Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome Back!

It's Wednesday!!! I'm just coming back from a weekend full of fun or maybe not so much fun when I tell you what I did.

My hubs took Big T up to the races. I am not a fan of watching trucks go around in a circle and not getting a shower. I guess it's a boy thing. I stayed home with Miss B, and Lil C. My grand plan was to get Miss B's room all painted and ready for her to move her stuff in. Clearly the universe had other plans for me.
My dad took the two mini's overnight so I could get up early and get my 17 mile run in.
After a trip to the Home Depot to get some paint I dropped off the kiddos and was on my way home and got a text from my hubs that said "relax tonight, you always have tomorrow to paint".
Truth I do. I never ever have the whole house to myself. So I did just that. I parked my rear on the couch and started watching Mad Men.

I have not watched the series and since getting Netflix I went in and instant que'd a bunch of shows that I've been wanting to watch. It was so nice being able to sit and not having to get up 6 million times for "mom I need a drink, mom I need this, honey can you grab this"
Saturday I got up, but wasn't very motivated to run. I can tell you that this training is really taking the fun out of running for me, but being a good girl and knowing that training is important I met up with my runner friends and got to running. I can tell you that nobody out of our three-some wanted to run. I suggested just going out for breakfast and they just laughed at me. Let this be a lesson they should have listened and take my awesome advice instead.
Half-way into the run my right knee really started bothering me. Like painful, I think I puke pain. I would stop stretch it out and keep going. Mile 15 I get a text from my runner peeps saying their walking because H's leg is tore up, and B can barely move. I thought just maybe I could catch up to them but alas I couldn't. I even told them to come get me when they get home because my knee was hurting so bad. And then, something happened a little surge of guilt washed over me, I'm not a quiter and I texted them back and said forget it. I'm going to show this run whose the boss. I did it. I finished. I didn't quit, but it sucked horribly.
Nice man hands.
It didn't matter that I sucked. I still did it and I can only get better from there.
I was suppose to do some painting on B's room, but I was told I needed to come to the cottage and hang out. So I did. It was nice but honestly I just wanted to go home and sleep. B ended up having a sleep-over with her friend and me and Lil C went home. He went to bed and I watched some more Mad Men.
B is in the bucket
Sunday I was awoken by a mini person trying to poke my eyes out. Oh how I love when my older kids are home. I sometimes get to sleep past 7:00am. I got up made some breakfast and was determined to get some work done on the bedroom, but my little guy had other plans. He didn't take a nap, and was into everything as most 2 yr old are. So I chalked it up and just played and napped with him all day.

Those long lashes...
B came home and we all cuddled and they went to bed. I was finally able to start working on the room. I made an ok dent in it when all of sudden BAM!!! I was fast first on the ground. I stepped on the chair to get the ceiling and lost my balance. Instant bruise and swelling in my calf. Can you say my name isn't Grace. So I chalked it up to enough work and rested, and iced the injury.
Monday we all woke up early, ate breakfast and started painting again. I also had to get stuff ready for the first day of school. I worked all day and was pooped out by the time bed time rolled around.
Tuesday the kiddos got up and were so excited for their first day of school.
Big T, Miss B, Miss R, Lil C

Look at those smiles. My heart melts. I had the day off so I thought I would get more painting done, but my hubs took the day off so we did what is the funiest thing for a dresser for B. I hate, loathe furniture shopping. First off, most of the stuff out there is crap and they want way to much money for it, and secondly the sales people think they know what quality is when instead it's crap. We found a dresser that should last her till she has kids of her own. So no painting yesterday. I promise you when it's all done, which may be in a year I'll show you the before and afters.
The rest of the week looks like this:
Wednesday -Run
Thursday - Strength
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 13 miles
Sunday - rest.
I'm hoping if I post it, I'll stick to it. I'm also hoping after this marathon BS is done I'll get back on the losing weight train. Truth be told I've been stuck at a plateau all summer. I just can't get past it. I keep saying it's because my body is like WTF with the longer distances. We shall see.
Have a great day!! Redoing any rooms? Running any marathons?


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