I think of the song..Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill...I can't help it I just do and that's they way I roll. Rock, rap, techno, dub step. Music is what gets me through the rough days, makes me dance on the happy days and brings meaning to something that seems so trivial.  Anyways back to the post at hand....

As I'm counting down the days till my 2nd half marathon....t minus 5 days till I visit the start line once again, I think about why, how, and when.
Why I started running again, how I managed to do the best fluffy girl shuffle, and when I knew I was a runner.
It was a long road...no pun intended...but eventually I knew I was a runner. I knew it when I laced up my shoes and couldn't wait to get out there.

I knew I was a runner when I experienced the first runner's high. It is a magical place in which you feel like you can run forever. Your breath, legs, body are all in sync! The last time I had this feeling was when I ran 14 miles straight and then decided that a full marathon was in my near future.

I don't care what size you are, how old you are, etc...if you want it you can! I did!

You don't have to have a specific runner's body, a specific time, you can do it. I did!

You don't have to have the fanciest runner gear, the gadgets, the fuel...you can do it. I did!
(although I will say a good pair of running shoes, gadgets and fuel do help:)

You can do this, you can do all of this BUT I will say their is one thing that you need..........................DETERMINATION. You need to find the will in your gut that will push you further than you ever thought you could. You need that fire within you to tell you it's not going to change unless you change something. It's not about the what if's it's about the why Nots!

Running is a fun thing for me but it's also filled with things that are not so fun; blisters, loss of a toe nail, shin splints, tight calves, sore achy back, the list goes on.

Runners are a different breed.

Running helps me clear my head. It brings a sense of control to the chaos that is my life. This is how it has helped me.
Now if you're starting out remember this....it does not matter how fast you are, what shape you're in, etc. What matters is that you're trying and you're doing it. What matters is that you made a conscious effort to make a change. You want something different so you're trying something different.

I see to many people that get hung up on how fast their going or how far. It takes time. Just like everything that is really worth while in life it takes time. It takes patience. Now that's not to say that you won't be jealous of the person that decides their going to be runners and their doing a 10 min mile the first time they run. (True story...my friend that hates running, does not run, started running and first day out of the gate 3 miles at 9:50 per mile. Really I've been running for a year...gaaa)
You must not compare yourself. They're will always be someone faster, stronger, but there will always be someone slower, and weaker. Be the best you can do.

Those are my tips...most important...Don't give up. Their will be days you'll want to. You'll want to say why...but don't. You'll have crappy runs, sucky runs, hard runs, but you'll have some amazing runs too. You'll wonder how in the world you were able to do what you just did. And you'll be thankful that you tried.

so true!!


  1. I really hope to be where you are someday! So inspiring. Good luck at your half!

    - Emily @ runninglikeamother.com

  2. Did you write this just for me??? ❤It!


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