Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday!

Hey Peeps...I'm linking up with Darci from The Good Life...

1. I have nothing planned for this weekend. This is huge since usually my weekends go like this: Run here, go there, come home change, make this, go there, come home, get this, go there.
Are you tired? Because I am. I'm excited to finally get some stuff painting B's room. She finally has a room all to herself and her room choice is Paris. She's growing up to fast and I'm all for changing it up for her.

2. Mommy's night alone. My hubs has taken Big T to the races for the weekend, and my dad is taking B and Lil C for the night so I can get in a long run tomorrow morning, which means I have tonight alone. This never ever happens and I'm so excited I may run around the house naked. Just kidding about the naked part....maybe..

3. Chicago Fire...OMG how have I not ever seen this show. Half naked fire fighters I'm there. I was checking out for a show to watch while I editing one of the many shoots from Sunday and stumbled onto this show. Yum Yummmy...
What was I saying again......

4. What was I saying again....squirrel...ok back at it. I'm off till Wednesday!! Woohooo. Kids start school on Tuesday and per usual I took off to make their day special. Sprinkle Pancakes anyone...
5. The temps are going down...It looks like next week is going to be spectacular for running. Mid to high 70's....while this is cold for normal day to day for me anyways...this is perfect running weather. I'm so excited!!
That's all I have for you! Have a great holiday weekend.
What's on your agenda for the weekend? Chicago Fire..yah or nay?

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