Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby It's Cold Out

Hello peeps. How was your weekend? Well to say that we have been trying to stay warm up here in the north is an understatement. I don't remember it ever being this cold ever or maybe I just never cared because I stayed indoors. NO, I honestly don't remember it ever being this cold for such a long period of time.

I have been in the doom and gloom because I haven't been able to let off some steam running. Grrrr. I non-runny momma is an unhappy momma. I still have been doing my strength and actually did some extra cardio interval work to make up a little for the lack of running.

Last week recap-Monday got up early and did Burn 1 - No picture, but I promised I did it!


Wednesday night-no run =double strength with the mini's

Because I needed some spark in my life.
Thursday I rested!!
Friday I got up and did Cardio and Yoga...

Saturday came and I was ready to call it quits and head to the Y and put some miles in on the dreadmill. Everybody's favorite thing to do.....said no one. But I must have hit snooze in my comatose state and alas there was no dreadmill action.

Sunday we headed to church and the temperature wasn't too bad. So I headed out for a little jog.

Ok well let's just man that was cold and it sucked big balls. A-nobody shoveled so I was high stepping most of the time or slipping on my butt because the snow was iced over, and then I was stopped by a train for 10 min. Yo!  Moral of the story you will never regret your run no matter how much time it takes or how hard it is. You'll be happy you did it, and this is what I looked like when I got back home.
Oh lord I was chilled to the bone. Warm shower and hot tea helped.

So hello Monday!!! Back to it today. It's looking like no run again tonight be guess what the high right now is -7 and it feels like -32...wohooo that is cold. 

Here's my plan for the week:
Monday - Burn circuit 1 -Done
errrr...I would rather be in bed.

Tuesday - Cardio/abs
Wednesday - Burn 2&3/Run
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Cardio/yoga
Saturday - Run

What's up with your week? Are you staying warm in the polar vortex or the north pole weather as I'm calling it?

Make today great!


  1. -32? BRRRRRRR! Colorado is a bi-polar state and goes from freezing to flip flops in a day, I couldn't imagine it staying that cold all the time. Stay warm!!

  2. Where are you in the North? It's friggin' COLD here too... like colder than cold, and I don't remember it ever being like this either!

  3. I would love to kick Mother Nature in the hoo-ha right about now!! It's sad that I am now hot, in 30 degree weather!
    At least we will be warming up, with mucho drinks, in just a few short weeks!! Cannot wait to see you!! xoxo


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