Thursday, May 2, 2013

B to the izz to the E!!

Sorry y'all or one or none that have missed me. It's been busy in the land of mommy to three.
First off my photography is picking up like a beast which means lots of photo shoots and lots of editing. Also, it was mini man's 2nd birthday, and I being the crafty queen thought it was a must that I make everything. Oh yeah...
Here are some pic's from his party. Please refrain from laughing as my friend was taking the pictures and is horrible at action shots or any shots for that matter.

My mom, me, mini and T

Mini loves his books

Such a honey

My cake d├ęcor skills.

Him blowing out the candles no shot because my lovely friend is not a photog. Love her but not her camera skills. LOL
So that was a couple two weeks ago. I can't believe that little mushy curly fro hair-do baby is 2. I just love him to pieces. And just let me say that his hair was tame. It's usually a fro if you follow me on IG.
I also did this
Yep woohooo First full marathon! Scared a little but what's the worse that could happen?
Think I need to get some ink to honor the occasion...not sure what but something.

Also did a couple runs for Boston. I haven't posted on this event because really I was too sad and depressed. The world is so full of hate and anger that it makes me sad, but what lifted my spirits was the awesome people that banded together and showed they cared. We showed that we cared wearing our "race bibs" during our regular runs that week. 26.2 miles in total (not all at once). Most of the running community is a great group of people. They will say hi to their fellow runner, give them a high five and will run all over the country to show they care. Boston you are always in our hearts!!
I also bought a running skirt to try since the temps are getting warmer and I'm not a fan of capri's with compression socks. So when I get to try out the skirt I'll let you know how it is.
My half is in 17 days and I'm totally stoked for it!!! I can't wait to feed off the crowds energy!!
I also did some Pintresting....

These were so easy to make and so good!! My kids gobbled them up.
So that's what's been going on in my neck of the woods.

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  1. How exciting, a full marathon!! Good luck with your half!


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