Thursday, September 5, 2013


The lovely Darci at Strongly Feminine put together this challenge. You had to do 60 miles in 60 days. The top three milers won a free tank from ruffles with love.
Now a)- I love Darci and I'm really geeking out that I get to meet her in November. b)-I love reading her blog and watching her vlogs. c)- I was/am training for a full marathon anyways so why not add in a little competition.
And I love Ruffles with Love. Vanessa is the best! Seriously I love her tanks.
I could have run more but I'm still happy with my overall ranking. #6 not to shabby.
I'm so proud of all these ladies.
With that I didn't run last night. I usually run Mon/Wed/Sat, Strength on Tues/Thurs, but with my knee and hip being "eff'ed" up per my chrio I decided on another rest day. The reason is I don't want to go out and do more damage. I tried that route where I pushed my body to the breaking point and really it just made me frustrated and pissed off. So I'm resting and planning on a 13 miler on Saturday.
I would not normally advise that but with all the miles I've been putting in I think it's do-able.
With that my friends enjoy your Friday eve!

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