Monday, September 16, 2013

Knees, Colds, & Nerves

Good Morning Playa's and Peeps.
If you've followed this blog you know that I've been working on a huge goal. A Full Marathon, 26.2 miles of pure awesomeness, badassness, etc. Well that day is fast approaching and let me tell you it hasn't be easy. I've been plagued by some nasty knee and hip issues along the way.
I've gone to the chiropractor, I've gotten new shoes, I've strength trained....all of which has helped but the pesty knee is still bugging me. Thank god I have some Aleve that will get me through running this thing.
My last long run was on Saturday. I pumped out 9.5 miles. My knee hurt but once the aleve kicked in I was ok. I could run and not very fast but I still could run. Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to with stand the pain for another 17 miles but I'm going to try. I am not a quitter. I do not say die. I keep trying and I've working so hard for this.'s cold out!
Sunday afternoon rolls around and guess what sore throat, stuffy nose..What the heck seriously when it rain it pours. So I'm sitting here writing this post sneezing away, nose running, with a full blown cold. AWESOME!!
To put the cherry of my ice cream dessert I'm dealing with I have a bad case of anxiety. I'm not sure why. I've never really had any anxiety race days. I've just had the mentality that I'll go and do my best and not worry about time, not worry about any of it, and to just treat it like it's another run just with 10,000 of my closest friends.
                                Marathon. Also, soon to be running tattoo!
I'm seriously just going to try and just go with it. If I still have a cold, I still have a cold. If my knee is stick jacked, I'll deal with it. I'm not going to stress, and I'm going to enjoy the moment.

I'll update you next week and let you know how it all pans out.
In other news: the room redo for Miss B is coming along well. She's finally back to sleeping in her own bed and now is the chore of decorating. Which seriously I love. I'll post pic's next week for the big reveal.
Have a great Monday Peeps!!


  1. You'll do great! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!!! <3 ya girl!

    1. Thanks girl!!! You'll be there in spirit!


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